Monday, October 31, 2011

Let Bobby Montoya Be A Girl Scout

Bobby Montoya was born a boy, but has long indentified as a girl. And Bobby loves all "girl stuff" from Barbie to The Bratz, and, now, the Girl Scouts. And even though classmates pick on Bobby, for being different, Bobby wants to be a Girl Scout, only thy won't let Bobby join.

When Bobby's mother, Felisha Archuleta asked what the big deal was after being denied, a local troop leader told her, “He has boy parts. He can’t be a Girl Scout. Girl Scouts don’t allow that. I don’t want to get in trouble by parents or my supervisor.”

Ouch. But, see, the thing is, the Girl Scouts of Colorado do allow that after all, and, in fact, the organization realeased following statement:
“Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization. If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout. Our requests for support of transgender kids have grown, and Girl Scouts of Colorado is working to best support these children, their families, and the volunteers that serve them.”
Great news, but now someone needs to tell Bobby’s local Girl Scout leader. And i hope they do it soon. Booby describes the feeling of being picked on and made to feel different as a feeling that "hurts my heart."
And that's no way to treat a child.

Another GOP Gay Sex Scandal

Chris Myers, mayor of Medford, New Jersey is being accused of paying for sex with a male escort and not following through on a promise of a car and other gifts following a paid sexual encounter.

Myers is vehemently :::foot stomp...head toss::: denying the accusation.

But what is clear is that Chris Myers is the subject of a website started by the, as yet unidentified man, who claims he was paid $500 for sex with the former congressional candidate. The man claims the sexual encounter took place at an Orange County, California hotel in October 2010, and says he is publicizing his encounter with Myers because the mayor reneged on his promises.

“This is absolutely crazy. I have no idea who this person is,” Myers said. “Obviously, we’re dealing with a crackpot and someone who is pissed off at me in some way. There are crazy people.”

But the man claims that Chris Myers identified himself as a mayor from New Jersey and then offered his township identification card and gold ID shield as proof during their  early-morning ALLEGED tryst at the Fairmount Hotel in Newport Beach.

And the man's is currently unavailable, has photos which depict a man who appears to be Myers in his underwear lying on a bed, as well as other photos of Myers and personal IDs.

Myers, in his third term as mayor, said he learned of the photos and the website this month when an email was sent to the township website. He said he has not looked at the man’s website.

Really? Someone sends you an email talking about your underwear pictures on a website and you don't check it out? M'kay.

And while Myers is said to be angry that the accusations have been posted on the Internet, his attorney has advised him that there is nothing he can do to get the site taken down. “I will check again, but I’ve been told to ignore it and not investigate,” he said. “I’m thoroughly disgusted at the lengths people will go to.”

Notice, however, he doesn't ever really say it isn't him. I mean, even Anthony Weiner denied the Twitpics were him, at first.

The first in a series of email messages from the ALLEGED escort included a photo that appears to be Myers lying on a bed with his eyes closed and wearing only glasses and blue Calvin Klein underwear; the email also included a photo of his township badge and identification card.

Contacted about the photos, Myers said it is the “nature of the beast” for politicians to be attacked. He also said he had no intention of having the photos or the photographer investigated. And, yet again, failed to deny the pictures were him.

So, then a second email was sent that included another photo and this text: “Chris Myers is a lying, manipulative, egotistical hypocrite and escort enthusiast. I am proof.” That was followed by a third email that included a link to the website featuring the photos and the man's ALLEGED story of being a male escort and having Myers a client. In addition to the photos in the earlier emails, the website has a photo of an ATM receipt for the $500 fee the escort ALLEGEDLY charged.

The writer then describes in lurid detail his ALLEGED sexual encounter with Myers, saying the mayor contacted him through his advertisement on, a favorite website of closeted well-known self-loathing homosexuals.

From the website: 
"I asked him where he lived and what he did for a living. He told me he that he lived in NJ...and that he worked for the government. I jokingly asked if he was some sort of spy. He laughed and said that he was actually a mayor. After telling me that, I didn’t believe him so he got up from the bed and gave me a wallet from his briefcase. I opened the wallet and sure enough it was a badge and his identification showing him as Mayor of Medford, New Jersey.”

The man has also provided two phone numbers he said he used to contact Myers. The owner of one was listed as C. Myers, but the owner of the second one couldn’t be traced.  Myers said he’s a public official and it’s easy to get his phone numbers.

