Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Convicted Gay Basher Kathyrn Knott Is In More Trouble ... $500,000 Worth

Poor Kathryn Knott; her legal troubles are far from over.

You remember Knott and her friends, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams, were arrested and charged with gay bashing of Zachary Hesse and Andrew Haught, who committed the crime of WWH — Walking While Homosexual — and of HHWH—Hand Holding While Homosexual.

And while Kathryn maintained her innocence, her Twitter Hate Speech revealed she was a bigot and homophobe. But Kathryn, unlike Harrigan and Williams, refused to take a plea to avoid jail time and she was sentenced to five to ten months in prison for her crime.

And now we can add civil suit to her troubles, because Zachary Hesse and Andrew Haught just filed a suit against the police chief’s daughter and her cohorts, Harrigan and Williams, for physical injuries, psychological injury, emotional distress and embarrassment. They are allegedly seeking $500,000 and I hope they get every single penny.

I mean half-a-million ain’t much when you consider the millions awarded the women whose McDonald’s coffee was too darn hot, or the suit just filed against Starbucks for putting too much ice in their chilled beverages.

Oh, and the suit by Hesse and Haught comes just three weeks after Kathryn Knott was slapped with another suit from blogger Kathleen O’Donnell, who alleges Kathryn Knott used her daddy’s connections in law enforcement to get her fired from her job after writing a critical op-ed about the young gay basher.

Poor Kathryn Knott, getting her just desserts again and again, and hopefully, again and again.

Monday, May 23, 2016

It Isn't God, But The GOP Who Hates Fags

Last week, while the Democrats stood and shouted “Shame! Shame!,” seven Republicans switched their votes under pressure from House leaders and defeated a measure to protect LGBT rights once aging making it quite queer that it isn’t God who hates fags, it’s the GOP.
“They literally snatched discrimination from the jaws of equality.” — Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, New York’s first openly gay congressman
The final vote was 213-212 after the chaos on the House floor, but it was just enough to defeat an amendment by Rep. Maloney, a Democrat of course, aimed at upholding an executive order that bars discrimination against LGBT employees by federal contractors.

Maloney says he tried to reach out to members of the GOP to stop this hate; he approached House Majority Leader, and Republican, Kevin McCarthy, as McCarthy worked on those seven GOP colleagues to get them to change their votes. McCarthy told Maloney to get back on his side of the aisle.

Get back on your side?
“I told him, ‘What side am I supposed to stand on in support of equality?'” — Sean Patrick Maloney
Maloney’s amendment would have prohibited the use of taxpayer dollars to violate President Obama’s executive order barring LGBT discrimination. He was trying to include it in a spending bill following passage of a defense policy bill that included a provision Democrats believed would overturn Obama’s executive order.

Republicans, of course, said their hate was simply a restatement of religious liberties from the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and they bristled at Democratic criticism. And got their panties into a twist when the Democrats finally said what many of us already know: that the GOP is party of hate.
“There are some people who are emotional … that’s beyond the pale. They can say whatever they want to but that’s beyond the pale. This country has a First Amendment that protects religious liberties, and that’s all we were doing is protecting that.” — hate-filled Republican Rep. Bill Flores, of Texas
At a news conference after the vote, House Speaker Paul Ryan denied knowledge about the vote-switching. Funny, he is the party leader but even he doesn’t know what’s going on within his own party? Or maybe he‘s just another hate-filled GOP liar using religion as a weapon against equality because,. You know, that’s how God, er, the GOP rolls.

The original vote for Maloney’s amendment peaked at 217, beyond the majority needed for passage, but then the GOP began working the room and the votes started to shift. Republican leadership members, whose job is to round up needed votes, literally prowled the chamber trying to get Republicans to shift their vote.

And this naturally outraged the Democrats, who began shouting “Shame,” as the GOP worked the room. And, in the end, while 29 Republicans joined 183 Democrats backing the gay rights amendment, but it was not enough.

These seven congressmen and women — Reps. Darrell Issa, Jeff Denham, David Valadao and Mimi Walters of California; Greg Walden of Oregon; Bruce Poliquin of Maine; and David Young of Iowa — who switched sides allowed hate to rule the day.

