Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Funnies

...because there's an awful lot of that going on.

This is not the America I learned about in school!

Not really so terribly funny when you think about it.

This is not how a discussion works.
A polyester-grass-roots movement at best.
Illiterate ignoramus. Still not a dying breed.

It's funny......cuz it's true!


frogponder said...

chortle! Like the Norman Rockwell inspired cartoon.

Beth said...

I love all of these...but they're funny with a touch of sadness, aren't they?

When we were at a meeting, Ken told me later (I didn't hear it) that when he asked his perfectly legitimate question of our Congressman, one of the old geezers behind us said, "How much did they pay you?" It's probably a good thing I didn't hear that, because even hearing about it second-hand made me livid. I probably would have said, "Not a thing, Grandpa. We think for ourselves, unlike the majority of the yahoos in attendance today!" For Pete's sake....

Zakal said...

I think the younger attendees/voters/readers of this blog are missing something in reference to the "old geezers" in the back.
First of all, let me say that I can't get health insurance because of an incurable medical condition (I'm over the age of 50) so I agree that reform is necessary. On the other hand, after half a century of watching our govenment in action, I'm always suspect of what our politicians will do TO me after they promise to do something FOR me.

Allen said...

The last cartoon is just funny! =o)

Joy said...

Good ones but as Beth pointed out, sad, too.

Mark in DE said...

Funny stuff!

lelocolon said...

Zakal said...
" I'm always suspect of what our politicians will do TO me after they promise to do something FOR me."
I am under 50 and while I suspect of what our politicians will do to me, I am way more suspect of what all this Health Insurance Companies, and industries alike are doing to regular working Americans. 8 years under Republican Dictatorship, and a country gone flat broke, Now a black president in the White house, and we have to suspect? Suspect of what that Bush would have done a better job or that the Insurance companies are telling the truth? Get real, you believe the lies. Keep hoping for Sarah Palin, I will laugh.