Friday, June 22, 2018

These Reminded Me Of Someone ...

... and so I just had to but them from the Japanese Garden Gift Shop in Portland. They're used to hold Soy Sauce for sushi, or dipping sauces, but they just seemed so familiar!

I Didn't Say It ...

Stephen Colbert, on Attorney General Jeff Sessions using the Bible to justify separating immigrant kids from their parents:

“Now if that sounds evil, then good news, your ears are working. The United States? That’s you and me who are putting up with our government saying, ‘If you come to the United States, the worst thing imaginable will happen to you. We will take your children away from you, with no guarantee you’ll see them again.’ That is using cruelty as a deterrent. That’s not my interpretation. That is our stated intention. And the way they’re doing it is horrific. Public defenders in the area are telling parents they’re taking their children away for baths to never return with them. Clearly, no decent human being could defend that, so Jeff Sessions did. Don’t bring God into this. First of all, I don’t think God picked you, because I don’t worship Vladimir Putin. And, the only thing in the Bible close to this is a king threatening to cut a baby in two, and he was joking. I will give Sessions this: That is what Romans 13:1 says: You’ve got to have laws. But if he had just read a little bit further, into Romans 13:10, it says: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law.’ But I’m not surprised Sessions didn’t read the whole thing. After all, Jesus said, ‘Suffer the children to come unto me,’ but I’m pretty sure all Sessions saw was the words ‘children’ and ‘suffer’ and said, ‘I’m on it!' … So, for Father’s Day, call your elected representatives and demand they do something. Because I sincerely believe that it doesn’t matter who you voted for. If we let this happen in our name, we are a feckless… country.”

We are America and we, yes, we, are taking children from their parents and basically putting them into camps.
Camps; not Summer camps, but internment camps.
That’s America under _____ and Sessions.

Laura Bush, former First Lady of the United States, on the incarceration of brown children at the border:

“I was among the millions of Americans who watched images of children who have been torn from their parents. In the six weeks between April 19 and May 31, the Department of Homeland Security has sent nearly 2,000 children to mass detention centers or foster care. More than 100 of these children are younger than 4 years old. The reason for these separations is a zero-tolerance policy for their parents, who are accused of illegally crossing our borders.

I live in a border state. I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.

Our government should not be in the business of warehousing children in converted box stores or making plans to place them in tent cities in the desert outside of El Paso. These images are eerily reminiscent of the Japanese American internment camps of World War II, now considered to have been one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history.

Americans pride ourselves on being a moral nation, on being the nation that sends humanitarian relief to places devastated by natural disasters or famine or war. We pride ourselves on believing that people should be seen for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We pride ourselves on acceptance. If we are truly that country, then it is our obligation to reunite these detained children with their parents — and to stop separating parents and children in the first place.

People on all sides agree that our immigration system isn’t working, but the injustice of zero tolerance is not the answer. I moved away from Washington almost a decade ago, but I know there are good people at all levels of government who can do better to fix this.

In 2018, can we not as a nation find a kinder, more compassionate and more moral answer to this current crisis? I, for one, believe we can.”

Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary, telling the National Sheriffs’ Association not to believe the press regarding the _____ administration’s immigrant child separation policy:

“Don’t believe the press. They are very well taken care of … We operate according to some of the highest standards in the country. We provide food, medical, education, and all needs that the child requests … .We will not apologize for the job we do or for the job law enforcement does for doing the job that the American people expect us to do. Illegal actions have and must have consequences. No more free passes, no more get-out-of-jail-free cards.”

Sad she was born to late to round up Jews. I think she might have loved that, too.
Shepard Smith, Fox News, on that meeting between _____ and Kim Jong Un:

“[Kim] wanted the legitimacy that came with the event, the handshake with America’s president, and he wanted those military exercises with the Americans and the South Koreans that happen every year to stop. Kim Jong Un got it all for actually doing nothing.”

____ is nothing; he does nothing; he accomplishes nothing.
Seth Meyers, on _____, Sessions and Miller’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents:

“_____ has sympathy for [Paul Manafort] accused of conspiracy against the United States and sent to jail for alleged witness tampering but what about children fleeing violence and seeking asylum with their parents? This will shock you—_____ has much less sympathy for them. [And] if this policy strikes you as monstrous, and inhumane, and cruel, then you’re a decent person. In other words, you are not attorney general Jeff Sessions. Last week, Sessions defended the policy by citing the Bible. He cites the Bible like a guy challenging someone else’s word in Scrabble. [And] you know you’re evil when you actually want credit for a policy this cruel. Miller’s like a serial killer who leaves clues for the police … To be absolutely clear, this Is not a law. It’s a choice by the _____ administration, and they could end it right now. And yet _____ is trying to gaslight the country into thinking it’s actually the Democrats’ fault that this policy exists. He just repeats the same lie, over and over … _____‘s lies are starting to sound like the Tinder profile of a scammer trying to catfish you. This policy is monstrous and morally repugnant and it is being done in our name. Any elected official who doesn’t call for an immediate end to it is complicit, and anyone associated with it should resign in disgrace.”

