Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Architecture Wednesday: Nasu Tepee

I do like something different, vacation cabin in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, a well-known summer resort in Japan fits the bill.

Since the site is located in the midst of dense woods the idea was to have high ceilings to let direct sunlight in the house, but in a traditional home that would result in the space becoming too large, too cost-ineffective for heating and air conditioning, and the fear that some trees might have to come down to make way for a tall “regular” house. So, unnecessary space was eliminated, cut diagonally to make the ceiling lower based on the way people move. This resulted in a tent-shaped house with only one third of the volumes, with ceilings as high as 26 feet and most ceilings a comfortable 8.5 feet high, with spaces closest to the sloped walls used as sleeping or seating areas.

The windows are all double glazed in order to ensure that the tall spaces are airtight and well insulated.. During summer, warm air gathers at the top and escapes through the top light side window, while in winter that warm air is drawn down into the larger spaces.

It may not suit everyone, but I love the odd shapes, the slopes walls, the high angular windows and the peaceful Zen-ness of the living spaces.

I could camp there …

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Monday, August 10, 2020

I'm Good With That

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Peter Navarro

White House trade adviser—and why he is suddenly _____’s expert on COVID  and hydroxychloroquine is beyond me—Peter  Navarro could be the ISBL Asshat of the Week almost every week because of the idiocy that dribbles from his lips, but last week he took it to a whole new level.

Appearing on CNN last week with Erin Burnett to talk about the merits of hydroxychloroquine—which has already been disproved by the FDA—Peter Navarro said this:
“All right. Let me say this to you, OK? I reach out to all your viewers. Scott Adams — you know Scott Adams, right? He’s the guy who wrote the Dilbert cartoon. He did a beautiful 10-minute video on Twitter, and the thesis of the video is that CNN might be killing thousands because of the way they’ve treated [hydroxychloroquine]. So, I would just ask, I’ll let Scott Adams’ video be my defense on this.”
Yes, a comic strip writer is his expert on a COVID-19 cure, but Burnett was not having it:
“Can I just say something? I find that to be offensive because he’s a comic strip writer. I just said that because I want to be clear. I just said Dr. Fauci, Dr. Brett Giroir, and Dr. Deborah Birx.”
And when Navarro continued to present hydroxychloroquine as the cure-all, Burnett remined him one more time:
“Peter, first of all, on a basic level, you’re an economist, not a scientist.”
And that’s when Navarro snapped and revealed the real reason is this drug’s pusher:
“Let me tell you why I got involved with this. I got involved with this because as a Defense Production Act coordinator I’m literally sitting on 63 million tablets, 63 million tablets, of hydroxychloroquine that would help possibly four million Americans stay alive. And so I’ve got that stake in the game.”
Yes, he’s pushing it because our government already bought and paid for tablets that we have since discovered don’t work.

We wasted money, we wasted lives. All because an economist wanted to play doctor, and, perhaps, I don’t know, I’m just guessing because this is the _____Administration, maybe he made some coins off the sale of 63 million tablets.

Peter Navarro. The ISBL Asshat of the Week.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

It's Not The Right Way To Wear A Mask, But I'm Not Mad At It

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has accused Prince Andrew of sexual abuse of a minor, has apparently written a book proposal titled The Billionaire’s Playboy Club in which she writes about ALLEGEDLY being brought into Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring by Ghislaine Maxwell. Virginia has also ALLEGED that she was trafficked to Prince Andrew—a claim he denies—many, many times, and in her book proposal shares a particularly creepy tale.

Virginia claims that around Easter in 2001—when she was seventeen—Ghislaine called her to Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse. When she arrived Prince Andrew was present, and Ghislaine ALLEGEDLY plopped Virginia down on the Royal Lap, at which point Andrew pulled out his … puppet, a likeness of himself, from the 1980’s British satirical puppet show Spitting Image. Virginia writes:
“Andrew cupped my breast with a doll made in his image, I only giggled away. Ghislaine wanted to take a picture of the bizarre scene and even got Johanna [Sjoberg], another one of Jeffrey’s so-called personal assistants to come sit on his other knee for the snapshot.”
In a 2016 deposition as part of Giuffre’s since-settled defamation lawsuit against Maxwell, Sjoberg testified that she “sat on Andrew’s lap … they took the puppet’s hands and put it on Virginia’s breast, and so Andrew put his [hand] on mine.”

Virginia says that after Andrew was done joking around with his mini-me, they ALLEGEDLY headed down to the massage room.

