Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

So, Katherine Heigl’s new political thriller — that I kind of think of as Homeland without great scripts or great acting — State of Affairs premiered last Monday to so-so reviews and so-so ratings; it was solidly bested by Gotham,  a much better show in my mind. But this isn’t about he soon to crash-and-burn Heigl experiment, but about Heigl herself.

During the press tour she had to answer all kinds of questions about her Grey’s Anatomy diva behavior — she left the show because she thought she was bigger than TV … cut to a few years later and look who’s back on the tube — and the fact that she talked smack about Shonda Rimes, creator of Grey's. Shonda hasn’t been a fan since Heigl removed herself from Emmy consideration in 2008 because she felt Shonda’s scripts weren’t good enough to be Emmy-worthy.

I know, bitch, right?

So, when the news broke that Heigl was back on TV Rimes was asked about the differences between Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, and she said:
There are no Heigls in this situation… I don’t put up with bullshi–t or nasty people. I don’t have time for it.” 
Now Heigl is playing the Pity Card, though she’s not denying she was a raging diva, and she wants to make up with Shonda, so here’s her mea culpa:
“I am sorry that [Shonda] feels that way and I wish her nothing but greatness and I have nothing negative to say about [her]. I’m a big fan of her work. I watch Scandal every week and so I’m sorry she’s left with such a crappy impression of me. I wish I could do something to change that. Maybe I will be able to someday.”
Howsabout just stop being a diva and stop pissing people off with your holier-than-thou attitude and maybe then people will stop thinking ill of you.

Failing that, just keep quiet, and keep the want ads handy; you’re gonna need ‘em.
Jaden and Willow Smith. Is it any surprise that, with parents like theirs, who are less parents and more sidekick, these two aren’t more idiotic? See, it seems the Smith kids gave an interview to the New York Times’ T Magazine and were all kinds of crazy and delusional. Let’s listen in …

Willow says she’s reading Quantum Physics, while Jaden is reading “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life and ancient texts; to that end, they were asked what they think about time:
WILLOW: I mean, time for me, I can make it go slow or fast, however I please, and that’s how I know it doesn’t exist.
JADEN: It’s proven that how time moves for you depends on where you are in the universe. It’s relative to beings and other places. But on the level of being here on earth, if you are aware in a moment, one second can last a year. And if you are unaware, your whole childhood, your whole life can pass by in six seconds. But it’s also such a thing that you can get lost in.
Then T Magazine asked about their music and how they’ve gotten better over the years:
WILLOW: Caring less what everybody else thinks, but also caring less and less about what your own mind thinks, because what your own mind thinks, sometimes, is the thing that makes you sad.
JADEN: Exactly. Because your mind has a duality to it. So when one thought goes into your mind, it’s not just one thought, it has to bounce off both hemispheres of the brain. When you’re thinking about something happy, you’re thinking about something sad. When you think about an apple, you also think about the opposite of an apple. It’s a tool for understanding mathematics and things with two separate realities. But for creativity: That comes from a place of oneness. That’s not a duality consciousness. And you can’t listen to your mind in those times — it’ll tell you what you think and also what other people think
And that bit of gibberish lead to the topic of school and education—remember that Will and Jada built a Scientology-based school for their kids to attend but when it went broke, well, education over:
JADEN: Here’s the deal: School is not authentic because it ends. It’s not true, it’s not real. Our learning will never end. The school that we go to every single morning, we will continue to go to.
WILLOW: Forever, ‘til the day that we’re in our bed.
JADEN: Kids who go to normal school are so teenagery, so angsty.
WILLOW: They never want to do anything, they’re so tired.
And then Jaden, well, went all badly home-schooled:
JADEN: You never learn anything in school. Think about how many car accidents happen every day. Driver’s ed? What’s up? I still haven’t been to driver’s ed because if everybody I know has been in an accident, I can’t see how driver’s ed is really helping them out.
The one question that perhaps was never asked, and perhaps should have been the first question out of the interviewer’s mouth, is, “Where the hell are your parents?”
Off of stupid kids, and on to stupid adults … Gwyneth Paltrow.

