Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh Mittsy! You're Just Like Me!!

Let's make this perfectly queer: I don't begrudge Mitt Romney, or anyone for that matter, being a millionaire or a billionaire or even a kajillionaire. But, what pisses me off about Mittsy is his constant "I'm just like you" attitude.
It ain't workin', Mittsy. Especially now that your tax returns have been released and we can all see just how unlike us you are:
  • Mitt Romney earned $21.7 million in 2010....just like me.
  • Mitt Romney earned $20.9 million in  2011.....just like me.
  • Mitt Romney paid a lower tax rate [13.9%...less than the 15% he originally claimed] than many middle-class Americans....just like me. 
  • Mitt Romney's tax rate was also well below what other wealthy people pay, which is 25%...just like me.
  • Mitt Romney makes more in a day [more than $33,000 in a day] than the average American makes in a year, and becomes a 1 percenter every week...just like me.
  • Mitt Romney paid almost nothing [0.1%] in payroll taxes because the tax is only assessed on earned wages; most working Americans pay 7.65 percent....just like me.
  • Mitt Romney has accounts in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, countries notorious for tax dodging....just like me. [Aides said he closed his Swiss account in 2010 because it might have been “politically embarrassing.”]
  • Mitt Romney's [and Newt's] tax plans would slash Romney’s taxes to less than half what he pays now....just like me.
Now, let me say again, I don't begrudge Romney being a millionaire. I do, however, take issue with his lies that he's "just like me" and that he was also "unemployed" last year. I also take issue with the fact that if Mittsy Romney, or Newt Gingrich, get elected in November, they'll be looking out for their own.
But hey, that's just like me.



froggy said...

I'm thinking if you are thinking of adding politician to your resume you should have always kept your money in the country.

Will J said...

Oh, but Mittsy is just like me! I also want a beach house in La Jolla!

Of course, one of us can afford it and one of us cannot.

I'll let you guess who has the beach house and who is perfectly happy with parking and day use.

Tiger Chanter said...

I couldn't stand this man when he was the govenor of my state (which he got elected to illegally some folks say!)and the site and sound of him now positively makes my blood boil! He is an A**hole of the First Magnitude!!!!! Grrrr!

Mitch Block said...

Yep. And Mitt worries about getting a pink slip. Just like me. And Mitt likes to make random $10,000 bets. Just like me. I had no idea how much "one of us" he really is. Thanks for making it abundantly clear. said...

Hes' just like me, too! And then I wake up.