Anyone who hasn’t yet stepped up to publicly denounce _____ and this inhumane act, needs to go; if not instantly through resignation, then in November by the will of the people.
Ronna Romney McDaniel, RNC Chair, threatening people who don’t support Hair Furor:

“Complacency is our enemy. Anyone that does not embrace the _____ agenda of making America great again will be making a mistake.”

Threats. To democracy; to Free Speech; to Resistance.
John Oliver, blasting Jeff Sessions and Sarah Huckleberry Sanders for their excuses for separating families:

“I cannot stress this enough. There is no law that suddenly required separating parents from their children. This was the result of a deliberate policy choice by Jeff Sessions, a man so small he can wear – and this is true – a raspberry as a hat. That’s a fact. A. [It is] so not a f**king law. And B. Lots of things are said in the Bible but that doesn’t mean you should do them. At one point the Bible demands that the head of government get 100 foreskins but I don’t think Sanders is looking for Congress to get together and start slicing dicks. And the _____ administration might want to go a little easy on holding the Bible up as a moral code. Because let’s remember, the Bible is not a big fan of adultery, gluttony, coveting your neighbor’s wife, pride or wrath.”

Not mention coveting your daughter and generally being the biggest douchebag on the planet.
_____, praising dictator Kim Jong Un:

“He speaks, and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.”


Thursday, June 21, 2018


So, we were at the Elephant’s Delicatessen in Portland last week ordering breakfast and a woman noticed Carlos’ cane and came up to talk. Turns out her father has Retinitis Pigmentosa, too, and has been blind since he was a child. We stood and chatted while waiting and then she asked Carlos how long he’d been visually impaired.

Carlos thought she was asking how long we’d been waiting and he said:
“About fifteen minutes.”
The look on that woman’s face is etched in my brain! And for the rest of the time we were on vacation, I’d turn to Carlos and say …
“About fifteen minutes.”
… and howl.
Oh look, closeted gay man, who only came out when we learned he molested young boys, Kevin Spacey, has a film coming out.

Billionaire Boys Club is Spacey’s first film since he was replaced by Christopher Plummer in All The Money in the World after multiple allegations of sexual assault.

Check that off the list of films not to see.
What’s this … FamilySearch, the world's largest genealogy organization, is redesigning its website so the LDS Church-sponsored database can store and provide records of same-sex families.

The Mormon Church doing something right and decent for the LGBTQ community?

Maybe Hell is freezing over.
On the other hand … a few weeks back Pope Frankie Goes to Hollywood, er, Francis told a gay man that God had made him that way and lotsa folks in the LGBTQ community lost their shiz.

I, however, said, “Wait.”

And this week Frankie condemned abortion and once again clarified the Catholic Church’s view of what is considered a “family” is a heterosexual family only.

So, again I say, F%k off Frankie.
But then … in heavily Catholic Ireland this week it was announced that gay men convicted of sex crimes prior to the decriminalization of homosexuality a quarter of a century ago will receive an official apology in Ireland’s Dáil—the Assembly of Ireland—and Seanad—the Senate of Ireland:
“The all-party supported motion will say the law prior to 1993 caused harm to gay people and to their family and friends. The motion is expected to get the support of the Cabinet at its meeting this morning and later Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is set to deliver a key speech in the Dáil. Politicians from across the Dáil and Seanad will also speak on the motion that will acknowledge the hurt caused to people who were deterred by the law from being open about their identity. It will say this prevented many of them from engaging in civil and political life. There will also be calls to ensure Irish foreign policy promotes the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people globally.”
Good news on that front, eh?
In a majority six to one vote, the Richmond Public School board voted to change the name of J.E.B. Stuart [a Confederate General] Elementary to Barack Obama Elementary School.

