Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fuck South Carolina Legislators

Yesterday in the Grand Old State ::cough cough hack hack spit::: of South Carolina, asshat fucktard wingnut bootlicking goostepping lawmakers voted to cut all HIV/AIDS funding from the budget, affecting thousands of their constituents. There are more than 14,000 residents of this backwater, backassward state living with HIV or AIDS, according to the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Care Crisis Task Force, and over three thousand of those people rely on government funds for medications.

But fuck 'em. There are more important things happening here and the legislators had to cut funding somewhere. Right?

Many people with HIV or AIDS really on ADAP, the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, to pay for their lifesaving medications because their life insurance won't cover the costs of their medication; and the drugs are too expensive for most people to afford without insurance. But we don't need health care reform in this country. And definitely not in South Carolina.

See, while South Carolina asshat fucktard wingnut bootlicking goostepping lawmakers were voting to cut $5 million that they'd allotted in each of the last two years to HIV and AIDS patients, they voted to loan $10 million dollars to a golf tournament.

Yes, South Carolina legislators have voted to keep in the budget a $10 million loan to the state's only PGA tournament, while decreasing spending on services for the disabled and HIV/AIDS patients.

The House voted 69-43 to loan the money to the Heritage golf tournament on Hilton Head Island if they can't find a sponsor to replace Verizon. The loan would come from the state's insurance reserve fund.

Taking money from insurance funds, out of the hands of the disabled and sick, so a bunch of fat-assed, snobs can play golf. That's South Carolina.

But there was one person, a Republican oddly enough, Representative Nikki Haley, who wanted to remove the Heritage loan from the state's $5 billion spending plan. But supporters of golf over HIV/AIDS funding accused her of playing political games; you know, choosing health and life over golf. Democrats and Republicans alike argued the tournament supports hundreds of jobs and pumps tens of millions of dollars into state through sales and accommodation taxes.

And hey, what's a few people with HIV and AIDS dying when we get the economy moving. What's a few people being denied life-saving medication if we get to watch another golf tournament?

Representative, and asshat, Brian White rejected the idea that the Golf Loan would cost adults or children with disabilities money they need. "I wouldn't put a golf tournament ahead of disabled children."

Um, Brian, you dumb fuck? You just did.

The bill still has to go to the Senate, and Nikki Haley says she'll rally her peers there to stop it.

Here in the Grand Old State ::cough cough hack hack spit::: of South Carolina we need less Brian Whites and more Nikki Haleys.

Fuck the rest of them.

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Paul Benjamin said...

This story seriously just pissed me off! South Carolina should be ashamed!!!