Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Architecture Wednesday: Casa Deco

This is yet another attempt of mine to sway Carlos about retiring in Merida, on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

This house, in the historic center of Merida, is a renovation of a once run-down home transformed into a breathtaking house with an old-world vibe influenced by a more modern atmosphere.

It’s Casa Deco. The project is part of an ongoing initiative in Merida to preserve the historic integrity of the downtown core. Rather than razing these crumbling older buildings—like many cities do—and replacing them with new ones, the old buildings are repurposed and retrofitted, preserving their style.

Deco House already had the traditional architectural style of its name, although this wasn’t always the case. Research revealed that it initially was not created in this style but that its facade was remodeled to make the building resemble the local historical cityscape.

But, rather than go back to its unmatched roots or change the facade to something entirely different, designers leaned into the home’s slightly unconventional history and adapted the building as though it was always rooted in deco architecture and design. The project merged into a mix of both traditional architecture and a more modern aesthetic. It has all the amenities of contemporary living amid details and decor that hearken back to more culturally and historically time.

The design team carefully balanced and reinterpreted each space in the house, while allowing other spaces, the courtyard, balconies, and terraces, to keep a more traditional feel, even with the addition of a pool. Other parts of the house were too antiquated to be left as is, so the kitchen and bathrooms were modernized; windows were updated but kept their old-style appeal.

Some things in the house like the central winding staircase, which seems original, was built entirely new for practicality, while the original stone walls were repaired but otherwise remain as they have for decades. In places where new interior structures were built, designers worked in locally sourced and repurposed timber with a natural stain, keeping things accurate and historical.

It’s a great blend of what was and what can be. Now, if I could just get Carlos onboard …

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I Don't Get It

I don’t get why, when a black man tells a white woman to follow the law and leash her dog, she calls the police and screams that she is being harassed by a black man. Amy Cooper did that to [no relation] Christian Cooper.

I don’t get how, when a black man, intoxicated and ALLEGEDLY resisting arrest, is pushed to the ground so a police officer can put a knee on his neck and murder him. George Floyd screamed, “I can’t breathe,” and they didn’t stop.

I don’t get how a white woman in a park feels she has the right to walk up to a group of Latinos listening to mariachi music and demand they play “American” music, and screams how “fucking disrespectful” they are. White Racist Karen did that.

I don’t get why a man spent 37 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and when he’s finally exonerated by The Innocence Project, Natalie Morales of NBC News suggests he was convicted because he couldn’t afford a good lawyer, even though the evidence clearly proved he was innocent. Archie Williams is a black man who, like so many other black men, was screwed over by the American judicial system.

I don’t get why more people aren’t speaking up. Oh, the brown people and the black people are speaking up, but white people, a lot of them, just shake their heads and say, ‘How sad,’ and then go on about their day. If we want to end racism in this country, we … WE …all of us, need to speak up and tell these stories and all of the other stories and demand that abusive murderous police officers get fired; demand that dog-choking racists in the park be fired from their jobs; find and name the Karens of the world; protest when a person of color doesn’t get a fair shake by the American judicial system; and shout back when those in positions of leadership call Nazis “very fine people.”

We may not end racism in this country because it’s still being taught, but we can shout it down and shove it into the light and shame the racists into silence, rather than continue to do nothing and let them terrorize this country.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Virginia Lowes Store Bends To The Will Of Racism

Marcus Bradley was set to deliver a package from Lowes’ Danville, Virginia location, until he got to the customer’s home and the owner told him she didn’t want a black man delivering packages to her home.

Naturally, the manager of that Lowe’s told the woman to fuc … oh, wait, the manager replaced Bradley with a whiter, more appropriately skin-toned driver. Even worse, if possible, when Bradley asked the manager why he should bring the package back to the store and allow another driver to deliver it, the manager said:
“Because you're black.”
America. 2020.

Alex Brooks, who has worked with Bradley for 11 years, was in the truck when the call came in from the manager:
"I was embarrassed because I got the phone call. I think that's kind of how [Marcus] felt, too. Marcus was more shocked at Lowe's doing this. He couldn't believe that the place he worked at would go along with this woman's wishes."
And Brooks acknowledged that the store knows this particular client is a racist:
"The weekend before this delivery, everybody told us that this woman in the store wouldn't deal with any of the black customer service representatives or salesmen. She said she didn't want any black delivery drivers, so they knew beforehand."
And yet they sent Marcus Bradley anyway. And when the two men returned to the store, the manager asked Alex Brooks, who is white, to go back out on the delivery with another white driver; Alex Brooks refused.