_____ must be livid because schools named after him get sued for fraud.
Openly gay Pennsylvania lawmaker Brian Sims blasted Vice President Mike Pence on Facebook upon Pence’s arrival in Philadelphia and offered a one-finger salute and said:
“OFFICIAL WELCOME: Vice President Mike Pence let me be the first person to officially welcome you to the City of Brotherly Love, and to my District in the State House!
To be clear, we’re a City of soaring diversity. We believe in the power of all people to live and to contribute: Black, Brown, Queer, Trans, Atheist, Immigrant, we want you and we’ll respect you.
So, keep that in mind while you’re here raising money to attack more families, spread more lies, blaspheme with your bible, and maybe even talk to a woman without your wife in the room. We have plenty of them, and they’re pretty much all more powerful and more real than you have ever been.
So…get bent, then get out!”
Bravo, sir, bravo.
John Kelly is once again ALLEGEDLY barely tolerating _____ according to those close to him.

While Kelly himself once believed he stood between _____ and chaos, he has told at least one person that he may as well let the president do what he wants, even if it leads to impeachment.

Um, John? You, like Pope Frankie, can f%k off, because you are as complicit as anyone in this hate-filled regime because, worse that acting like a spoiled petulant wannabe dictator baby, you stand by and allow it to happen and say nothing.

Kiss my ass.

Oh, and for anyone who didn’t know this, it was John Kelly, back in April, who suggested that separating children from their parents at the borders was a good way to stop illegal immigrant.

So, yeah, f%k off again.
In sad news, openly gay actor Russell Tovey has parted ways with his fiancé, British rugby player Steve Brockman. Tovey broke the news of the break-up in a comment to a follower on Instagram, who had asked if the couple was still together:
“No darling.”
Um, Russell? Steve? If either of you needs a shoulder to cry on, or, you know, whatever, I’m here for you.
Laura Ingraham is at it again; and by ‘it’ I mean acting the racist tool on Fox.

Laura Ingraham actually described the detention centers where immigrant children are being kept after being torn from their parents as “essentially summer camps”:
“As more illegal immigrants are rushing the border, more kids are being separated from their parents. And temporarily housed at what are, essentially, summer camps.”
Ingraham can take her place in the F%k Off Line.

Oh, and while we’re here, let’s, all of us, stop calling then “detention centers” and “tent cities” and shelters” and call them what they are: Internment Camps.
And if you needed any more proof that ____ is kissing the asses of Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, or Vlad Putin while denigrating our allies around the world, look no further than the fact that the White House has removed all photographs of French President Emmanuel Macron and replaced them with photos of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Makes sense, because this week the United States of America pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Human rights are clearly no longer important in America.

The move comes amid criticism over _____’s policy of separating child migrants from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

The Little Dick-tator got his diaper in a wad and left the group.
Aidan Turner. Hot. Irish. Actor. He has appeared on TV, film, and stage, and starred in the BBC’s Being Human—I never saw that one, though I was hooked on the American version—as well as in PBS’ Poldark and as Kili in JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. He has also voiced a role in the first painted animation movie, Loving Vincent.

But again, smoldering, brooding, Irish, and hot as evidenced by the fact he was voted Sexiest Man in the World by UK Glamour magazine in 2016.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Clearwater River Canyon

The home sits on about 40-acres on the south side of the Clearwater River Canyon near Lewiston, Idaho.

Talk about privacy … and views!

The house, er, houses, cover roughly 2,200 square feet divided into two buildings: “the barracks” sits in a ravine along a seasonal stream, and “the study house” stands on a crest where an Idaho grass and fescue slope meets a Ponderosa pine forest about 300 feet above the Clearwater River.

The west side of the frame provides access for window washing and support for removable perforated sliding panels, for shading and protection against the wind. On the east side, the frame admits decks and a porch with an outside shower. The operative windows placed strategically on the four sides of the study house allow ventilation of the updraft, since the summer temperatures in the canyon often reach more than 100 degrees.

The house is made for folks to getaway, and to enjoy the views on every level as the house was designed to climb down the hill and take in all the sights.

Count me in.


Newport is a small town on the coast, about 7 miles from my Dad’s house in Toledo; it’s kind of that trashy tourist town with a boatload of t-shirt shops and cheesy museums, but it’s also got some gorgeous views, some great beers—the Rogue Brewery sits right on the bay—and is home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium—where my Dad is a volunteer, Nye Beach, a funky section of town, and the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

It’s that cool combination of funk and cheese and nature and vistas and good food … and great beer … I recommend the Dead Guy Ale.

And it’s also home to sea lions, who have taken over a section of the harbor and sun themselves, and make quite a racket, all day long. While some cities work to move the sea lions out of the harbor, Newport actually raises money to keep an area of the harbor specifically for the sea lions.

I like that, too, after all, the sea lions were there first, right?