She’s a cold bitch whose face is so heavily Botoxed — or whatever kumbaya poison she uses to keep her skin taut and plastic — that it's hard to tell exactly how she feels about her consciously uncoupled husband being with, not being with, and then being with Jennifer Lawrence, and how that makes Goop’s world crumble.

While Paltrow is known for her strict veggie diet and strict healthy lifestyle, it appears that those in the know say that when she discovered her ex-husband, Chris Martin had gotten back together with JLaw, she threw all that out the window and started chain-smoking like some 50s housewife scorned!

The “meltdown” happened on Halloween after Jennifer was spotted at Chris’ Malibu home, and, on her way to a photo shoot, Gwyneth was so on edge she started smoking and even begged her driver to stop for a drink so she could calm her nerves.

An insider — and it’s either Pomegranate or Bathsheba — says, “She was a mess all day.”

She even began maniacally texting Chris and making plans to single-white-female JLaw.
Cigarettes and booze is a slippery slope; next thing you know, Goopy will be snorting bath salts and drinking drain cleaner.

Just sayin’.
Kirk Cameron, beloved TV star from our childhood and now devout evangelical loon, has some important words for you women out there: Get in the kitchen because it’s where you belong.
“If you are a mom, if you are a wife, if you’re the keeper of your home, I want you to know that your joy is so important this Christmas. Because Christmas is about joy and if the joy of the Lord is your strength, remember, the joy of the mom is her children’s strength, so don’t let anything steal your joy. If you let your joy get stolen, it will sap your strength. Let your children, your family, see your joy in the way that you decorate your home this Christmas, in the food that you cook, the songs you sing, the stories you tell, and the traditions that you keep. Invite your whole neighborhood into your Christmas, and invite the world into our story of our king and his kingdom.”
Kirk Cameron steals my joy every time he opens his bassackwards yap.
Back to Goop and her suggestions for Christmas, and, no, I don’ think she wants y’all to buy a bottle of Jack and a carton of Marlboro’s; that’s her special gift to herself.

Here’s what she thinks are the hot, must-have Christmas buys:

$30 Furby
$10 friendship bracelet kit
$4,739 Easy Health Angel Juicer Gold—yes, it’s actually gold!
$4,545 Valentino Canvas Trolley—you know, one of those rolling suitcases
$12,000 Diamond Thickie Esque vase
$495 St. Louis Scully & Scully crystal glasses—they’re $95 each
$1,500 Hermes Avalon blanket
$2,614 Balenciaga New Classic Biker Jacket
$1,995 for a single Anita Ko safety pin earring
$7,600 Cartier bracelet
A Harry Winston diamond cluster ring—price on request
$1,495 Arthur Umanoff bar cart
$3,190 The Row Rina Fringed Cashmere Cape

You can head over to Goop — and why wouldn’t you — to read all about how Paltrow feels about these trinkets, place your order and then write your check for $43,678 — it’ll be more with the Harry Winston Ring of course — and have yourself a merry little Christmas.
I like that Paltrow wants to help out all the Moms with their Christmas shopping.

She’s one of us, you know.
Kendall Jenner was recently hired as the face of Estee Lauder and gave an interview about her fabulous career:
“I’m not trying to use a family name or anything. In reality I worked pretty hard for this … It wasn’t like I just got it magically and it just happened.”
Um, Kendall, I’m’a need you to take a seat and let me school you. No one would know you from Kendall Jackson if your older sister hadn’t laid on her back, pointed her heels to Jesus and let Ray J mount her like a rutting pig; without that there’s be no Keeping Up With The Kardastrophes, and without that there’s be no Kendall Jenner who got an Estee Lauder contract based on merit.

If you’re Kendall Jenner from Akron, Ohio, whose Mom was a teacher and whose dad worked in a bank, you’d be living in a fifth-floor walk-up trying to break into Model’s Inc.

Stop fronting.
Meanwhile, Anna Wintour has defended her decision to put Kendall’s sister, porn star, Kim Kardastrophe and her lunatic husband Kanye West on the cover of Vogue this year, but says it in the most typical Wintour fashion ... with a heavy does of shade.

While at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York this week she said:
“I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine!”
See, she’s a panderer, putting the scourge of the Earth on her magazine to sell copies and keep her on her perch above it all.