And Lowes corporate offices have also refused to allow the three managers who took part in this racist episode to continue to work at the store:
"There had been a customer who had requested only white delivery drivers to deliver an item to her home. After we learned of a situation that a manager had pulled the driver from the delivery, we did a quick investigation. The three managers who had been part of that decision are no longer part of the company. We have zero tolerance for behavior of that kind. We have apologized and our senior vice president actually went to the [Danville, Virginia] store last week and spoke to the delivery drivers personally and apologized on behalf of the company. We wanted to make sure they knew they had our full support."
Although saddened and hurt by the incident, Marcus Bradley plans to continue working for Lowe's.
"I mean, I gotta work. I'm going to keep going to work like I've always done, but I would think Lowe's would take it into consideration to think about what they're doing the next time.”
The racist homeowner, who asked not to be identified, though that's her picture up there and I'm guessing her name is Karen, was very willing to talk to the local news about the incident:
“I got a right to have whatever I want and that’s it. I don’t feel bad about nothing.”
Clearly, her ignorance and command of the English language go hand—in-hand with her racism.

Now, Lowes … I know it’s not you, but it’s the people you hired at the Danville location, so this is how you train your employees:

A customer requests to have only a white person help them, show them the door.

A customer asks to have only white people deliver to their home, tell them to pick up the goods themselves.

Better yet, tell that racist old hag—who told the news that she would still never allow a black man on her property—and any other person who makes the same request, be it about a black person, Latino, Asian, gay, Indian, Muslim, to kindly fuck off.

And show them the door.

He Could Have Saved 54,000 Lives By Doing Something Earlier?

If the United States had implemented social-distancing measures on March 1—just two weeks earlier than it did—54,000 fewer people would have died from COVID-19 by early May, according to a new report from disease modelers at Columbia University.

And, when asked about the report, _____ responded by attacking a reporter and calling it “fake news” and the White House followed suit later by issuing a statement blaming China and the World Health Organization.

Remember the truth … _____ did nothing when he first heard about this …then called it a hoax …then said it would disappear … then said it wasn’t his fault … then blamed China … then used briefings as campaign rallies … then blamed Obama and tried to deflect ... then touted his success …and then played golf.

And 98,000 people are dead.

Sidenote: it took just 80,000 votes caross three swing states to give _____ the White House, far fewer people than have died because of his ineptitude. I’m not saying that those 80,000 are among the dead, but more people have died than put him in office. We can change this course in November,

Saturday, May 23, 2020

It’s With Great Sadness That I Say Goodbye ….

… to The Stud, San Francisco’s oldest continuously operating queer nightclub.

Yes, The Stud, is permanently closing its current location at Ninth and Harrison streets in SoMa amid the COVID-19 crisis:
“The Stud is the country’s only cooperatively owned LGBT venue and has been in operation for 55 years [but] because of a lack of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the historic bar will be announcing that they are permanently closing their location and will be holding a drag funeral to honor the end of an era of LGBT nightlife.”
Damn you, COVID-19!

I have many fond memories of The Stud from living out West. Dancing at The Stud; drinking way too much at The Stud; finding love for the night at The Stud. Every time I’d have a visitor, off we’d go, because it was raucous and bawdy and fun and friendly and queer and safe.

My favorite story is the time a large group of us went wine tasting in Napa and then went back into The City looking for fun; our first stop was the Paradise Lounge in SoMa; a former YMCA, the dance floor was a plexiglass slab over the empty swimming pool, and bars were set up in the locker rooms. Paradise wasn’t exclusively gay, but it was a fun place to start the night. As we entered the building, my friend Robby, straight as could be, asked if it was a gay club and I said ‘No.’ It wasn’t; it was an everybody club, so in we went. After a while we wanted to switch things up and The Stud wasn’t too far, so off we went. Robby said:
“The Stud? That’s a gay place.”
“No. That’s just the name.”
But it was deliciously gay and as we entered the building, Robby leading the way, the first thing he saw were two guys in briefs dancing on the bar. He shot me a panicked look and I assured him he’d be fine.
“But what do I do if a guy hits on me and wants to dance or buy me a drink?”
“Take the drink, and if you wanna dance, dance, if you don’t then don’t.
We practically had to pry Robby outta that place later on because he was having so much fun, being straight in a gay bar.

