Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah Palin: Asshat Of The Week AGAIN!!!!

What is with the craziness and the stupidity and the name-calling? Throwing bricks? Making death threats? Putting coffins in people's yards?
This is madness. And leading the madness is one Sarah Palin, whose SarahPAC is targeting those democrats who voted for Health Care Reform via the use of gun sights on those politician's states.
This is Sarah Palin who positioned herself as the leader of the "real" Americans; this is the Sarah Palin who calls herself a true patriot. And she's using gun sights to target politicians she doesn't like. Imagine how she'd react if the Democrats used those same gun sights on her or other Repugs.
I used to laugh at her because she's an idiot; mindnumbingly stupid and ill-informed. But I can no longer laugh when I see someone who calls herself an American, who sought the office of Vice President, reduce herself to using this kind of violent imagery to make a point.
She is a buffoon. She is laughable. She is ignorant of fact and law.
And she is also one sick and twisted bitch.
This is not America, no matter how angry you might be, and for her to condone violence through these images is reprehensible.
One sick, twisted bitch.


Tom said...

NO! she is NOT!!!

is this for real?

Kyle said...

As I said to V, her threats are lowly and common. It would appear she is stuck perpetually in grade school. Seriously arrested development.

Wonder Man said...

deport her now!

Stan in NH said...

She is an idiot after all, so it's logical to put her in charge of the other idiot teabaggers. She's a media whore who insists on staying in the limelight by any means possible. The only group she could sway were those at least as ridiculous as she is: Teabaggers. They flag wave and rant and rave about "freedomm" and "American values" and they haven't the slightest idea what the ideals in Constitution or the Declaration of Independence actually are. They have no idea what they are doing. They just hate and fear and do stupid things. SP is the perfect leader of that PAC!

Joy said...

Teabag Terrorists! It's on her hands and the others who incite violence if and when anything worse happens than already has.

Anonymous said...

Please don't call Sarah Palin a buffoon. The circus clowns who are entertaining kids and adults alike will be offended. May I suggest poophead?