Myers also said he has been to California and many other places around the world on business, but he couldn’t say whether he was there in October 2010 when the ALLEGED incident occurred.

Couldn't remember if he was in California last year? Really? That's the story? Maybe you could check credit card receipts, or hotel bills, or with an airline, to refresh your memory? Myers then went all Weiner, and said he wasn’t even sure the photos were of him or if they had been altered: “I’ve been down that road before, where a photo has been photoshopped to look like something it wasn’t,” he said, though he declined to provide specifics.

Myers also the bag with his identification in it was easily accessible and that someone could have sneaked into his hotel room to capture him sleeping and take photos of his personal ID cards and badge.

But, um, Chris, you don't even remember if you were in California, so how do you now think someone sneaked into your room, took your picture, rifled through your things and took pictures of your IDs and then left?

“I just don’t know. There are crazy people and I’m not going to justify craziness,” he said.
Well, of course not, he's a politician, and a married man. He couldn't possibly be gay. He couldn't possibly have hired an escort. That never happens.

And, if the "I was asleep" excuse doesn't pan out, Myers also says he has received calls from people telling him not to run for Congress again. After that he cited controversial real estate issues in Medford. And then he says the website could be the work of right-wing Republicans, since he opposed DADT. And finally, is none of those excuses pan out, he does recall being recognized in California at some point and being called a “hypocrite” for his position on renewable energy.

“I’m just flabbergasted by all this,” he said. “It’s just a typical, awful, fabricated attack.”



Outstanding Guest Comment Of The Week

It's time once again to bestow the coveted....coveted....ISBL Outstanding Guest Comment of the Week Award, AKA  the ISBLOGCOTW. As usual, there were plenty of contenders, but one did stand tall above the others is sheer high-lariousness, so, let's rip.

I love gay friendly businesses, and try to frequent them whenever I can while avoiding those gay-unfriendly establishments. That's why I loved that Home Depot Won't Go Neutral:

Cubby said...
Stay neutral? What does that mean? You're either for civil rights or against them. There is no neutral. 

The story of Janice Langbehn and Lisa Marie Pond is a heartbreaking one, but it could very well be the story of the entire LGBT community with federal marriage equality. But Janice's story is also one of inspiration, and had a bittersweet moment recently in, Janice Langbehn Honored With Presidential Citizens Medal 

Designing Wally said...
A sadness becomes a noble sadness. These are the events and people that we all must be thankful for.
It was very good of the president to take note of our plight, not caring if it could damage him politically, but moving on behalf of what is right... 

I was a bit worried about the chance that marriage equality might be repealed in New Hampshire, in Is New Hampshire Going Back To The Dark Ages?, but a reader from New Hampshire remains optimistic:

Kyle Leach said...
Don't despair yet. The fat lady has not sung. Lots for us to do before and after January when this will come to vote in the NH legislature. 

I love a good barn, and, apparently, some of you also get a little verklempt about them, as I discovered in Architecture Wednesday: Luxury Barn:

Twunty McSlore said...
Total heaven. High ceilings give me designgasms. 

When I first read about that gay teenager in Ohio, in Oh No It's Not A Problem At All,  who was attacked by a bully, while the bully's cousin videotaped the whole mess, I was disgusted, as were some of you, though you had suggestions for teachers and parents and media:
Froggy said...
The parents need to button hole the school board. Being elected officials they have a lot to lose. Town next door decided to ban *all* clubs to keep a LBGT club from forming. Took two weeks, until the next meeting, to turn it around. The paper stepped in with an editorial, letters written to the paper and the board, parents complaining and the policy was reversed. We did the same thing with a book banning issue. SPEAK UP PARENTS AND MEDIA. 

One of my favorite posts is I Didn't Say It, because I get to respond to the asshats, or applaud those open-minded free thinkers, and because you get to do the same:
R.J. said...
I'm glad Chaz went as far as he did but how far did he take his message? It makes me sick when commenters on other web sites like HuffPo still refer to him as "she" and it's not as if they're getting their pronouns mixed up by accident.

S'A said...
R.J.-- saying "he" would be an acknowledgement (in their wee little minds) that they aren't willing to make. 

That videotaped beating of an Ohio gay high school student, has had me all pissed off for a few days now, wondering when, or even if, anyone will step up. In Update On That Videotaped Beating Of A Gay Student, on commenter came up with a reason why our politicians won't do anything:
R.J. said...
The only way you'll get Ohio's legislator's attention is to grab John Boehner in the hallway and give him a vicious beatdown. But even then they won't understand why bullying is bad. 