Kim Kardashian? Deeply tasteful? Maybe to Ray J.
This week on Today Matt Lauer sat down with boyband One Direction to discuss their upcoming album Four. And oddly enough, there were just four of them on the set that day because Zayn Malik was a no-show for their appearance and performance.

Of course, being the stealth journalist that he is, when he isn’t schtupping his co-workers or getting them fired, Lauer asked where Zayn was, and Liam Payne said his cohort had a, ahem, “tummy bug” and couldn’t make the trip.

Naturally that lead Lauer into investigative journalist mode, because he began asking about how “sick” Zayn actually is, and implying that he’s actually at home with a case of the drug problems.

Oh yes he did.
“There’s obviously a lot of concern, a lot of fans have been tweeting overnight. There’s been a lot of action on social media about him. Is it something more serious than just a minor illness? There have been rumors of substance abuse. What’s going on?”
Once again, Liam stressed that Zayn was at home sick while the rest of One Direction — all three of the Ones — sat there in awkward silence. And Zayn, who wasn’t too sick to turn on the telly, caught the interview and unleashed a torrent of Lauer Loathing of the, ahem, “news” man.
“I’m really angry and upset by what was said on the Today show. I was really ill at the weekend, that’s why I couldn’t fly to America. I was gutted to have to miss album release day, but I’m going to be back as soon as I can. As soon as I’m feeling better I’m going to join the guys and carry on with the promotion for the album.”
Who to believe? The pompous newsman looking for a ratings grab since GMA is regularly trouncing Today, or the wee pop star who may have been too high to fly … on a plane.

I fall into the ‘Who cares’ category but just posted this story for y’all.
More Kim K? M’kay.

This might not be true, but it’s funny and involves Dame Angelina Jolie — whom I adore — so I’m treating it as gospel.’

Angelina is doing a worldwide press tour for her upcoming film Unbroken and was in Sydney, Australia this week. It was a huge event, some of the actors were there, plus Brad, and Angelina even invited the Aussie crew plus Australian WWII veterans to attend.

Cut to Kim Kardashian, who was also in Australia to promote herself, her perfume, her ass, her fat ass on a magazine cover, something, and she wanted to go to the premiere because, well, Angelina and Brad, except … Angelina banned her!

According to the article Kim ‘begged for tickets to the Unbroken premiere’ and ‘desperately tried to arrange a get-together with Brad and Angie’ but that ‘Angie’s people told Kim to buzz off and that Angie didn’t want to socialise with Kim or do a photo op in Australia with her. Kim was crushed.’

Perhaps that’s what it would take to deflate that ass … and her giant butt.

Now, as I said, I don’t know if it’s true, but I’d like to believe it is, and if it is, I love Jolie even more.

Friday, November 21, 2014

PR All-St★rs 4 Ep 3: The Heart Will Go On … But Not One Of The Designers

Once again we find the designtestants wandering the streets of La Grande Apple in search of their next challenge. The meandering leads them to the Hearst Building, home of Marie Claire and, loving it, Nina Garcia!

Everyone cringes a bit, remembering the ways in which Nina took them to task overt some of their bad choices during their seasons, but Dmitry puts it all in perspective with:
"You know who doesn't love Nina? People who suck." Talent

And Nina is waiting with host Alyssa Milano and Scott Davies, SVP of Marketing for Zales the Diamond Store, to reveal the challenge: create a colorful — not black and, sorry Kate, not white — party dress inspired by their own past, present, and future romantic relationships.

They have one day and $100 — Michelle actually winced — but the reward, other than the win, is a $10,000 gift card and $15,000 diamond pendant necklace from Zales.

Product placement complete ... let’s rip …
Clockwise from Top Left
His dress has cutouts to symbolize the fact that he’s in an open relationship. Zanna was a bit stunned by that, but Fabio says it works well … for him. His dress is cute, but looks a little too na├»ve to be in anything other than a monogamous closet.

Having been with his partner for ten years, he’s realized how parallel their lives are, so his look is completely symmetrical. It’s cute’ it’s quilted’ it’s pleated; it’s a handkerchief hemline. It’s safe from all sides.

