Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let My CoCo Go!

We haven't heard much since Conan O'Brien departed The Tonight Show, making room for Leno to drag his chin back to late-night, other than the occasional Twitter, but now comes word that CoCo is ready for the cameras again.

Only NBC won't let him.

Apparently, Fox has officially offered O'Brien a role on its network, though not fore his own TV show. No, they would like him to appear on American Idol; not to replace Simon silly.

He's been asked to take part in American Idol's 'Idol Gives Back' charity special which will air on April 21st. Yet NBC has refused to give O'Brien permission for the guest spot. Part of his severance deal with the network is that Conan may not appear on any other network for several months. But, seriously, NBC, to keep him off a charity show?

Your knickers are in a twist, peacock.

O'Brien and Fox, however, are still in negotiations for his potential return to television as soon as September, when the NBC-mandated National Conan Blackout is finally over. He cannot host his own show until then, but is permitted to guest star on TV in May--after "Idol Gives Back." But, for those unwilling to wait until May, or September, O'Brien will debut his new live show, 'Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on TV' starting April 12th.

But come September, CoCo will be back on TV, and Leno better be ready.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I sure hope they can reach an agreement about letting Conan help with the charity Idol.

Wonder Man said...

I agree