Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tiny Tina Gets Her Job Back

Earlier this month I told you the story [HERE] of Ray Fetcho, a male nurse who had been fired from his job because thirty-plus years ago, as drag persona Tiny Tina, he'd been arrested for hosting a Wet Underwear Show at a gay club in Florida.
Well, now there is good news.
Last week the Florida Department of Health overturned the decision to fire Fetcho which had been made by the Agency for Health Care Administration, which polices and licenses registered nurses.
The Florida Department of Health: "It has been determined you have demonstrated clear and convincing evidence you will not present a danger if employed within the health-care field."
Ray Fetcho plans to return to work at a Coconut Creek retirement home in April.
Great news for Ray, and the patients who depend on him.


Kyle said...

Another victory! Awesome!

robertga99 said...

That is great news! Thanks for the update!

Wonder Man said...

great stuff