Friday, March 26, 2010

Maddow V Brown

Who'da thunk it? Another Republican lying!
Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown sent a letter out to his supporters, both in Massachusetts and out-of-state, asking for donations, in, light of his opposition come election time. See, Brown was telling folks that MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was being courted to run against him. In fact, he outright said she was running.
Trouble is, it was a lie.
Maddow isn't running.
Maddow has no intention of running.
Maddow was never asked to run by the DNC as Scott Brown said.
So, to tell her side, she took out an open letter ad to give the right side of the story. You can emBIGgen the picture to read her response.
Makes me kinda wish, though, that she was running. I'd move to Massachusetts just to vote for her.


Stan in NH said...

It would be awesome to see Rachel run. But she probably can do more good right where she is. She's one of the few investigative reporters out there who actually is not afraid to tell the truth. She's amazing.
I'm hoping for a Nobel for our own Ms Maddow.

Kyle said...

What useless slug of a man. Bob I agree with Stan, though I would love to see someone like Rachel run for office, she herself can do so much more form her position outside the halls of power. I am sure she knows that better than anyone.

I'd love to see you and Carlos move closer to us(I'd do almost anything to have people to visit), but you living where you are is so much more important. People there need to see and hear from you, they need the exposure to people unlike themselves more than anything. That, and that alone will help to change the political climate in the south. Its worked here pretty well.

jadedj said...

What is with the Republicans and scumness? They have the corner on the market.

Marker said...

Shameless liars.

They know that the MSM, in its pathetic fear of being called "librul", will not correct them. The "truth" is just something between what two sides are saying, right?

In an environment where 80% of 'murcans are simply too stupid to know the difference, they can get away with it.

Comparisons to 1984 are easy, but all too true.

Joy said...

Love Rachel! She can do more good where she is, but wouldn't it be lovely to see her and Al Franken in there together? :-)