He made Zanna — and, okay, me, too — tear up when talking about his boyfriend, who took the time to learn sign language when they began dating. So, he painted his own hand and stamped the phrase I love you on his dress. A fun flirty dress that, when the model spun around on the runway, showed some of the fine china; luckily the cabinet doors were closed, and by that I mean she was at least wearing underwear.

She was married during her season on the PR and then divorced her husband right after, and is now engaged and back on the PR. I don’t know how that played out in her design, but I found it a little too Laura Ingalls Wilder for her story.

She says she’s in a relationship — she says she’s “taken” — so her design is about connection and sparkle, neither of which she can tie into her own love life. This look, to me, doesn’t say love as much as it says garden party.
He’s not in love but he has a love tattoo. Um, okay? But he decides to create a flowing handkerchief dress to symbolize freedom, with a hint of blue to symbolize the sea, with a back design that looks like a cage or a spider’s web, to reflect how he’s putting that behind him; or that he has a spider in a cage on his back?
Zanna says it’s “fine” as in “I think I saw it at Target,” but suggests the knotted cage detail in the back be given more presence.

Everything about the dress encompasses my past, present and future … it’s love.

Oh honey! A handkerchief hem? No. No. Handkerchief hems never win unless it’s the turn a dress into a handkerchief challenge.

Nina loved the fabric. That’s all. She said the blue-sea detail looked like the lining had slipped, and she called the handkerchief hem "Project Runway 101." Alyssa said the dress was beautiful walking but standing still it looked like a castoff from Dancing with the Stars. Isaac loved the back detail, but hated that Benjamin added necklaces to the model because it suddenly went disco. Guest judge, and PR all-Stars winner, Seth Aaron simply said he hates handkerchief hems, while fellow guest judge, fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, said it looked a little Sweet Sixteen and Never Been a Winner.

There were far worse things on the runway so Benjamin lives to design anther day.

Full Disclosure: I don’t like Gunnar. I think he’s a horrid designer, and I rarely believe a word of what he says or does. I think he’s on the show because he has no real discernible talent other than being a reality show bitch, and, sorry Gunnar, the role is being played by Nene Leakes this season.
That said, Gunnar starts off by saying that he’s just come out of a two-year relationship that he watched crash and burn but did nothing to stop; there were tears, or at least the semblance of tears because he blinked a lot and looked up as if trying to stave them off. His says his dress represents the chaos of that relationship ending.
Zanna called his look not surprising, as in, I thought, “I’m not surprised it’s awful.”

I love the way that it’s laying on her. It’s a solid look.

It’s so ill-fitting, and the model looks like she’s in pain wearing, and then it turns around and … WTF … what is that?

Isaac likes the irony of the top—I think he meant it needed ironing—and the heart shape, but found the rest of the dress a mess; he actually made a face when talking about it, a face that said, “Why are you here?” Danielle Bernstein said the back was senseless and unflattering, while Seth Aaron agreed that the top was the idea and the bottom was an afterthought. Nina hated the darts— ("I can't imagine that was intentional" —and, well, just hated the whole thing. Alyssa was shocked that Gunnar seemed so proud of it and that made her, and most of America, wonder why he was there.

He dodged a bullet. Seriously, I think Nina tried to shoot him.

She’s had one true love her entire life because she married her childhood … childhood … sweetheart. So, naturally, she’s making a Baby Doll dress—which seems kind of creepy to me—in a color that is as close to white as she was allowed to use; she called it the color of the beach in Florida.
Zanna called it a maternity snooze, so Kate ditched the Baby Doll and tried to sex it up—which also sounds creepy.

I really love the way my look turned out. I would totally wear it.

The ice skater sequins and the bare midriff and the sheer fabric and the ragged hem and that piece hanging off the front are representations of Kate’s love life? Oy.

Danielle loved the vintage look of the top piece but called the whole look bland.  Seth Aaron agreed that the top was gorgeous and the bottom was bad, and figured it was better before she butchered the Baby Doll. Isaac was enraged by the color—it’s not really the beach, Kate added, but the smell of the beach—and then he understood: it stinks. Nina called the color poor … worse than poor … sad … No bueno; and she wondered about the flounce and when Kate said she wanted to go edgy and Nina snapped, “Midway through the design you want to go edgy?” Alyssa couldn’t get past the unhemmed hemline.

