Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's His Party And He'll Cry If He Wants To

Republican Senator Paul Koering has given up the idea of running for governor of Minnesota and instead has decided to seek a third term as state senator from District 12. He's been in all sorts of discussions of late, with all sorts of Republican bigwigs, about his chances of being governor, and the consensus is, there is no chance.

He doesn't believe there's enough support out there for him, and without the votes there is no job. He also doesn't believe he can raise the money to get his name out there and get support, and without support there are no votes, and without the votes there is no job. He also believes that, in the Republican Party itself, he gets no job...because he isn't conservative enough.

And there's one other thing he sees as an impediment to him getting the money, the support, and the votes, to become governor. What was that? That one thing?

Oh, yes, Paul Koering is gay.

He believes the fact he’s gay is something Republican Party delegates find hard to accept. So, he's in a party that doesn't want him, won't fund him, or support him, or vote for him.

Koering is gonna switch parties, right?

No. Koering said he will never--No. Changing. Parties. EVER!!!--switch to the Democratic Party. So, he's gonna stay Republican, and try to be as conservative as he can be, and keep his gayness just one of those things you don't talk about, on the off-chance that, one day, his own party will open their eyes and accept him for being himself.

Good luck with that, Paul.


Howard said...

I think it was Einstein that said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Got that, Senator Koering?

Mark in DE said...

He'll deserve exactly what he'll get: nothing.

victor said...

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