Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What If They Threw A Tea Party And No One Could Spell?

click 'em to emBIGGERate 'em.

Apparently he stole their dictionary.

And by 'fix it,' I think she means bring a 'g'.

Climb down to patriotism?
And, while you're speaking it, learn it.

Who is Hugh Mistake?

Good, because I don't need amnety.
And I don't need amensty either.

And then learn to spell it.
It's already cost us an 'f'.
This is the classic. Pot.Kettle.Moran.
She hates the president so much she can't even remember his name.


froggy said...

I'm so of two minds about this being the mother, and wife, of a bunch of dyslexics. otoh they know they can't spell and I'm a walking, talking spell check. It works both ways as they help me with some of the math and science I have to teach.

Always spellcheck your protest signs and STILL why doesn't mine know Obama???

Mike, Studio city said...

When the TURNIP truck hit that bump it sure did loose a lot of it's idiots. People without an education are one of America's biggest problems. Sick sad world.

Kyle said...

Bob, I told DuPree(who has these in a slide-show)that I was curling into a ball in fear of contamination.

Mike, Studio city said...

BTW Bob, I left a comment on "Hip N Edgy" about Johhny, a word for you as well.

Micky said...

We used to have spelling tests at school in the UK but then, we speak something called the Queen's English and I have an American spellchecker to spot my typos!

Sure as hell helps with being gay!

Mike, Studio city said...

OOPS, my bad, my comment is on "Lazy Circles"

Wonder Man said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry

truthspew said...

You ran across the Teabonics set on Flickr didn't you? Come on, admit it!

That said, I looked through several of the pix. Here's what I deduce:

It's becoming abundantly clear that the Tea Party/Baggers are just a front for the Republican party.

Since these people lack syntax and grammar skills I can only say, whoa be the Repugs.

robertga99 said...

you know they are stupid if they ask Sarah Palin to speak at their rallies

Stephen said...

They are smart & pretty & that always makes for a good combo!

massi said...

oh oh.
they are worse than me?!!!!
but i can't wonder. Some Italians Politics can't even speak correct Italian.

Adrienne Hughes said...

This made my day. I love how they're all smiling, totally clueless of their grammatical faux pas.