Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vatican, Vatican't

The Vatican is overwhelmed. And not in a good way.

Each day, more and more new allegations of sexual abuse surface in the German church alone, and a top Vatican official acknowledged that they only have ten people handling such cases.

Ten people. Yes, the Vatican is really showing how much it cares about the Innocent victims of molestation in its own midst when all they can spare is ten people to handle the situation.

They probably have at least a hundred to tend to the Pope.

Monsignor Charles J. Scicluna, the Vatican’s internal prosecutor, said the church was working on the delicate and emotional process of settling allegations of abuse by priests that have severely damaged the church’s moral standing. He said, “We have to get our act together and start working for more transparency in investigations and more adequate responses for the problem.”

They're "working" on it; the fact ids they aren't working at all, except to find new places to shuttle pedophiles.

The Monsignor's comments, rare for a Vatican official, are part of a broader Vatican defense against a rising abuse scandal in Germany, including a case that happened on the watch of Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger, now more commonly known as Pope Benedict XVI. Scicluna went on to say that his office had examined 3,000 abuse cases in the past decade, most of them from the United States.

With ten people handling these things, they are each saddled with 300 cases a year, and those numbers continue to go up. And, Monsignor Scicluna, in the height of arrogance, acknowledged the concerns of the public, but laughed and said, “I would hope we have less work. That’s my hope. Not more people, less work.”

You know how you have less work, Monsignor Asshat? You get the pedophiles out of the priesthood and into prisons where they belong. You do not move them around and cover up their crimes and pay off people. That's what you don't do.

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Paul Benjamin said...

In my opinion, the Catholic church has been a joke for years!