Saturday, January 07, 2012

I Ain't One To Gossip, But.....

Kelsey Grammer. I used to like him, but now he seems to be an arrogant jerk who has taken to throwing his mistress, now Wife #4, into Wife #3's face at every turn.
On the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw Kelsey invite then-wife of 13 years, Camille, to New York to be his date at the Tony Awards in 2010. Only Kelsey had already been seeing his mistress at that point, and she had been living with him while his wife and two kids were away in LA. Kelsey then proceeded to dump Camille after making her play the role of wife one last time, in public, for his big ego night.
So, was it really any surprise that on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kelsey blatantly laid out the timeline for his romance with his now fourth wife, Kayte, the British flight attendant 27 years his junior?He told Kimmel that he met his soon-to-be new missus at Christmas 2009, fully six months from the June 2010 Tony Awards, when he finally broke the news to Camille.
Sadly, Kelsey also admitted that the new Missus Grammer's nickname for him is “Pop” because, as much as Kelsey gets around, he really could be.
And now Kayte's "Pop" might be forking over $50 million to Camille.
Gives one something to think about, eh, Kayte?

Al Roker's a bitch. There, I said it.
The New York Post is reporting that the TV weatherman recently pissed off Van Halen founder Alex Van Halen when he refused to swap seats on an American Airlines flight.
The altercation took place on Monday, after Roker hosted the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. On his way back to New York, he found himself seatedbetween Van Halen and his wife, Stine Schyberg. Alex complained that he and his wife wanted to sit side-by-side, and rather than switch seats Roker pretended to play with his phone. 
So, a flight attentdant stopped by to ask Al if he might move to another aisle seat, but Roker refused, since doing so would have placed him slightly closer to another passenger's dog. Al says he's allergic to canines.
Luckily Van Halen and his wife found a couple in business class willing to trade them seats and Al got to fiddle with his phone--probably playing some kind of phone game with Alec Baldwin--in peace.

Tiger might be annoyed by this one.
His ex, Elin Woods had purchased a 17,000 square foot, $12 million mansion in north Palm Beach, and then...........demolished it.
Now Elin will be building a bigger tribute to Tiger's money on the empty lot.
Realtor John True, who was at the house on Halloween for a charity event says, It was a beautiful place, incredible landscaping, fantastic ocean frontage. I heard that the original plan was to renovate. But once they started, I heard they decided to tear it down.”
Elin is living in a multi-million dollar condo nearby, waiting for her new manse to be built.
Of course, not be outdone, Tiger is building his own new home on Jupiter Island worth nearly $50 million; compared to him Elin is practically frugal.
At least as frugal as being able to buy a $12 million house and then tear it down.

Poor Ashton Kutcher. 
He cheats on his decades-older wife for years until she's finally had enough--or wakes up from her substance induced dementia....ALLEGEDLY--and then she divorces him and now he wants to spend time with his new lady-friends and his old step-daughters.
But Demi ain't playing.
According to Mike Walker in the National Enquirer, Ashton begged Demi to spend some time with his former stepdaughters over the holidays and was firmly denied. It was the stepdaughters who told their mom that there was no way they were going to see him.
Cheat on mommy and daughters diss step-daddy.
It's the oldest game in the book, Ash. Or, is it that now that you're free of Gradma Demi, you can seriously date her daughters?

This story just will not die.
That whole Jada Pinkett-Will Smith mess. I mean.
Last summer,when the reports first came out about their marriage troubles, Will and Jada gave a sort-of-denial. They were spotted out together when cameras were around and threatened to sue those who said they were splitting.
The story faded.
Then the story grew, saying that Will was leaving because of Jada's ALLEGED affair with Marc Anthony--which may have been the cause of the JLO dumping.
Now, they seem not to be hiding the fact that they aren't together at all. Will is living it up in Miami, acting like a bachelor and maybe hitting up a “hot blonde”.....guy.....and now folks are saying it's Jada who is seeing the divorce lawyers.
Like I said, this story won't die, so, is there some truth here?
And do I really care.
Maybe, and No.


froggy said...

Thank goodness for celebs with more money than sense - they are providing jobs for the construction industry (and in Elin's case the deconstruction industry - do you suppose the fixtures, windows, anything salvageable went to Habitat for Humanity? - this is one of my peeves with HGTV's series when they take a sledge hammer to kitchens and bathrooms)(exiting soapbox now xoxox)

Joy said...

One of my soapboxes, too, Froggy.

I still like to watch Frasier reruns because of the writing and the show. I haven't liked Kelsey Grammar as a person for ages but do like Cheers and Frasier. Haven't watched Boss even though I get that channel as part of my premium package. Maybe I'll check it out on On Demand. I don't like Camille either. This new one is probably not much better.

What a douche Al Roker was on that flight!

Mitch Block said...

Kelsey Grammer is more (or is it less) than just an arrogant jerk. He's also a hateful right-wing wacko who didn't find Fox News conservative enough for his tastes, so went and helped launch an arch-conservative and biased network of his own in 2010. I don't know the state of that network now, but hope he lost a bundle (of course, he could just write it off).

mistress maddie said...

Is it me or does the once sexy Kutcher look like shit? And it wouldn't surprise me if he already banged the oldest daughter. And if he did, he better look out, he;ll have a very pissy Bruce after him......

Wonder Man said...

I hope it's not true about Jada and Will

Frank said...

Alas, the curse of Three and a Half Men?

Tivo Mom said...

Elin did donate all that she could to Habitat and she is now saying that the house was infested with bugs. Yeah right...I bet she just wanted to throw it in Tiger's face. He has been seen all over town lately. No spottings by me yet but I am always looking...