Prince Andrew hasn’t responded to Virginia’s puppet allegation but may be trying to locate the puppet and have it arrested for groping since, it seems, it was the puppet who grabbed Virginia’s breast.
Victoria and David Beckham have gone country, y’all, and the locals are none too happy. The Beckhams traded in Beverly Hills for the Cotswolds in England and seem to be on the verge of becoming the UK version of Green Acres! Except for, in this reboot, the neighbors don’t like them!

The Beckhams have been quarantining at their $7.83 million country home, about two hours outside of London, that has been officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty [AONB]. But then the Beckhams decided to renovate the nine-bedroom “cottage” to include an underground tunnel to a wine cellar and then another underground tunnel to a “super” garage. They have also installed a “privacy” hill, a sauna, a jetty and began digging a large swimmable pond.

And one local resident, Michael Douglas—not that Michael Douglas—have gone too far:
“What they appear to want is to bring suburbia into the countryside, if they had wanted all they have applied for why not find an estate which was big enough to accommodate all of this.”
Other locals are cringing at how tacky the Beckham’s property has become, calling it monstrous and saying the tunnels and ponds and man-made “privacy” hills could have an impact on the water table, which is a big issue.

The Beckhams 300-foot-wide swimmin’ hole  could affect a local critter called the Great Crested Newt. Neighbors says that any fish the Beckham’s dump into their pond might eat the newt’s larva, which means no more newts. In addition, the Beckhams want to light up the pool, er, pond, er poolond, even though local regulations prevent the use of spotlights because the light confuses local bats. The locals also want the Beckhams to dig holes under the pond, for hedgehogs, which are native to the area.

But the Beckhams clearly hate newts and bats and hedgehogs. Oh my.
We don’t hear much about Heather Locklear unless she’s drunk and out of control and assaulting police officers or her boyfriend, so this is a nice surprise.

Heather claims to have had a “gross” encounter with actor James Naughton in 1996 while filming :
“There was a couple of scenes that they [cut me out of] and then the only scene [I ended up in] had no lines. And one of the actors [Naughton, who played her husband], we were at a funeral, and he was supposed to take his hand and touch my breast. [But] he actually touched more … Gross. So, I [told the producers], ‘Can you just take my name off the credits since now I don’t have any lines?’ So, it was creditless.”
Locklear says that Naughton, instead of grabbing her breast, actually outlined her areola with his finger:
“I was like [gasps] and I’m so glad they’re following his hand down [with the camera] because my face, my mouth is fallen open and I can’t believe it and don’t do it again. One take and let’s go.”
Naughton  has refuted Locklear’s claim, saying that he was indeed following the script; his spokesman said:
“James remembers shooting this scene as written in the script. He completely understands that Heather would have felt uncomfortable shooting this scene, as he felt uncomfortable as well.”
The spokesman then issues a page from the film’s script, dated December 9, 1995, which stated:
“Despite the grave facade, we see that Gil is subtly using his finger to feel Mary’s breast. Mary smiles at him shyly.”
Huh; maybe Heather didn’t read any of the script other than her lines?
Ellen DeGeneres has had an awful summer; she has been called out of touch with the difficulties of the pandemic—whining about being stuck in one of her many mansions—and was dubbed a monster boss by employees—though, to be fair, it might just be the employees Ellen stopped paying after Covid struck. In addition, show is getting the internal investigation treatment for how toxic it ALLEGEDLY is behind the scenes while Ellen is all giggles and smiles and dance moves in front of the camera.

And now this … Australian radio host Neil Breen is sharing his Ellen story about her visit to Australia’s Today Show. It had been planned that Ellen would appear on the show and engage in a multitude of on-air tasks, but after a series of changes it would be just an appearance and interview by Australian journalist Richard Wilkins. After traveling to Melbourne at their own expense to conduct the interview, Neil and his team learned quickly that it wasn’t going to be an enjoyable experience. During a segment of his radio show 4BC Breakfast with Neil Breen he stated.
“Because it’s the Ellen show, they controlled everything. They controlled the interview seats, the lights, how it would work, everything. The producers called us aside and said, ‘This is how it’s going to work here this morning. Ellen’s going to arrive at 10:15, and she’ll be sitting in this chair. And Richard, you’ll be sitting in this chair here. Neil, no one’s to talk to Ellen. You don’t talk to her, you don’t approach her, you don’t look at her. She’ll come in, she’ll sit down, she’ll talk to Richard, then Ellen will leave.’”
Neil Breen does admit that it was mainly Ellen’s team making the demands and not Ellen herself, but:
“I didn’t get to talk to her. I wasn’t allowed to. I don’t know if she’s a nice person or not. I wouldn’t have a clue. But I can tell you, the people who worked with her walked on eggshells the whole time.”
And Ellen’s Summer Turned Fall From Grace continues … she has issued a faux-pology where she seems to blame her staff for people thinking she’s a tyrant … some celebrities, like actor-comedian Brad Garrett, are suggesting that the stories of Ellen’s giant ego are true … and there’s that whole investigation into sexual misconduct by some of her producers.

