Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Musings

Newt Gingrich crushed Mitt Romney in South Carolina because, well, we likes our bigots. In his pandering,m er, acceptance speech, he explained how:
"It's not that I'm a good debater. It's that I articulate the deepest-felt values of the American people."
Black people are poor because they deserve it.,
Poor people should be janitors.
Gays can't marry but I can fuck whomever I want and then ask for forgiveness; at least once the request for open marriage is denied.

Turned on the TV one morning this week and was stunned.
Since when is Oprah's husband Gayle a host of The CBS Morning Show? 
Seriously, CBS, how far can you fall?
First Julie "Big Brother" Chen calls herself a journalist, and now this?
Teabagging wingnut Rand Paul was stopped from boarding a flight at the Nashville airport this week after he triggered an alarm and then refused a TSA pat-down, setting off a mini-firestorm over a pet issue for the Tea Partying wacknut.
But that's not the story Rand Paul is telling. he says he was taken to a cubicle and told to "stay there." The TSA say he was told he could not proceed to the gate but was never detained.
Then Rand said that he was told by TSA officials that the screeners randomly select people and sound the alarm. The TSA says this is not the case. Rand says he was told this but, you know, he can't say who told him.
Sounds like Rand Paul is using his experience for his own personal agenda, and that of his daddy, GOP not-gonna-be-presidential candidate, Ron Paul, who seized on the kerfuffle, issuing a statement that touted his own budget proposal, which eliminates the TSA.
Because it stopped his little boy? Oh you Pauls, twice as crazy as your average Republicans.

Mariela Castro, Cuba’s first daughter, says island lawmakers will consider legalizing same-sex civil unions this year.
In Cuba!??! The outspoken daughter of President Raul Castro is a prominent gay rights activist, and says a preliminary proposal to modify the country’s Family Code is undergoing legal study and is on the legislative schedule for 2012.
In Cuba!! The LGBT community suffered persecution during the early years of the Castro regime, but attitudes have now changed. Once-banned gay pride parades are now annual events, while the government has led anti-homophobia campaigns and even begun paying for sex change operations.
In Cuba.

Newt Gingrich did not lobby for Freddie Mac.
Foot stomp. Head snap. Grimace. Pout.
But, what he did do, was hire legislative experts to study the regulations and advise him of what he could and couldn't do in order to legally avoid registering as a lobbyist. 
He backdoored the policy like it was Callista on a Saturday night.
And, his non-lobbying earned him a $1.6 million dollar payday, which he said, at first, was for his expertise as an historian. Then he said he advised; then he said he not-lobbied.
I think Newt wanted an open marriage with Freddie Mac.

That's our Nikki.
First, she panders to the Tea Party in order to get elected. Then she says she'll be the most transparent governor South Carolina has ever had, and proceeds to lie and cover up earnings, taxes paid, and even going so far as to hide government emails from the press.
But, what cracks me up most about her transparency, is when this Teabagging Cutie announced that she would be endorsing the most un-Tea Party candidate of all, Mittsy Romney. The 'Baggers were a'fuming.
But then Mittsy doesn't get the win here in the SC, and what does Transparent Nikki do next? She avoids Mittsy like the plague, even staying far away from his campaign headquarters on election night.
So, so transparent. That's our Nikki.

Up in Jersey, Senate President Steve Sweeney, Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, and Senator Raymond Lesniak, are furious about Governor Chris Christie's call yesterday for a voter referendum on marriage equality.
Putting it simply, a la Loretta Weinberg: "We do not put civil rights questions on the ballot."
And Steve Sweeney, responding to a reporter who questioned "going through the exercise" of passing marriage equality which the governor threatens a veto, said: "The point of going through a fight for civil rights, are you kidding me? I'm offended by that...If the governor wants to stifle and silence his colleagues that's one thing. But he is not going to silence or stifle us...It's offensive for anyone to think 'why bother' if the governor doesn't want to do it. Well, guess what? He's wrong on this one."
Oh, and Christie is also fat. I mean, really fat. I mean step-away-from-the-donuts-Oprah-before-the-red wagon fat.

And lastly....
Normally I would create a special Letters!! We Get Letters!! post when I get a response like this but, well, you'll soon understand.
Back in July 2008, I wrote a post about Hawaii's then-Governor Linda Lingle who vetoed a measure that would have given same-sex and unwed heterosexual couples the same protections under the law as married couples. See, Lingle is against same-sex marriage and is one of those one-man/one-woman folks who have been married more than once themselves. 
I wasn't especially rude to Ms. Lingle in my post, though I did dub her an asshat, but Anonymous still took issue with my post, and in his or her most eloquent way, responded thus:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post Linda Lingle Is An Asshat:
You dick sucking ass hole leave out Gov out of your suck ass world, it cock sucker like you that should not be talk to anyone take your ass fuck dick and put it in your mouth. 
Three things strike me about Anonymous.
#1] He or she is a very slow reader, because they are nearly three years behind in reading ISBL; or, the person who reads to them is extraordinarily slow, while.....
#B] Spelling is not a practice anonymous follows, and neither is punctuation, and.....
#3] They're a little into the gay sex thing, I mean, they focus on the gay sex in their entire response.
Wait, Anon? Are you Rick Santorum?


froggy said...

I was surprised at the Rand Paul thing. Being in the spotlight like that. He always looks to pained to be on stage. I was wondering if he wishes Dad would step down, that it is his turn now to be the political one in the family.

Princess said...

Newt "It's not that I'm a good debater." No Newt... But you are one hell of a "Massdebator"....

And Mr Paul's Little boy should never have tried to board a plain wearing a tinfoil hat. What was he attempting to do... Audition for a role as the Tin Man... given his performance perhaps he should try out for the role of "Scarecrow"....

*Skips of singing... If I only had a brain...*

Ron said...


I LOVE your blogs! Man oh man. I'll say it again, I LOVE YOUR BLOGS. You are one cool dude.

Wonder Man said...

love that Newt/Chucky!

Anonymous said...

And that is why I flag comments on old posts. Why bother with old news?

tamayn said...

So we're going to be behind Cuba soon on equal protection under the law? We can no longer call ourselves a democracy if this comes to pass.

Mitch Block said...

Well, I guess Anonymous told you... something or other.

As for Gayle King, in her defense (not that she needs any help from me), she was a newscaster in Connecticut in the 80s and 90s independent of her Oprah connection. Unfortunately, she's got a really lousy track record hosting talk shows...

Reading the Romney/Gingrich/Paul/Santorum/Christy news this morning from long-distance in Sevilla was sadly no less upsetting. How far do I have to go to escape them?

I never appreciated how much that slimy newt looks like Chucky from Child's Play... etc. Thank you for sharing that laugh.

mistress maddie said...

"It's not that I'm a good debater. It's that I articulate the deepest-felt values of the American people." Shit. There goes a bottle of good gin dropped on the floor with laughter. And Christie, he looks like he should have a pull string in back. When pulled,, he spin like a HUGE top!

mistress maddie said...

Oh, and in your We get Letters post, he or she must know about your auto-Fellatio skills I see!