Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hetero And Homo

Honorary gay, Jason Mraz, attended Elton John's 18th annual Oscar Viewing Party in West Hollywood on Sunday night, and arrived with a proposal for Elton.

Not a marriage proposal. Elton's already married, and Jason, why uber gay friendly, is hetero.

No, he wanted to discuss a possible collaboration with Elton John on what he hoped would be an "Ebony and Ivory"-type song about equality for the LGBT community--although it wouldn't be as cheesy as "E&I". Mraz's idea would bring the heterosexual community together with the gay and lesbian community in support of the rights of gays to legally marry. Mraz has long been been a vocal supporter of marriage equality, via his blog, Freshness Factor Five Thousand, and even urged the crowd at a 2008 concert to vote "NO" on Proposition 8.

I hope this comes into being. Between Elton and Jason's passion for the rights of the LGBT community this could be a great thing. But, since we don't have the song yet, let me leave you with a little Jason to whet your appetite.

Wet? Then here's a song, too.


robertga99 said...

That's a hot pic of Jason

Paul Benjamin said...

Listening to Jason's music is like being on a boat on a nice sunny day. I love it.

I also think he is a CUTIEPIE!!!



Anonymous said...

I'm not attracted to skinny guys, but Mr. Mraz..hubba, hubba, zing, zing. A nice plattering of body hair does a body good.

Not to mention, a beautiful voice, and genuine personality.

homosexual said...

I really admire Elton John, and other celebrities like him, for making homosexuality more accepted in today's society.