For the third time, Kate gets axed. I hope she’s learned her lesson and never, ever, returns to the PR.
Dmitry is cold and clinical and, really has no heart, so I think this might stump him. And it kind of does because he doesn’t talk about past relationships, except to say that he’s single and his career comes first, though he is looking for that special, ahem “person.”
His dress has a crisscross neckline to symbolize the choices he’s made, a striped and  see-through bodice to symbolize the road he’s traveled and a flirt flounce to show us that he’s ready to have fun—which means, I think, sitting in a dark room ...  reading ... alone.
Zanna tells him his look isn’t chic enough, and looks kind of cheap; he doesn’t care because he’s Dmitry.

I love what I see … very cool … very modern.

It’s well-made; his looks are always well-made. But it’s just a nice red dress really.

Nina called it sharp and fiery and sexy, like a Ferrari and she loves a Ferrari. Isaac said it was great though he hated the flounce because it looked too Real Housewives of Fill In The Blank; he called it “just another red dress.” Seth Aaron called it superb, loved the tailoring, and that it was cute and sophisticated, while Danielle simply said it wasn’t her favorite.

Well-made stays.
She picks a lace fabric because it looks like a cage, where one would hide your heart from the losers in your past but also a cage to hold your heart when you’ve found true love. So, she wants to be caged or she doesn’t want to be caged?
Zanna said she wanted to be Mother of the Bride and that it needed to be more sexy, so Sonjia wanted to do a slip dress beneath it, but switched it up for a blue — blue to symbolize the losers — tube top and skirt.

OMG! Did I create this?

I know its lace, but the cut of it and the jagged edges made me think of a caveman … like Fred Flintstone in drag. Seriously.

Nina called it edgy and modern and said she loved it. Isaac called it beautiful and said the back was dee-e-vine. Alyssa loved the lace and the silhouette, while Danielle called it sexy and elegant, and loved the pop of blue underneath. Seth Aaron said that, at first, it seemed so simple, but up close, he could savor the details … like a Brontosaurus Burger?

As Nina and Isaac battled it out for their choices—Nina saying it was “cool not special”—Sonjia gets a second place this week and the citizens of Bedrock rejoiced.

She’s so sad; her last boyfriend refused to watch her season of the PR with her and then dumped her when she was called back to All-Stars. So, for her, love is ups-and-downs, and running all over the place. Her look is more end of the relationship than the story of her love life; like I said, sad.
But Zanna liked it, and loved the red that Helen chose, so she goes on with her Salute to a Dead Relationship.

I had to let my emotions out … and into the dress.

It’s sort of sad—that neckline is sad—but that’s where she is so …

Nina called it powerful and romantic, with a presence, and she loved the sleeves, Isaac loved the neckline, calling it new, while Seth Aaron noted that the neckline looked like a frown. Alyssa agreed, saying it was the most emotional dress on the runway, and that it was tragically romantic. Danielle called it frumpy without being frumpy—the first time I’ve ever heard ‘frumpy’ as a compliment.

As Isaac said, thank your lucky stars for that bad relationship because you got a beautiful dress out of; not to mention, the win, and 10K from Zales and a diamond pendant.
Where the hell was the beautiful Georgina Chapman™? Two weeks! Seriously?

My favorite part of the whole show was Nina and Isaac bickering between Helen and Sonjia’s looks. I’d watch those two sit and talk for hours.

Gunnar? Stop fronting. You just wanna be the next Kim Kardashian but Ray J won’t bend you over the work table.

Sonjia? Enough with the wacky lipstick.

Samantha needs to go; I mean, for me, it’s like she already left because she’s almost nonexistent.

Michelle needs to pick it up; safe don’t get you to The Tents. Benjamin, too.

I'm still crushing on Jay.

What did YOU think?

Would You Hit It?

Chadwick Boseman is a jack-of-all-trades: actor, playwright, and screenwriter.

He's proably best known for taking on iconic roles like Jackie Robinson in 2013s 42, and James Brown in 2014s Get On Up.

