Saturday, August 01, 2009

Quaker Oaths

One of the United Kingdom's oldest Christian denominations, the Quakers, looks set to extend marriage services to same-sex couples at their yearly meeting later.

The Quakers already hold religious blessings for same-sex couples who have had a civil partnership ceremony, but now, agreeing to perform gay marriages, which are currently not allowed under civil law, could bring the Quakers into conflict with the government.

The Quakers--also called The Religious Society of Friends--seem ready to reach consensus on the issue of gay marriage without a vote at their annual gathering in York on Friday.

They will also formally ask the government to change the law to allow gay people to marry.

Seems simple enough to me. it's equality, y'all, and the Quakers would like to see that happen.
The Quakers have been blessing same-sex unions for more than twenty years, allowing local groups to celebrate same-sex commitments through special acts of worship.

Now the Quakers don't want us to have "special acts of worship," they want us to be like everyone else.


Howard said...

Go Quakers. Nice to see Christians upholding the tenets of their faith, not the failings of their education.

Larry Ohio said...

I am so happy to see this.

Joy said...