Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Of Mo's: Mo Friends, Mo Music, Mo Food, Mo Drinks, Mo Shopping

It was a homo-licious, homo-filled, homo-stravagnza weekend in Smallville.

Saturday was our pilgrimage to Kroger for a week's worth of groceries, and an afternoon spent trolling antique stores in town, Carlos had seen an old clock he wanted for the mantle, but alas it was either sold, or moved; we looked all over the store to no avail. But that didn't stop us from hitting other stores and seeing their goods, or their crap as Carlos called one store.

We returned home empty-handed, but with an idea for a couple of things we might like. Carlos napped; I made myself a little lunch, and then it was time to head out again.

That night, our friend, Round The Way Gay, Neal, gave a little concert at the local Fine Arts Center. Neal is a fantastic singer and wowed the crowds--mostly the normal geriatric Smallvillians [I think that's what you call them] and quite a smattering of the out and proud homosexual of the gay and lesbian persuasion. Neal sang opera and show tunes and a couple of very funny numbers, including one about Two Old Crows--I thought for a moment he glanced at Carlos and me when he sang that one.

But he was looking at John. ;)

Neal was joined onstage by a trio of friends, including his partner, Round The Way Gay, David. It's one of those rare times when you know your friend has an amazing gift, but to be in a room and see the faces of other people around you as they realize how talented he is, that makes for a truly wonderful evening.

The gaggle of gays that gets together whenever possible was in attendance, drinking and laughing and joking, and afterwards we all sashayed over to Neal and David's for an after show cocktail party. It was a fun-filled evening, with jokes both good and bad, delicious food, and a fabulous--if I do say so myself--Grey Goose martini nightcap!

The next morning, we went back to Neal and David's for a Sunday brunch. All evidence of cocktails and appetizers from the night before--hell, from just a few hours before--was gone, replaced by champagne, with pear-and-orange juice, and all kinds of breakfast casseroles and pastries and a beautiful birthday cake for David and his twin sister Barbara.

The crowd was smaller, but no less fun, and there were good laughs again about the show and how most of us think it should be an annual Smallville event--it raised money for our Fine Arts Center--and I, personally, thought Neal should do a show every week. This was not met kindly by Neal, so, sad to say, unless Neal gets more friends to help entertain, well, it might have been One Night Only.

After that, Carlos and I were off to Homo Goods, er, Home Goods, in Charlotte. The spring-like weather of Saturday had disappeared and we were cold and drizzly--as well as Carlos' nose being drizzly with a cold. But, we suffered through--he with the cold and me listening to the cold--and hit the Homo Goods and found a new rug for the entry hall, a couple of new lamps, and a few little tchochkes for the house.

It was a big day for us as we actually agreed on the lamps; a minor miracle if you will. While I favor something a little streamlined and contemporary, Carlos leans more towards lamps with, well, monkeys on them. Thank goddess, the Homo Goods store had better sense than that.

The rug was different than I has wanted and has caused me to rethink the drastic secretary paint, which may go olive green and gold rather than lime green and red. Stay tuned, because that could change at any moment.

Once home, we settled into jammies, and Carlos grilled some veggies and marinated pork chops for dinner, and then we nestled into the couch and :::whoosh::: relaxed. Where the hell did the weekend go? Between good friends, good food, good music, good drinks, and good sales, it had disappeared almost as soon as it started.

It was early to bed, because the new week was starting sooner than we wanted.


Mark in DE said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend! I heart Homo Goods. We don't have one near us, but we visit the one near Spouse's mom's house on occasion.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. Friends, music, drinks, shopping, what is not to like :o)


must share the pics on the color choice I hope!
Cheers to a wonderful new week darling!

Kyle said...

What great weekend Bob. Sorry it passed too fast for you.