I love a giggle to start the weekend, and this week's Ready For The Weekend, was an high-larious display of bad package advertising, unless, you happened to think like:
Tom Rimington said...
Maybe this batch was to be shipped to West Virginia??? 

I do loves me some gossip, and I loves me some people who like to gossip on gossip, which is why this comment, on I Ain't One To Gossip, But..... made me giggle:
Miss Ginger Grant said...
I always look forward to when you "don't gossip!" So let's dish!
Really, Playboy- you're going to spend $1mil to show Lindsay's vag to the 6 of your "readers" who haven't already seen it?
Clearly, Tara, your marriage wouldn't be legal in the US- because you married a big ole 'mo, and Gay marriage is not yet legal in most of the states!
And finally- (read this really loud in your head): "I HAD A DREAM, AND ALL I NEED, IS 88 BUCKS, PAPA! THAT'S ALL I NEED, 88 BUCKS, PAPA!".... Oh, and a frontal lobotomy! Someone put this bitch out of our misery!!
Looking forward to next week's "Hollywood Dirt!" 

The kids are always good for a post, and my idea of exploiting them for profit, a la Dina Lohan and Kate Gosselin, was the inspiration for Caturday: Head Shots. Lots of you had things to say, but one of you made me spit Sweet Tea all over my computer screen, and that person is this week's winner of the ISBLOGCOTW Award:
David Dust said...
I'm thinking this would be more a "Lifetime Original Movie" entitled "Not Without My Pets!" starring Jane Seymour as you, and Catherine Zeta Jones as Carlos.

You're welcome.

Rugby Star Jed Hooper Comes Out

Jed Hooper, rugby player and Old Redcliffians captain, has become the first Combination player to publicly announce that he is gay.
Hooper, twenty-two years old, came out to family and friends earlier this year, but is now speaking openly about his experience in the hopes of helping other young rugby players come to terms with their sexuality.
"I met someone earlier this year who said he could not be with someone who was in the closet. That, basically, was the catalyst that I needed. Before that, I think I had already told about ten friends and their reaction was very positive so that gave me an inkling of what might happen. And I also thought if the crap really hits the fan then at least there are ten people on my side!"
Even with that knowledge, though, Hooper still agonised over what he knew he had to do.
"I was never going to do it bit by bit, that would have been too drawn out, so I decided to text everyone and also put it on Facebook. I was horribly nervous. I wrote and rewrote the text four or five times, and I had my finger on the 'send' button for ages before I finally pushed it. 
The text basically said something along the lines that 'I've been hiding it and fighting it for too long, and I can't hide any more. If you can accept me this way then great ... and if you can't then I don't need you and you can get lost!' 
I then cried my eyes out as I was thinking to myself 'what have you done?, but very quickly I must have had 40 replies and all of them were positive."
Hooper instantly felt that wave of relief that nearly all gay men and women feel when they come out.
"A massive weight came off my shoulders. If I couldn't accept myself the way I am, how could I expect my friends to? No punches were pulled with questions from the rugby lads, that's for sure. I can't repeat some of the things I was asked, but I've always been someone who has been at the centre of any banter flying around, and the only thing that's changed is the type of banter."
Welcome out, Jed.
And please accept, as our gifts from HOMO HQ, your personal copy of The Gay Agenda, and the obligatory Coming Out Toaster Oven.
Glad you could join us.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Caturday: Head Shots

I'm thinking of pitching a new idea to Bravo, The Real HouseCats Of Camden, so I have been taking headshots of the players for my proposal.
Here they are:
Tuxedo would be that cat. The one everybody
loves and wonders why he is on such a trashy show.
Consuelo Roca Jones would be the cat that flips the table.
Tallulah Belle is the crazy one, with the wonky eyes,
that you never know when she'll attack
MaxGoldberg will be the one who cries.
On cue.
And for a little diversity, we'll toss Ozzo in the mix.
He'll be the outsider who's always crashing the HouseCat
parties and eating their food.

I Ain't One To Gossip, But.....

