Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tis A Puzzlement

Health care reform is a scary topic these days. Even I don't understand it all. And it doesn't help that you don't know who to trust. And it doesn't help when we are being fed lies, when we are being told that health care reform is a Socialist or Communist.....or any bad ist out there.
So....what to do....what to do.

Read. I suggest we all read up on who is fighting health care reform. And why they are fighting. If any of your congressmen or senators are against health care reform, find out who funds their campaigns; you could be very surprised.
Find out who pharmaceutical companies want elected. There are elected officials out there taking millions and millions of dollars from drug companies and these elected officials are fighting, and lying about, health care reform.


Beth said...

It was amazing to see some of the protesters and their signs at the President's visit yesterday. My favorite was "Obama Lied, Grandma Died." I honestly think it's a form of mass hysteria. People hear these things and run with them.

Joanne said...

As a Canadian I am sitting back watching and listening to this. My husband found a great article from the Denver Post (let me know if you want me to find it). Debunking all the myths about how horrible our health care is and why its nothing to fear. Take it from someone who has lived through the best and worst of our health care system and NO ONE is left to die.
Of course mistakes are made (everywhere) but for the most part if you are sick you are taken care of. My late husband's care cost millions and they did everything in their power to save him - unfortunately it was out of their power - but never once did we lack for anything. Sorry I am very passionate about our health care system - and yes its NOT perfect but its a damn sight better than none at all.

Wonder Man said...

It's crazy to see the power of foolishness

truthspew said...

I know more about our health care system since I worked at the Attorney General's office.

My office was right down the hall from the Medicare Fraud Unit. So I helped them out with all sorts of things.

I learned that not only the insurance companies are in this, but the billing companies too.

That's a layer nobody looks at but they make a lot of money just doing the billing for the doctors and hospitals.

If we went single payer/universal all that would evaporate. We'd have to figure out what to do with all the people that would be put out of work by that.