And this makes it all the more clear why we need to vote blue, for the party who seeks to protect the LGBT community and the party that seeks to deny us equality.

More Bitchy and Catty ... Goddess Knows I Love Bitchy and Catty

Bette Davis on Joan Crawford:
“Why am I so good at playing bitches? I think it’s because I’m not a bitch. Maybe that’s why [Joan Crawford] always plays ladies.”

“The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

“[Crawford] has slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie.”

“[on the death of Joan Crawford] You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good… Joan Crawford is dead. Good.”

Whitney Houston on Madonna: 
"She's the high priestess of tack"

Joan Crawford
“[In The Women] Norma Shearer made me change my costume sixteen times because every one was prettier than hers. I love to play bitches, and she helped me in this part.”

“I never go outside unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star. If you want to see the girl next door, go next door.”

“I am just too much.”

 “Nobody can imitate me. You can always see impersonations of Katharine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. But not me. Because I’ve always drawn on myself only.”

On Marilyn Monroe:
“It was the most shocking display of bad taste I have ever seen. Look, there’s nothing wrong with my tits, but I don’t go around throwing them in people’s faces.”

On Liz Taylor:
“She is a spoiled, indulgent girl, a blemish on public decency.”

On Bette Davis in The Star:
“Of course I had heard she was supposed to be playing me, but I didn’t believe it. Did you see the picture? It couldn’t possibly be me. Bette looked so old, and so dreadfully overweight.” 

Sterling Hayden on Joan Crawford:
“There’s is not enough money in Hollywood to lure me into making another picture with Joan Crawford. And I like money.”

Vivian Leigh on Bette Davis after Leigh turned down a role in Hush … Hush Sweet Charlotte:
“I could just stand the thought of facing Joan Crawford at seven in the morning, but I couldn’t stand the thought of facing Bette Davis at that or any hour.”

Carole Lombard on Vivien Leigh:
“That f–king English bitch.”

Naomi Campbell to Tyra Banks: 
"You'll never be me. Don't ever think you'll be me"

Joan Collins on Linda Evans: 
"It's quite off putting to have to look at that face"

Tallulah Bankhead
“Cocaine isn’t habit forming. I should know — I’ve been using it for years.”

“Fill what is empty, empty what is full, and scratch where it itches.”

“Here’s a rule I recommend: Never practice two vices at once.”

“I’ll come and make love to you at five o’clock. If I’m late, start without me.”

“I’m as pure as the driven slush.”

“I’m the foe of moderation, the champion of excess.”

 “It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”

“I’ve had a man and I’ve had a woman, and there’s got to be something better.”

“My father warned me about men and booze, but he never mentioned a word about women and cocaine.”

“Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.”
“Say anything about me, darling, as long as it isn’t boring.”

“The less I behave like Whistler’s mother the night before, the more I look like her the morning after.”

“The only thing I regret about my past is the length of it. If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.”

“There’s less here than meets the eye.”

“They used to photograph Shirley Temple through gauze. They should photograph me through linoleum.”

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Funny Papers

Clay Bennett, Michael Ramirez, John Cole, Bob Gorrell, Jim Morin, Steve Benson, David Horsey, Bill Day

Happy Harvey Milk Day

oday is Harvey Milk Day — at least in California … for now — occurring every May 22nd, on Harvey's birthday, to honor the gay-rights activist who was assassinated in 1978. Harvey Milk is only the second person in California state history, after conservationist John Muir, to gain such a designation, and is the only openly gay person in the United States to be honored this way.

Harvey would be pleased, I'd like to think.

In 1977, Harvey Milk became the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. Both he and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone were assassinated less than a year later. Despite his short political life, Milk has become an icon in San Francisco and the LGBT community; proof that when we stand together, we can do anything.

Now, of course, there is no Harvey Milk Day in South Carolina, which is roughly ten to twenty years behind the times; and there is no Harvey Milk Day in most states, though some communities around the nation will be celebrating. But, maybe, just maybe, each of us, gay, and gay-friendly, can talk about Harvey today, and continue to spread in his word.

It may not be an official Harvey Milk Day, but it can be a day in which all the things he stood for, fought for, and died for, are remembered.

