Monday, August 10, 2009

I Think She's Still Talking

I loved me some Design Star last night because, well, Dan. And Nathan. That's all.

But then came the judges panel--not like an Obama Death panel (see below)--and the rattlings of Tashica. Droning on endlessly about how can do great design when all she does is assist. How she knows great design when all she does is parrot.

Parrot. See, just one of the several highlairous Tashica moments came when her team--poor Dan and Nathan were once again stuck with her--stood in the garage discussing their plans for the room and she would literally LITERALLY mimic what was just said as though it was her idea. It went something like this:

DREAMBOAT DAN: I'd like to do something sort of Spanish inspired.
TIRED TASHICA: Spanish inspired, yeah.
NOT HARD ON THE EYES NATHAN: Maybe some kind of terra cotta color.
TIRED TASHICA: I see terra cotta.
BITCHY QUEEN BOB: I see a big metal door slamming your behind on the way out.

Which actually happened after the funniest moment of Design Star. The judges, Candice Olsen, who is brazilliant, Vern Yip, who is a notch below mediocre, and Genevieve Gorder, who looks and acts like a first grade teacher--I think she designs using glue and glitter and construction paper. Anyway, the judges are asking Tashica about her contribution to the team and Tashica is tap-dancing as fast as she can: "Great design....I'll show you....I came up with the curtains....great desgn....I'll show you...I painted the floor....great design....I got the coffee....Danger Will Robinson Danger...................."

And while she rambles Vern whispers to Candice and then to Genevieve and then to Clive, who, while Tashica is still tapping says,

"Tashica. Your show has been cancelled."




Joy said...

That was quite a moment! Wow!

mrpeenee said...

Wasn't that fabulous! My favorite Design Star moment ever. And Dreamboat Dan climbing out of bed with his shirt off. A great all around show.

Mark in DE said...

I can't believe I missed this!! I'm sure I'll be able to catch a repeat though. Thanks for the highlights.