Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get Out!

I am sick of the Sanfords.

No, not Fred and Lamont Sanford, but Mark and Jenny Sanford.

Jenny first. Quit talking already. Quit telling us what a great parent you are and how you're doing what needs to be done for the boys and then giving yet another interview where you play the Pity Card and slam the father of your children. That isn't being a good person, that is being vindictive and childish. Yes, we know; he cheated; he cried; he apologized to her first. You're wounded. We get it.

Now. Shut. Up.

And that goes double for you Mark. Shut. Up. Shut. Up. STFU!

Yesterday in the grand old state of South Carolina, Lt. Governor Andre Bauer became the highest ranking Republican to ask Mark Sanford to quit. Bauer said he would not run for governor if Sanford resigns or the House moves to impeach him in the next month. In the interests of fairness, this is being seen as a way for Bauer to get certain items in his agenda going, and then he can leave the state house as a pseudo hero and come back stronger for some other public office.

hat said, Mark, of course, whined a bit and stomped his feet and muttered something about being "railroaded" out of office.

Railroad? I thought he was a hiker.
Thank you! I'll be here all week!

But I digress.

Andre Bauer: “The serious misconduct that has already been revealed along with lingering questions and continuing distractions make it virtually impossible for our state to solve the critical problems we’re facing without a change of leadership. That is why I must now call upon Governor Sanford, in the interest of our state, to resign. It is why I myself will lead the way by putting the best interests of the people of South Carolina ahead of my own personal and political interests.”

Sanford said Bauer's statement was nothing but "pure politics."

Like the pure politics Sanford employs when he portrays himself as a fiscal conservative, spending months fighting to keep stimulus money out of the state, while charging the state for his upgraded travel expenses, including one of his side-trip booty calls to Miss Argentina.

If that's pure politics South Carolina-style, we need to make a change.

Mark Sanford is claiming past governors also flew business class and first class on the state’s dime and that some lawmakers have used the state plane to attend weddings and other personal events.

Indeed, maybe they have, but they didn't portray themselves as fiscally responsible; they didn't use the state money and state planes to speed off for a little La Vida Loca Con La Mujer Del Argentina. And Mark, if that's your reasoning, that other governor's have used state funds and aircraft in the past, I ask you this:

If past governors had jumped off a bridge, would you?

Just a thought.


Beth said...

I had the same thought! Just because other people are doing it doesn't make it RIGHT. The guy needs to take a hike.


Wonder Man said...


lelocolon said...
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lelocolon said...

He is the male version of Evita. Only that, no one other than himsef, is crying for his Argentina. Repugs, feel so entitle to their corruptions. He has no shame.

Joy said...

Yeah, that defense that "everybody else does it" hasn't worked since childhood. He might as well pull out "it's not fair" while he's at it. Entitled dumbass.

Dan said...

seriously, when will he go away?