Happy birthday, Harvey.

And Happy Harvey Milk Day to everyone else, and here are some of Harvey's words, still ringing true today: This is Sean Chapin, Andrea Shorter, Randall Mann, Sister Roma, Courtney Walsh, and Aaron Wimmer reading Harvey Milk's famous "Hope" speech in honor of Harvey Milk Day in California.

You gotta give them hope!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's Snarkurday!

If Ryan Murphy needs a storyline for season two of Feud — after season one’s epic Davis v Crawford howl-a-palooza — he need look no further than the feud brewing between Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber [ALW] and Nicole Sherzinger.

And I get first dibs on casting: Arianna Grande will play Sherzinger and Lloyd Webber will be portrayed by Grumpy Cat. Cat? Get it …

When ALW’s Cats revival opened in London in 2014 Sherzinger was cast as the glamour cat Grizabella and, at that time, ALW was over the moon about her performance, saying Nicole’s version of “Memory” was the greatest recording of his music ever … besting that of original Grizabella, Betty Buckley, that of Barbra Streisand, and that of the ex-missus ALW, Sarah Brightman.

It was then announced that Sherzinger would bring her Grizabella to Broadway but, quicker than you can say ‘Fire Patti LuPone and get me Glenn Close,’ Sherzinger was no longer part of the NYC reboot; a rep for the show said the casting for Grizabella would be announced later. But then ALW threw some kitty litter at Nicole: 
“A week before we were due to go into rehearsal for Cats on Broadway … she calls me and says she’s decided she wants to do X Factor, having agreed to everything. I mean, she’s crazy. But the American producers just took a view, ‘Well, fine, we’ll get somebody else’, because she’s actually not very well known in America, amazingly. … I’m furious because … I went out on a limb to get her … and it makes me look like an absolute twat … But never mind, there’ll be another girl on Broadway and Nicole will not get her Tony award.”
I was kinda hoping Sherzinger would sharpen her claws and dig into some pasty ALW flesh, but instead she said her contract to do Broadway was never finalized and they just couldn’t make it work and she hopes to work with Andrew again and  Blibetty Blah Blay Blue where’s my catfight!?!

I mean all I got out of this was ALW calling himself a twat and that is just not enough!

I’m no Beyoncé fan because Beyoncé is all about making coins no matter what. I mean, when the stories started about her husband being a massive cheater she stayed quiet until she found a way — Lemonade — to make some dollars off the story.

And now this … the British tabloid The Sun has revealed that the workers manufacturing Beyoncé’s new athletic line Ivy Park work up to 60 hours a week and earn $6.17 per day.

Uh huh; while Beyoncé pockets millions. The Sun reports that Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s collaboration with Top Shop is being produced in inhumane conditions at the MAS Holdings factory in Sri Lanka. And Beyoncé says the line was created to inspire and support women … as long as it’s just six bucks a day worth of support.

The brand — AKA Beyoncé — has responded to ALLEGATIONS saying:
“Ivy Park has a rigorous ethical trading program. We are proud of our sustained efforts in terms of factory inspections and audits, and our teams worldwide work very closely with our suppliers and their factories to ensure compliance.”
As for the low wages, the MAS factory — which also produces apparel for Speedo, Nike, Lululemon, and Patagonia — pays workers more than double the Sri Lankan minimum wage but at six bucks a day most of the women making Beyoncé’s fashion cannot afford to buy any.

But hey, Bey’s making coins so, yeah ….

So, Mariah Carey was the centerpiece of ­NBCUniversal’s upfronts last week about their new shows — like Mimi’s “reality” show Mariah’s World — and, true to form, the diva was, well, diva’d beyond belief.

After tripping on the curb in her platform shoes and sequined zebra-print mini dress and fishnets — I swear, hookers dress classier — Mimi was literally carried onstage on a chaise by two men.

In addition, she arrived with a huge entourage of hair people and makeup folks and fashion stylists and hoisters — that’s what you call the poor unfortunate souls who lift Mimi off the ground — and various hangers-on. And while she didn’t topple over after that first time, Mariah had her team of spacklers and airbrushers touch her up more than six times during a five minute interview.

