Friday, March 12, 2010

The End Of Kish

There were those who said it wouldn't last and I had so hoped they were wrong. But apparently the powers that be at ABC's One Life To Love have decided to get rid of their sole gay couple, even after making daytime history by having the first gay love scene on TV.

And this won’t go down well with the LGBT community.

Brett Claywell [Kyle] and Scott Evans [Oliver Fish] will be written off the show and gone by mid-April. OLTL executive producer, Frank Valenti says: “We are concluding the story that we set out to tell with Kyle and Fish. We are very proud to have broken new ground with a same-sex couple on daytime.”

Not happy here in Smallville. it was nice to see a gay couple on the show, and apparently many people liked the duo, dubbed Kish; the show has won numerous awards from gay-advocacy groups, and new fans in the LGBT community.

But some say the duo failed to resonate with the mainstream audience, and ratings for the soap have been particularly dismal of late, though ratings for almost all soaps are way down. Still, the show paved the way for a same-sex love scene, and even had the mayor of the fictitious town where the show is set legalize same-sex marriage, and perform hundreds of gay weddings.

So,m how does Kish say godbye....SPOILER.....SPOILER....SPOILER.....On the March 29th episode, Fish will learn for certain what viewers have known for quite a while—that he’s the biological father of baby Sierra Rose, via his drunken one-night stand with psychotic stripper Stacy Morasco. With Stacy now dead--she fell through the ice on Llantano Lake--there will be a custody battle with Stacy’s sister Gigi, though, ultimately, the law is on Fish’s side, He and Kyle become the two gay dad's and start a new life.

Their characters won't leave the town, though, because Fish is a cop, and may pop up in a crime-related capacity down the line.

It's a sad day for Gay TV Soap Opera Baby Daddies.


froggy said...

wait! Nobody gets amnesia?!

mistress maddie said...

I'm surprised Dorian Lord can't pull some strings and keep them around. Maybe she can hire them to stay now as her gays houseboys!

dirkmancuso said...

Don't blame producer Frank Valentini or head-writer Ron Carlivati, TV Guide reports that it was a "network decision" which translates that ABC daytime head Brian Frons demanded the duo be ousted. Frons is responsible for qulaity erosion of ABC's once lucrative daytime line-up with his inexplicable devotion and adoration of the abysmal GENERAL HOSPITAL and its glorification of violence and misogyny (not to mention his loyalty to GH's one note head-writer Robert Guza). It's been rumored on-line for quite a while now that Frons has no love for OLTL and would love to see it go and this latest development seems to feed into that theory.

Mad props to Carlivati and Vanentini for bringing us the romance of Kish for as long as they were allowed to do so.