Who. Knew.

And now, it’s going away?

Perhaps not. After initial reports claimed The Stud would be closing for good, co-owner Marke Bieschke said they have plans to look for a new location:
“We’re still going to come back when this is over—a different space with the same lovingly outrageous vibe. … And after this is all over, a new permanent location, to help rebuild the city’s shattered nightlife scene—and continue the Stud’s rough-and-tumble legacy the only way we know how: with shots up and heels high.”
Just like I remember it.

I Ain't One To Gossip But ....

Yes, it’s true … Aunt Becky is going from Fuller House to the Big House.

Bad parents Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have agreed to a guilty plea and struck a deal in connection with their involvement in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal rather than face trial and certain, longer jail time.

Lori will serve two months in prison, pay a $150,000 fine and have two years of supervised release with 100 hours of community service, while Mossimo will serve five months in prison, a $250,000 fine and two years of supervised release with 250 hours of community service.

I know, I wish it was a longer sentence, too, but the best part of all is that for the rest of their lives when you Google Lori or Mossimo or their two spoiled, and probably not-so-bright daughters, you’ll see scandal and scam artists and bribes and guilty pleas and jail time.

So, Full House and Fuller House will no longer be the worst thing Lori Loughlin has done.
Speaking of dumb celebrities …Jason Derulo.

Singer, and apparent asshat, Jason Derulo is on TikTok and in a desperate attempt to keep his views up he posted a video of himself eating a corn on the cob cartoon style with help from a drill, Jason got corn-holed in the piehole with the corn drill and lost some of his teeth because … stupid.

And now, like Lori, when you Google Jason Derulo you’re apt to see “Jason Derulo getting his corn hole drilled.”

Of course, it was all probably a prank, but, again, stupid. Just sayin’.
Some people get Jude law and Hugh Grant confused as actors, and now they’re going to get them confused as two British men who have the most children with the most partners.

Forty-seven-year-old Jude Law  32-year-old wife of one year, Phillipa Coan, are having a baby; her first, his sixth. And this gets Jude an edge in Most Children by Most Different Moms over Hugh.

Jude shares 23-year-old son Rafferty, 19-year-old daughter Iris, and 17-year-old son Rudy with his first wife, Sadie Frost. He also has a 10-year-old daughter named Sophia with his ex-girlfriend Samantha Burke, as well as a 5-year-old daughter named Ada with his ex-girlfriend Catherine Harding.

Six kids, four Baby Mamas. One tired Jude.
Seriously, who the f%k asked for this?

Mindy Kaling will reunite with her A Wrinkle in Time co-star Reese Witherspoon to co-write the screenplay for Legally Blonde 3: Legally a Senior Citizen. Reese will again star as the aging attorney Elle Woods, producing through her Hello Sunshine studio with the franchise’s original producer Marc Platt.

Blonde 1 came out nineteen years ago followed by Blonde 2 seventeen years ago. And for some reason, nearly two decades later someone thinks the idea on Blonde 3 is a good one?

No. Just no.
I guess when you’ve been fired from a high-profile, big money job for being a pervert and your wife dumps you and takes more than half your coins and property for being a pervert, there’s just one thing left to do: whine about it all and get a tattoo.

Sixty-two-year-old Matt Lauer got inked, y’all, and it’s cray. But first, Lauer, who was accused of rape, abusing his power over female employees, having affairs, flashing people, and buying co-workers sex toys as gifts—but vehemently denies he ever raped anyone—has accused Ronan Farrow of being a lousy reporter who’s only after headlines:
“Will anyone hold Ronan Farrow thoroughly accountable? I doubt it. I ask people to consider how they would react if someone they loved were accused of something horrific and basic journalistic standards were ignored because of a desire to sell books. I also urge people to remember that there are two sides to all stories.”
Oh Matt. You should still be sitting because no one has asked you to get up and start talking again. Least of all Ronan Farrow, who responded to Matt’s rant:
All I’ll say on this is that Matt Lauer is just wrong. Catch and Kill was thoroughly reported and fact-checked, including with Matt Lauer himself.”
See, Matt basically helped Ronan with much of what was written about him and now claims the rest of it is wrong. Sorry, Matt, not buying it. But then, as sexual predators do, Matt pulled a ____, and claimed he “was falsely accused” by Brooke Nevils, the co-worker who accused him of rape. And like Ronan, Brooke was not having it, and she took to Twitter:
“DARVO: Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.”
Matt also wrote that the accusation “was devastating for my family” and was all a lie “used to sell books.” Um, that lie cost you your job and your family, and yet you didn’t try to fight the lie; you took a payout and whimpered away so, again, stay seated.