Ain’t too much dancing, eh, Ellen?

Friday, August 07, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty University President, rightwingnut, and pervy conservative, apologizing posting a photo of him in unzipped pants and arm around a woman:

“She’s pregnant so she couldn’t get her—she couldn’t get her pants up. And I was like, trying to like—my—I had on pair of jeans that I hadn’t worn in a long time so I couldn’t get mine zipped either. And so—and so—I just put my belly—I just put my belly out like hers…. I’ve apologized to everybody and I’ve promised my kids I’m going to try to be—I’m gonna try to be a good boy from here on out.”

Funny, this pervert’s been married for 33 years and he doesn’t apologize to his wife? Is she used to this from him?
And how many grown-assed men would take a photo like that? A lot, I bet, but not a  lot who are president of a Christian university with strict rules about such things.
Hypocrite, Pervert.
Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta’s mayor, on her disgust with _____’s allegations that he’s done more for Black Americans than John Lewis:

“He’s delusional. He’s a narcissist and he is delusional. The only person that believes that is him. He’s done nothing for African Americans in this country, and to speak that in the same sentence as speaking of John Lewis is almost blasphemous … If this man is allowed to serve as president for another four years we will be in even more trouble than we are in now. It’s important that people register to vote, that they show up to vote. … He is destroying our democracy in real time. We have to respond in the best way that we know how, the way that John Lewis taught us to respond. That is to show up and vote because what he reminded us – if we don’t exercise the right to vote we will lose it.”

Cast a goddamned vote!
Do it for John Lewis.
Do it for America.
Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, on who is responsible for America doing such a poor job handling the virus:

“As I traveled around the country, I saw all of America moving and I think it’s our job as public health officials to be able to get a message to each American that says if you’ve chosen to go on vacation into a hot spot, you really need to come back and protect those with co-morbidities and assume you’re infected. We have been trying to get out the clarion call about the asymptomatic spread, which I think still Americans and public health officials — it’s hard to get their hands around that, because the number of people who are spreading virus without symptoms, by the time you wait for someone to come forward to the emergency room, you have widespread community spread.”

Hey Deb, you ass-kissing lump of lunacy. The president you serve stood right next to you on many days and told people to go out and get the economy started again. He admonished people for staying home; he admonished people who wore masks; he suggested drinking bleach or shining lights up our asses.
And you just stood there, you complicit, lying,_____ loving bitch.
Take a seat.
Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, clarifying her remarks that she has no confidence in Dr. Deborah Birx, Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force:

“What happened is we had a conversation about how we stop the virus, and when we did, they were making contentions about how tracing isn’t a valuable thing, we shouldn’t do it, and I said ‘Well that’s not what most scientists say.’ And they said ‘well we’ll bring a scientist to say that,’ and I said ‘Make sure it’s not Dr. Birx because I don’t have confidence in anyone who stands there while the president says swallow Lysol and it’s going to cure your virus.' It’ll kill you and you won’t have the virus anymore. I don’t have confidence in somebody when the president says ‘it’s a hoax, magic, it’s going to go away by magic, a miracle,’ and all those things. No. I don’t have confidence. I think that she has enabled [_____’s lies], but it’s not about her. It’s about the American people and how this administration has not had a strategic plan. …. If the president is saying these things, then who’s advising him that this is okay and enabling that to happen?”

Once again, Nancy summed it up nicely.
Jeanine Pirro, Fox News host and _____ lapdog, pushing her mask hoax:

“Joe Biden is afraid of him. He’ll use a pandemic—I think it’s hysterical when he and his wife come out together and they’re wearing their masks. They’ve been housed together since the pandemic started and they’re wearing masks together when they come out. What is the point of the mask? The point of the mask is to basically kind of dehumanize, it’s to frighten people. You don’t know who’s behind the mask. It’s to give people cover, it’s exactly what the anarchists and the protesters need. It strikes fear, there is something going on. There are all kinds of subliminal messages to that mask. And he’s always in that black mask.”

Wow, Jeanine must’a broke out the brown juice because she is all kinds of crazy.
Um, asshat? The Bidens wear the mask because they are interacting with other people and the mask protects others from them in case they are asymptomatic.
Um, moron? So, Joe Biden in a black mask is frightening people but an inept incompetent narcissistic asswipe who watched 155,000+ people die is just fine with you?
Um, drunkard? We all know you don’t wear a mask because it inhibits your booze intake.