After the interview, Mariah changed into a skintight sequined bathing suit and once again had two men, this time with their shirts off so one could see their muscles straining — carry her to the stage.

In a past concert rider, Mimi famously insisted that she “doesn’t do stairs.”

Then, before performing, Mimi, who usually sleeps until 3PM, wished everyone a good morning and said she was there to wake them up.

It was 12:45 PM.

I’m not sure what Cara Delevingne is known for … acting? Modeling? A Taylor Swift BFF? Or being a diva of Carey-esque proportions.

Recently Delevingne was detained by security after cussing out train staff. She was about to board a Eurostar train traveling from London to Paris for her sister’s birthday when a security officer pulled her bag for a random search.

Cara wasn’t feeling a search of her luggage — did she go all Reese ‘Do you know who I am?' Witherspoon? — and ALLEGEDLY flipped out on the security officer with a slew of verbal assaults of the four-letter kind. When another security officer came over to try to calm her down, she went after them too.

So, Cara took a time-out from her tantrum and pulled out her cellphone which is a train security no-no. When she was told to put it away, she screamed “F**k you” at the officer who continued searching her bags, presumably looking for Cara’s manners. And when she realized her freak-out was doing no one any good at all, Cara got down on her knees and put her hands together as if she was praying for the whole thing to be over.

Alas, it was not; the diva actress-model-hanger-on-b*tch was then taken into an interrogation room and detained for an hour, after which she was released, red-eyed from crying and suddenly all apologetic.

Oh, and she was also slapped … with a fine for verbal assault.

Seriously. She should’a gone all Reese on their asses, or at the very least summoned Swifty’s Posse to come to her aid.

Sharon Stone usually goes to Cannes every year to host — and by host I mean collect a check for doing a meet-and-greet — a party for luxury jeweler de Grisogono’s swanky party at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

But this year Sharon demanded a lot of perks to host, like a check for $300,000, eight separate rooms at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc for the week and a private jet to whisk her to and from Cannes.

Sadly, times aren’t what they used to be for Sharon and de Grisogono turned down her request and got another “celebrity” to host their event.

Kim Kardastrophe. And all she got for her troubles was a pair of earrings … that she got to wear but then had to return. Bam.

Over there at House of Cards, Robin Wright wasn’t exactly pleased that she was paid less to star in the show than Kevin Spacey even though their roles are as equally as important. So she demanded a huge raise … or else. And the powers that be buckled.

I was feeling all “Good for her,” until I learned that Spacey pockets $500,000 an episode while Wright gets $420,000 an episode.

Yeah, that’s not exactly a huge pay gap … Wright makes about $60,000 a day and if she worked all 24 hours in a day that comes out to $2,500 an hour so … still, if the producers cut some of the budget for Spacey’s rugs and hair glue, they could cough up extra coins for Robin.

So last week Chris Brown and his friends were Cara Delevingne ‘d, er, thrown off a private jet bound for Cannes after the pilot complained that the cabin reeked of weed.

According to a police report, the pilot warned the Brown Crowd not to smoke on the plane but apparently the pilot didn’t know this was Chris Brown who doesn’t follow rules set by anyone. So the Brown crowd went ahead and ALLEGEDLY stank up the joint and so the pilot, while stopped in Miami, called police who told everyone to get off the plane.

Chris Brown is saying the story is nothing but hot … pot … air and, right after arriving in Cannes, on a different plane, released a statement:
“Cannes, we are here. We’re gonna party up. Turn up tonight, I can’t wait. Seen something on TMZ talking about we got escorted off a plane? How the hell we in Cannes if we got escorted off a plane? One. Marijuana smoke on the plane? I think we kinda learned that lesson. I don’t think we really need drugs on the plane. But you probably should check with the pilot, because he definitely kept asking my homies for an 8-ball. And we definitely don’t sell drugs. So, Imma be rich, stay rich, and happy.”
Yeah, he doesn’t sound high at all; and he maintains they never got bounced from the plane despite a police report to the contrary.

Like I said … high. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Good News Friday: Mayor to Lesbian Kicked Out of Prom: “I Love Your Suit”

Aniya Wolf was kicked out of her prom in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania last week because she dared to wear a suit to prom … or because she’s a Lesbian; or both.

