Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virginia Is Not For Gay People

If you ever wondered whether the GOP is rabidly anti-LGBT or not, just take a look at Virginia.
Once upon a time the Virginia Senate was Democratically controlled. Today? Not so much. And evidence of that exists in the fact a bill aimed at prohibiting discrimination in state hiring on the basis of sexual orientation was defeated this week.
Yup, Virgina, there is a Santa Claus and he can discriminate against The Gays if he wants, and so can all state agencies.
A similar measure was passed by the Senate last year when it had a Democratic majority, but was defeated in the GOP-led House; Republicans won effective control of the Senate in the November election.
Labor unions, teacher and public-employee associations, and AARP supported the bill, while the right-wingnut conservative Family Foundation and the Virginia Association of Independent Baptists opposed it, arguing that the bill is unneeded because there is no evidence that gays and lesbians face discrimination now.
No evidence that the LGBT community faces discrimination?
Apparently the conservatives in Virginia don't read. Anything. Ever.



Ron said...

Bob McDonough, the Virginia governor - 100% homophobe. Give proof that a pretty face does not hide an evil heart.

truthspew said...

It's a shame really. Virginia has some nice places, and I have family there too via Keyron and they're nice people.

But the God thing down there is a bit too much for this atheist.

Lightning Baltimore said...

My parents, sister & her family, and some of my best friends live in Virginia. I'm so very glad I moved from there twenty years ago!

anne marie in philly said...

I moved away from northern VA in 1999; thank dog! I would not be able to stand the hate state now.

unfortunately I have dear friends who do live there. discrimination against LGBTQ is rampant everywhere, not just VA; you should see what they do here in PA! disgusting!

Wonder Man said...

I love that sign

JustAMike said...

I don't understand US politics. Why can't the federal govt just fix this?

tamayn said...

Well, we need look no further than the Attorney General in Virginia and see everything he's been up to in the last few years. I am anxious to see how future generations will look back on all this.