Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Ain't One To Gossip, But..........

Okay Philly, you don't need to install extra security for the Cheesesteaks, Oprah ain't comin'.
It seems that Nomvuyo Mzamane, who said Big O ruined her professional reputation, and the Big O have resolved the issue without going to court.
Methinks Big O's bank account took a hit, if you get my meaning.
The trial was set for March 29th in Philadelphia after Lerato decided to sue, butt hat is no more. According to a statement:
"Ms. Winfrey testified in her deposition that she did not intend the implications placed on her words by the plaintiff. Ms. Mzamane testified in her deposition that she has no evidence that Ms. Winfrey knowingly made a false statement about her or entertained serious doubt about what she said."
Now, O does the non-apology-apology. You know, I said something bad, but I didn't mean for anyone to take it as such, so you can't sue me.
Back to the cakes, O.

Looks like non-convicted-murderer O.J. Simpson has a big old gay fanbase in the big house, and he seems to be loving it!
If we are to believe the words of an "unnamed" former prisoner, Simpson is known as 'Daddy Juice' around the cell block, and is doted upon and receives special privileges from a gaggle of gay inmates known as 'The Girls!'
Unnamed source says:
"O.J. may be a pariah on the outside, but in prison, he's still a somebody. He's really tight with 'The Girls.' Whenever we'd be let out to the yard, O.J. would almost always hang out with them. The 'girls' treated him like he was a king."
Or, perhaps, a Queen.

It seems as though Top Chef hostess Padma Lakshmi has finally revealed the name of her baby daddy, but has gone on record as saying the daddy will have a limited role in the newborn's life.
Not so fast, though, says baby daddy, Adam Dell.
He is allegedly no longer happy with this arrangement and he has hired high-powered--is there any other kind?--attorney Bill Zabel to get him more visitation with his child.
May not help, because Padma and her peeps say the two had an agreement concerning his child that he can not go back on.
Whatever happened to the good old days when people got married, then had babies? And then they got all pissy and went off and hired high-powered mouthpieces to try and get them more time with the babies?
It's all bassackwards.

A teenager who appeared on that trash TV show, Wife Swap, has filed a $100 million lawsuit against ABC for airing what she claims was an exaggerated and staged portrayal of herself.
One-hundred-million dollars? I mean, c'mon, it's not like she's Tom Cruise and someone called her a homo!
Alicia Guastaferro, who appeared on the show in 2008 as a pageant princess, claims she was shown to be an utterly spoiled brat. She screeched at her mother over the preparation of her cereal; made her dad spray tan her legs; and, ALLEGEDLY, demanded a Christmas tree be in the house year-round so she could receive presents every day.
Huh! Maybe she is Tom Cruise!
The suit claims that "[Guastaferro] does not receive a present every day," and that ABC purposefully staged scenes to "maximize [her] public embarrassment." The girl goes on to claim that, since her episode aired, she is being ridiculed by her peers, received death threats, and was actually assaulted. She claims to now suffer panic attacks and suicidal tendencies and was forced her to transfer schools, where she has gone from honor-roll to special-ed classes.
ABC says that Mama signed the proper agreements and received $20,000 to appear on the show, but the girl says she never consented.
Um, sweetie pie? You don't have to consent. As a minor, your parents made the decision for you, so, as my Idol Judge Judy would say:

Oh goddess no!
Jerry Springer is coming back to TV!
He will be the host of the new Game Show Network show "Baggage" in which contestants will have the opportunity to find a date, but not until after they reveal the worst qualities about themselves.
Sounds delightful.
Springer says:
"I just keep finding jobs. I'm really lucky and I know that. Being a host is what I'm comfortable doing. I've been doing it forever, joking around with guests, having fun."
I wonder how long until some toothless transvestite who lives in a trailer in one of the square states in the middle and claims to have had an affair with her mother's parakeet and wound up pregnant with a tiny yellow baby throws a chair?
My bet is Episode One!

Mike Myers, who doesn't have a career outside of voicing Shrek or being Austin Powers, is currently at work on a fourth installment of the Powers franchise.
Seven years after the third one.
Director Jay Roach says: "[Mike is] working on ideas for it, people are definitely talking about it and I'm all good for it." he says Austin will go "somewhere you haven't thought of" in the next flick.
Like to the Don't-Do-It-Graveyard?
Just sayin'.

Speaking of the Don't-Do-It-Graveyard, Will Ferrell was set to make the sequel to that instant classic, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, but the project is on hold because it's been too difficult to get the original cast back together.
Hmmm, ever think the original cast doesn't want to do it?
Will Ferrell: "I thought we were doing it. I was told it was happening and now I've heard it's going to be too hard to get everyone together. Hopefully the director Adam McKay will be able to talk to all the guys individually and see if we can figure it out."
Hopefully not.
Still, Ferrell believes his own inner press agent and says he knows nothing can top the original: "We don't think we can make it as good. It would be really fun to do, so we might just try to make the craziest sequel you've ever seen. It could be terrible, but if they're going to pay us to do it, then why not, right?"


Cubby said...

I used to have detailed fantasies of O.J. back in the day, before he went to the dark side. Truth is, I'd still like to pork him. I hope that doesn't make me a bad man.

froggy said...

Said it before, and will say it again, it should be illegal to put your child in a reality show.

Legally it is interesting. I have read the release form for applying to Project Runway and it is very specific about not suing the producers.

Unless they had specific language about the children *not* being their own unique legal entity - I wonder. I'd love to see these producers hoisted on their own petard so to speak.