That begs the question, would you get on up on it, meaning ...


Yes or No.

I Didn't Say It ....

Marc Solomon, national campaign director of Freedom To Marry, on preparing for the group to go “out of business":

"We’ve always been set up as a campaign, and we are a campaign, and when we’ve won nationwide, we’re finished. I want to see some of the really good people stick around in LGBT stuff, or in other progressive causes, but Freedom To Marry’s done."

Not just yet, mind you, but their campaign for full nationwide marriage quality is looming closer every single day.
I’d be happy to go out of business after helping to accomplish that.
Zachary Quinto, on HIV and PrEP — or Pre-exposure prophylaxis — a way for people who do not have HIV prevent infection by taking a pill every day:

"AIDS has lost the edge of horror it possessed when it swept through the world in the ’80s...Today’s generation sees it more as something to live with and something to be much less fearful of. And that comes with a sense of, dare I say, laziness ... We need to be really vigilant and open about the fact that these drugs [PrEP] are not to be taken to increase our ability to have recreational sex...There’s an incredible underlying irresponsibility to that way of thinking…and we don’t yet know enough about this vein of medication to see where it’ll take us down the line."

HIV is not a cake walk, even today with all the medications and advances being made. So why anyone would act so casually about it is being me.
Howsabout just being safe and not playing with fire?
PS: ZQ is hot.
Stephen Colbert, a South Carolina native son, on US District Judge Richard Gergel striking down the sate’s marriage ban:

"A federal judge has ruled that South Carolina must recognize gay marriage. That is outrageous! When did South Carolina start recognizing the federal government? … This is the worst thing that has happened to South Carolina since someone found Mark Sanford."

Leave it to Colbert.
Pope Francis, during his opening message to this week's Vatican marriage symposium:

"Family is an anthropological fact - a socially and culturally related fact. We cannot qualify it with concepts of an ideological nature, that are relevant only in a single moment of history, and then pass by. We can't speak today of a conservative notion of family or a progressive notion of family: Family is family! It can't be qualified by ideological notions. Family has a strength of its own. May this colloquium be an inspiration to all who seek to support and strengthen the union of man and woman in marriage as a unique, natural, fundamental and beautiful good for persons, families, communities, and whole societies."

There you have it, in his own words.
Frankie can spew all his peace and love and understanding about The Gays being welcomes in the church, as long as we don’t become equal.
Stop acting like this man is going to change the Church, because it ain’t happening.
Paul Bettany, British actor, educating a Twitter troll who attacked him with this:  “Your a faggot pussy I would beat your fucking ass if i ever see you in real life. Faggot":

"Dear Travis,
Thank you so much for your message. 
I have a few thoughts – I think you mean ‘you’re’ as in ‘you are a faggot pussy’ not ‘your’, which seems to suggest I have a faggot pussy. Also a comma after “pussy” would really help the clarity of the sentence. 
Lastly, you are mixing up your tenses “would and see” – I think you mean that you would beat my fucking ass if you ever saw me in real life or you will beat my fucking ass (why so much focus on my ass? Something you’d like to get off your chest?) if you ever see me in real life.
Sorry for all the notes but I was a little confused.
Hugs and kisses, 
Paul Bettany."

I think I just fell in love with Paul Bettany.
PS: He's hot.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Random Musings

Carlos is letting his hair grow; or not.

But while deciding whether to trim his locks or let them run rampant, his hairstyles range from a Justin Bieber-ish looking "don't" to a Andrew Jackson pompadour to a Bob's Big Boy swirl.

I can't with it. I can't.
Well well well … look who’s married, legally, in South Carolina!
That’s right, the stay has been lifted after the US Supreme Court denied Attorney General Alan Wilson’s cry for an appeal.

South Carolina. Marriage equality.

Who, besides me, never saw that coming so soon?
Last week was the Colonial Cup, the last event in the National Steeplechase Association season, an annual event here in Smallville, er, Camden. It brings about 60,000 extra folks to our little town, a boost for local businesses and our wee economy.

But this year I met Tony Bentley, the man who calls the races on the steeplechase circuit. Tony lives in New Orleans, but travels around the country to each event, announcing the races.