Well, I guess next up she'll actually be whoring herself out on Hollywood Blvd, with her mom wearing a purple velvet hat and driving a Cadillac.
Lohan's posing for Playboy!
C'mon! You know she's gotta pay the lawyers now.
It's been confirmed that Lindsay Lohan is shooting nude photos for Playboy, and she isn't getting paid in stolen jewels or prescription meds. Word on the street is that the wacktress will pocket nearly $1 million for baring it all.
The original offer--the deal has ALLEGEDLY been in the works for months--was for a $750K payout, but fame-whoring Dina Lohan shrieked, "My kids won't get naked for less than a million!"
So, Lohan will be showing the world what the good Lord gave her. Well, the good Lord and any number of plastic surgeons and doctors who've enhanced her breasts, Botoxed her forehead, and pumped collagen into her lips.
I wonder if they'll do the shoot in the morgue, while Lohan's doing her community service? i mean, her face looks cadaverous already so it isn't that big a leap.

And then we have news on someone I like to call Lindsay Lohan-lite. Or Lindsay Lohan 2.0. Or Lindsay Lohan  without the arrest record.
Tara Reid. 
It seems that Reid’s two-month marriage to Zack Kehayov is over. And she's going so far as to say it really wasn't a real marriage anyway.
But let's look back a moment. It was just mid-August when Reid announced, via Twitter naturally, that she had gotten married. The entire world--okay, not the entire world, but all the bartenders in the world--assumed she'd married her Danish boyfriend, Michael Lillelund, until she clarified that it was some other guy that she probably met over body shots the night before, one Zack Kehayov.
So, she got married, and then the next day left her husband so she could appear on Celebrity Big Brother Bosnia, or something. She was kicked out three weeks later, and was soon seen partying with her "husband" who mostly spent his time carrying her bags, and propping her up in public. Reid even talked about having children, until the UN issued a declaration that she not be allowed to reproduce.
No need to worry about that now, because Tara and Zack are now over. And she says it was a real marriage because, that marriage that Reid just couldn’t shut up about, was apparently never made legal here in the good old U S of A.
And now it's over.
And the bartenders of the world are waiting for her triumphant return to that spot of tile under a stool.

I kinda know how this feels, cuz I'd be doing the same thing, too, if Paltrow was my wife.
Chris Martin, AKA Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow, is not fond of interviews, and not at all fond of interviews where the questions seem Gwyneth-related.
And, seriously, can you blame him? I mean she talks about herself so much why should he even mention her name? He doesn't even appear in public with her.
And again, can you blame him?
Once, when a female journalist asked if he';d ever record a duet with the missus, he responded by asking the reporter about her favorite sexual position.
Another time, he punched a guy in the chest for mentioning Gwyneth’s ex Brad Pitt. 
He also walked off a BBC interview when it took at turn he didn’t like.
But then he had a change of heart, and, in an interview with CBS, said being married to Paltrow was akin to “winning the lottery.” Which is apparently what happened because I think that right after he said that, Paltrow cut him a huuuuge check.
But now he's back to this old "No Gwyneth" stance. Martin was doing a phone interview on radio with several journalists, and there were a lot of questions about Gwyneth. So, what did Chris Martin do?
He hung up.
Of course, he immediately called back, probably because Gwyneth had one of her perfectly manicured talons aimed at his jugular, and said that he didn’t object to any particular question, but that it was more about the fact that too many were coming at once, and Gwyneth scarcely had any time to tell him what to say about her.
Like I said, if I was married to her, I'd keep my mouth shut, too.

Wow. This is shocking.
Fame-whore, and money-grubbing, Kate Gosselin is planning to enroll her brood of eight into acting, singing, dancing, joking, shilling for Mama, classes.
According to sources--and I can think of at least eight 'people' who wanna dog Kate--her "ultimate goal is to get her kids into the entertainment business and manage their careers. She’s looking into acting, singing and dancing classes near the family’s home in Pennsylvania. She wants to get the kids started in commercials by next year…”
Kate believes that she can be the mother of all stage moms, making big bucks by managing the kids’ careers, and never having to work a day in her life again. Because that's what she does, whore herself and her children out.
She's the New Dina Lohan.
But ex-husband Jon isn't keen on kid-sploitation. According to those eight sources, Daddy, er, Jon, has "been very outspoken about wanting to keep the children off TV.”
But Kate is one mean mama who don't take 'No' for an answer if it comes between her and not having to actually work again ever. I mean, her TV show failed, she tried to get a talk show and that fizzled, her dancing was more lumbering, and her latest TV show was canned.