Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Illinois Gears Up For The Fight

They have civil unions, but now they are taking the next step.
A group of Illinois legislators have begun meeting with local LGBT groups to strategize on making marriage equality a reality in Illinois.
State representatives Greg Harris, Deb Mell, Ann Williams, Kelly Cassidy, Sara Feigenholtz and Senator Heather Steans are in talks with Illinois organizations about introducing a bill that would allow same-sex partners to marry in Illinois.
Now, according to Harris, the bill will not likely be introduced until at least 2013, and he admits that the fight will be difficult, especially as anti-gay political candidates work to bolster support for upcoming presidential elections: "I do not delude myself into thinking this will be an easy process. But we need to take the first step."
You take one step. And then take it again. And again.
One reason for the wait until 2013, is that this November, the entire general assembly will be up for election. Maybe they can sweep out those who fight equality, and vote in those who understand that discrimination is un-American.
Keep fighting Illinois.


S'A said...

I hadn't heard this. Yeah for Illinois!

Ron said...

Same sex marriages will be Federal law in my lifetime. It is just a matter of time. These troglodytes are just wasting our time opposing what is inevitable.

spiky said...

cruising around your blog.

from philippines. :)

tamayn said...

I say go Illinois. No one ever got full equality by sitting quietly and waiting for society to move on it.

Mitch Block said...

Good for Illinois! But appalling that it's acceptable to wait until 2013 to attempt to gain equal rights. How depressing.