But that’s not the coolest thing about Tony Bentley. In having a conversation with him, the chat turned to American Horror Story: Freak Show. He asked if I watched; I said, Are you kidding? I’ve been hooked since the first episode!

Then he let me in on a little secret: Tony Bentley played Mr. Hanley, toy store owner, who had his head chopped off by Twisty the Clown!

He showed me all kinds of pictures on his phone; on the set with Twisty — played by John Carroll Lynch — and told fabulous stories about the divine Jessica Lange; apparently she really is divine.

But the last photo was one of Tony, holding his own special effects head in his hands.

Very cool! Who knew in Smallville I would ever meet one of Twisty’s victims!

Bill Cosby.

I don’t know if he raped those women — thirteen at last count — and I don’t know that he didn’t. I do know that he should quit playing this I won’t talk about it game and give an interview to either fully dispute the allegations or come clean.

Sidenote: before anyone says, Well, he paid off one victim, lets’ be clear that just because he settled the suit doesn’t automatically make him guilty.

Still, he needs to stop the dodging and answer some questions.
That said … Don Lemon.

He has now offered an apology to one of Cosby’s accusers, Joan Tarshis, after offering her advice, on air, on air as to how avoid getting sexually abused:

“You — you know, there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it.”

Way to blame the victim, Don. And, as a man who says he was a victim of sexual abuse as a minor, you really should have known better.
So, One Direction's Harry Styles is adding even more fuel to the bisexual rumor fire when, during an interview, he and bandmate Niall Horan were asked about which celebrities they might hook up with and, after rattling off the Ariana’s and the Rihanna’s the interviewer suggested that perhaps he might choose a man. That prompted Styles to touch Horan’s knee and say, “Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it."

Now Styles has never said he was gay, or bisexual, but he’s playing it like a game, just like Nick Jonas and his crotch-grabbing, gay club going, shirtless antics, in an attempt to pander to the gay community to sell some music.

I find it insulting; neither man/boy is gay and this all reeks of just playing to gay men to make some money.

Don’t use us to sell a record, m’kay.

Oh, and for the record, Nick, Joe is the cuter one.

Lotsa folks upset with People over their Sexiest Man Alive pick, saying it should’a been Chris Pratt.

I disagree. Chris Hemsworth oozes sex, in his eyes, in his accent, in his body, in that magnificent bum — take a peek at Rush to see for yourself.

But, howsabout having an openly gay man as the Sexiest Man alive? Or maybe a man of color? Here are my choices …

Child abuser, Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, has been suspended without pay for the remainder of the NFL season after he has “shown no meaningful remorse” over his child abuse charges.

The announcement came from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

“You have shown no meaningful remorse for your conduct. When indicted, you acknowledged what you did but said that you would not ‘eliminate whooping my kids’ and defended your conduct in numerous published text messages to the child’s mother. You also said that you felt ‘very confident with my actions because I know my intent.’ These comments raise the serious concern that you do not fully appreciate the seriousness of your conduct, or even worse, that you may feel free to engage in similar conduct in the future.”

Sadly, Peterson makes some 20 million a year so I don’t really think he’ll be hurting much, and nowhere near as much as he hurt his own son.
And, since I Should Be Laughing is the go-to source for all things sports — now that's comedy —l et’s dish a little about the Steelers’ backup halfback LeGarrette Blount, who was apparently so upset that he did not have a carry against in the Steelers win over Tennessee that he walked off the field and sat on the team bus.

Uh huh; like a spoiled child. At least one team-member thought they should leave him in Nashville.

And I agree.
LOVE this!

According to analysis of the National Organization for Marriage’s 2013 tax filings done by the Human Rights Campaign [HRC], NOM raised $5.1 million in 2013, which amounts to less than half of what they raised the year prior.

And just two … two … 2 donors accounted for more than half of that five million.

Just further proof that NOM is done.
Well, it looks like Kathy Griffin will be taking over for the late great Joan Rivers on Fashion Police

I like Kathy; she’ll be good, but she won’t be Joan.

And the show won’t be on every week, but instead will air as special episodes after awards shows and big Hollywood events.

Like I said, Kathy will be good, and fun, but she won’t be Joan.

No one will ever be Joan.