Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Little State That Just Might

This could be good, if it isn't just hot air.

Three major candidates running for governor of Rhode Island have promised to support and sign a bill allowing gay marriage if elected. The three men, General Treasurer Frank Caprio and Attorney General Patrick Lynch, both Democrats, and former Senator Lincoln Chafee, an Independent, made the pledge at a Statehouse rally on last week. And Moderate Party candidate Ken Block said through a spokeswoman that he also supports gay marriage.

It seems as though the littlest state is inching ever closer to approving the measure since current governor, Republican Donald Carcieri, cannot run again because of term limits. Carcieri is well-known as being anti-marriage equality.

I would hope that these men will stick to their word; I'm hoping that newly elected House Speaker, and openly gay, Gordon Fox, will work toward making marriage equality the law for everyone.

Keep moving forward, Rhode Island.


Stephen said...

Baby Steps...

Anonymous said...

Yes, now all we need to do is hold our representatives feet to the fire and get them to vote the bill.

For years it was blocked by the house speaker. But now you have an openly gay man as speaker. His thing though, the economy. Look, marriage equality is a low hanging fruit. Reach for it.

I've done database work with MERI. They really are VERY close to a lock on the house, and they're working on the senate now.

One argument they bring up is that a lot of our legislators think this could cost them their seats. I counter that the electorate in RI for the most part has the memory of a gnat. Not to mention that over 60% of that electorate (82% if they're 18-29) support marriage equality.

So move the bill along Speaker Gordo! Move the bill. Same for you Senator Paiva-Weed.

Kyle said...

It does look promising Bob, but like you I always hold back a little. Been burned way too many times not to feel a little caution, even if a situation seems favorable.