Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tuesday Asshat

"I have a son who is a farmer. He has sheep. He says to me: Father, if the sheep were only male, the world would die. There would be no more sheep.

The natural tendency of man is to allow the world to continue to exist. So a man who comes and says 'I hold an orientation that does not allow for the perpetuation of the world,' could such a man be prime minister?

Could a man be prime minister who loves to sleep with sheep? With horses? Can a man whose orientation is for horses be prime minister? Can a man who likes girls aged five be prime minister? I can't understand how a man can kiss another man. When I think about it, I want to vomit. When I think about a bearded man fondling another bearded man, it kills me."
-- Israeli National Union Chairman Ya'akov Katz, responding to a poll showing 44% of Israelis think they're ready for an openly gay Prime Minister. Katz intends to replace Benjamin Netanyahu in the next election.


Allan S. said...
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lelocolon said...

It is interesting to observe that underneath his hate against an openly gay prime minister the main fear of this moron is that he will die, or that it will kill him. His route to hate went from Darwin evolution, to bestiality, to pedophile, to I can not understand a bearded man fondling another beaded man. Well with a face like his, I can understand why will anyone(man, woman, child, dog, cat, sheep, horse) want to fondle him, that will make me want to vomit.

Joy said...

Gag. He makes me sick.