Monday, August 03, 2009

Adam and Steve and Milk and Cookies

Loved me some Design Star last night. I always love the White Room Challenge combined with the Grocery Store Shopping Spree business. It separates the men from the, the straights from the good from the oh-my-god-that-is-awful.
My boyfriend Dan was amazing.

His design was, too.

The apples. The wood. The mood lighting.

I was thinking roaring fires, a long hike in the country, bear skin rugs, bare skin. I was all set to play a little game I call Adam and Steve with my boy Danny.
He took a boring white room from that to that.

Sidenote: It was adorable when, at dinner after night one of the WRC, Nathan called Dan "Danny." Cute, but enough. He's.Mine!

Then we did have my favorite little PocketGay Nathan's room, with the milk striped walls and the orange chandelier and graffiti couch. After a good long game of Adam and Steve, I think I'd head over to Nathan's for milk and cookies.

He'd be fun for some girl talk about Danny.

He took his boring white room from that to that.

Oh yeah, and someone who said she was a color expert got the boot because of, well, her color choices. And Tashica tried to redeem herself from two weeks of failure by painting badly and copying a design that was used on previous Design Stars.


frogponder said...

It was a great episode, wasn't it? We are Dan Fans because he is a PNW boy and has turned out to be very talented so we have been rewarded in our devotion.

RAD said...

Great episode for sure-I was excited for it and it was so worth it- The top 3 were exact that-- top 3 ...and the rest were BAD! Tahika is lucky-- Color Expert had to go Tahsika is next for sure...Its crazy you can tell who can really design and so far its the top 3 from this challenge..and maybe that set designer guy if he gets off his high horse...

Joanne said...

Still have to wait a few months until the tenants in the loft (Canada) can be allowed to see Design Star. Can hardly wait.

Howard said...

Nice episode, and I would have voted to send home both Tashica and the color swatchless.

David Dust said...

I must say, I'm turning into somewhat of a Dan fan myself.

And you are right - Tashica needs to get the hell outta there. I could have painted that "design element" thingy in her room better with my ASS!


Stephen said...

Tashika is still on for another week & Dan has yet to take his shirt off & Nathan makes me horny for reasons I don't understand.

mrpeenee said...

Does Tashika have some blackmail hold on the producers? I thought the color lady was sort of no big deal, but at least she made some clever use of products from the grocery store, which almost no one else even tried to, but she got booted? Wha? And the crying blonde shicksa didn't even finish and she gets to to stay? Again, Wha?

Tashica. Must. Go.

Mark in DE said...

Agreed: Tashica must go. My top 3faves (in no particular order) are Dan, Nathan, and Antonio.

Props to Torrie for her fusia and black room with trash bags and napkins on the walls.