Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Crosshairs Are Back

Remember when Mama Grizzly Bore® used the crosshairs in her ads to show us which Democrats she was targeting, you know, because they were Democrats?
They're back.
It seems that five Democratic state senators in Missouri have discovered large, orange crosshair stickers placed over their office nameplates last week in the Capitol Building. The targets included all four Democratic women in the state Senate, the Democratic minority leader, and one Republican state representative.
Jolie Justus, a Democrat from Kansas City, said: “Many of us when we came back to our office this afternoon had gun targets on our nameplates. A few of the senators removed them, only to have them replaced by larger stickers later.”
Last time we had crosshairs, Mama Grizzly Bore® placed them over Gabby Giffords' district in Arizona. Giffords was subsequently shot by a deranged man. Now, I'm not laying blame at the feet of the MGB®, but I do lay blame squarely at the feet of the GOP.
This is their issue. Seriously. I mean, I could be wrong, but I don't recall any of this kind of stuff being done to Republican legislators. I don't remember a time when Democrats placed crosshairs over the names of their political rivals.
This is the GOP, and just because they don't condone it, doesn't mean they shouldn't do something about it.
Before another deranged man gets hold of a gun.

via ThinkProgress


Tiger Chanter said...

One would hope that the Senate's security department is looking into this? Surely they have security cameras?!! Good Night Nurse!!!

R.J. said...

Isn't this the same state that killed George Tiller in a church?

Wonder Man said...

Mess as usual