But anyway, about that tattoo that Matt suddenly showed off; it reads:
“Hatred corrodes the container it’s carried in.”
It’s kinda hard to read because Matt clearly asked for the Drunk Fratboy Font.

Friday, May 22, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Barack Obama, former, and greatest, president of my lifetime, gave a speech to 2020 graduates at the Graduate Together: High School Class of 2020 Commencement broadcast:

“This pandemic has shaken up the status quo and laid bare a lot of our country’s deep-seated problems—from massive economic inequality to ongoing racial disparities to a lack of basic health care for people who need it. It’s woken a lot of young people up to the fact that the old ways of doing things just don’t work; that it doesn’t matter how much money you make if everyone around you is hungry and sick; and that our society and our democracy only work when we think not just about ourselves, but about each other. It’s also pulled the curtain back on another hard truth, something that we all have to eventually accept once our childhood comes to an end. All those adults that you used to think were in charge and knew what they were doing? Turns out that they don’t have all the answers. A lot of them aren’t even asking the right questions. So, if the world’s going to get better, it going to be up to you. Do what you think is right, [because] doing what feels good, what’s convenient, what’s easy—that’s how little kids think. Unfortunately, a lot of so-called grown-ups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs, still think that way—which is why things are so screwed up.”

That’s how a president speaks. Inform and encourage; educate and uplift.
I miss that.
Eric _____, or as I call him, The Dumb One, which says a lot, told FOX News asshat Jeanine Pirro that the coronavirus is a hoax cooked up by Democrats in order to defeat his father in November and it will “magically disappear” after election day:

“Listen, Biden loves this. Biden can’t go on stage without making some horrible blunder. Even from his basement, he’s making awful gaffes every single day. His campaign is thrilled that he’s not going out there. They think they’re taking away Donald Trump’s greatest tool, which is being able to go into an arena and fill it with 50,000 people every single time. So, you watch, they will milk it every single day between now and November 3rd. And guess what, after November 3rd, coronavirus will magically all of a sudden go away and disappear and everybody will be able to reopen. They’re trying to deprive him of his greatest asset, which is the fact that the American people love him, the fact that he’s relatable, and the fact that he can go out there and draw massive crowds. Joe Biden can’t get 10 people in a room. My father’s getting 50,000 in a room. Make no mistake, to a lot of them this is a very cognizant strategy that they’re trying to employ. It’s sad and it’s not going to be allowed to happen, and we’re going to win in November.”

Seriously. Is he drinking the bleach? Biden says dumb things? Listen to Daddy, you fucking ignorant moron …
_____, at an Owens & Minor distribution plant, telling employees in a speech that testing is overrated.

“It could be that testing’s frankly, ah, overrated? When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing we would have very few cases.”

How fucking dumb is this guy.
Yeah, we find more cases of cancer when we test for cancer so let’s stop that testing and cancer rates will fall.
Says the fuckmonkey who gets tested every single day.
Meghan McCain, blaming Obama for _____:

“We have to start talking to each other in the middle, and we have to start talking about the faults on both sides, because he was not a perfect president. And I don’t think a perfect president would have ushered in the era of _____.”

Oh Meghan, take a good long seat. You cannot blame _____ on a good honest decent man. The GOP, which stood by and did nothing to stop him—and this includes your father—are to blame; the Bernie Bros who sat out the election are to blame; Hillary, for all her foibles, is to blame.
But to blame this divisiveness on a man who was never divisive shows your complete lack of reason.
Sebastian Vega, Argentinean professional basketball player, coming out as gay:

“When I started to feel attracted to a man, I had a very bad time. I felt shame, guilt, a lot of rejection, but at the same time the desire to be with someone. I was really scared, but the fear didn’t paralyze me, I felt truly free: it had been a long time since I’d walked without such a heavy weight on my shoulders. Unfortunately, [homosexuality in sport] is still a taboo topic. It’s very difficult to say you’re gay ... you have to be masculine to not be [seen as] less than.”

Vega is the first openly gay professional basketball player in Argentina’s history and so it it with great LGBTQ+ pride that we send him the Official Coming Out Toaster Oven™ and copy of the Gay Agenda.
Welcome out..