The school, Bishop McDevitt High School, a private, Roman Catholic high school, maintains they had a ruling lined up that all girls attending prom wear a dress, though it appears the new rule came at the last minute, and after Aniya purchased her tuxedo.

Aniya's mother, Carolyn, contacted the school, telling them that she had read the dress code prior to the event but that she "didn't think that it precluded [Aniya] from wearing a suit":
"I said that this was very unfair, particularly at the last minute. We had gone out and bought a new suit. I think my daughter is beautiful in a suit.”
And apparently so did Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who recently extended a ban on city-funded travel to states that have passed anti-LGBT laws, and took to his Facebook page to tell her so:

Aniya, who had been looking forward to prom, went to the dance even after learning about the new rule; once there a school official threatened to call the police if Aniya didn’t leave at once.

Yes, the school threatened to have a student arrested for wearing a suit.

Aniya left before police were contacted, but after Mayor Kenney’s support, another local high school offered to host Aniya Wolf and her date at its prom at the end of May.

Aniya will be there … in a tuxedo.

I Didn't Say It ...

Wade Davis, openly gay former NFL player and executive director of the You Can Play Project, on battling internalized homophobia before and after coming out:

“We raise young boys to wear a mask of toughness in order to be a man, and we rob them of their childhood and their innocence. And sport is one of the many vehicles parents choose to help them put on this mask. [As] little boys we learn that being labeled ‘tough’ grants you a certain type of social capital and being thought of as weak or queer is suicidal, both athletically and socially. … I was never taught how to be myself or love myself. ... I’m standing gay. I’m walking gay. I’m running gay. Would you just stop being so gay?! That was wasted motion. Most of my life in fact was wasted motion. I would be giving up so much power by being gay. And I’d be violating the very essence that I was taught of what being a man was. So what is the cost of always wearing a mask, what is the cost of never being yourself? The cost is never really loving yourself, and never allowing someone else to love all of you.”

That cost is too high; too many young lives lost because of the stigma of being gay, especially athletic and gay.
Why don’t we teach our children to love themselves and each other first, and then teach them how to be athletes … artists … doctors … dancers … whatever?
Bill Maher, on the GOP's insistence on ignoring facts:

“It hurts their feelings when we insult their values with our facts. ... I can’t honestly say I respect your view that the world is 5,000 years old because it’s 2016. If Sarah Palin claims nighttime is when Jesus puts a blanket over the sun and I disagree, does that make me smug? I’m sorry you find it irritating when liberals point out that global warming exists, or that racism exists, or that gay people exist. But here’s the thing. You guys were wrong about all that. Really. Check the climate science. Check the dashboard camera on the police car. Check your pastor’s internet history.”

But Republicans hate facts when fear and misinformation will do.
RuPaul, on Nightline, on why RuPaul’s Drag Race will never be normal:

“I don’t think the show could ever go mainstream because drag is the antithesis of the matrix. You know, the matrix says, ‘Pick an identity and stick with it. Because I want to sell you some beer and shampoo and I need you to stick with what you are so I’ll know how to market it to you.’ Drag is the opposite. Drag says, ‘Identity is a joke.' [And] I think that I haven’t been accepted in mainstream media outlets like ‘The Tonight Show’ or ‘Ellen’ or the late-night shows because the only way they could actually have a conversation with me is to make fun of me, or if they could somehow make a joke about what I’m doing.”

Instead of making a joke, and giggling like fools about men in dresses, understand the art form, the talent, the drive it takes to be a drag queen; the guts it takes.
The charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.
Bryan Hawn, social media sensation and fitness expert on his well-endowed rear end: 

“When you’re six-foot-one, weigh 185 pounds, and have a V-shaped torso that tapers into a 30-inch waist and a shelfed-out backside, a lot of people assume it’s all genetic. In fact, my whole body was actually built from a stick. In high school, I was just a lanky, 145-pound kid who loved musical theater, soccer jocks, and Mark Walhberg’s Calvin Klein ads.”

I, too, love musical theater and Marky Mark’s underwear ads … and Hawn’s rear-end.
Just sayin’.