Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will Phillips: Still Sitting Down For Equality

Remember Will Phillips? The young man who sat down for equality; who stayed seated for the Pledge of Allegiance because, in America, right now, there is no "liberty and justice for all"?

Well, Will is sitting down again for LGBT rights and equality.

This weekend the Northwest Arkansas Gay Pride Parade will feature Will Phillips as the Grand Marshall of their Pride Parade.

"It's wrong for anyone to be treated differently just because of the way they are born," said Phillips, who declares himself as an ambassador for equal rights. He will be the parade's youngest grand marshal ever, but he said age shouldn't make a difference. "Because I'm a person, I may be 10, but I'm a person."

And a fantastic person, at that.

Will's father, Jay, said he and his wife are well aware that Will's age could be an issue, but agree that he is no ordinary 10-year-old: "He's literally the last half of the year been all over the country and spoken to thousands of people."

And his is a voice that should be heard, by other ten-year-olds, and by people of all ages.

Liberty and justice for all.

Have a great time, Will.


Mind Of Mine said...

That little kid is amazing!

froggy said...

What a cutie :-)

truthspew said...

Consider that the age of reason generally kicks in around 8 so it's no surprise that a 10 year old could get it while politicians like Obama will bloviate regularly but expend nothing but token effort.

The kid has a future - hopefully in law. He'd make a kick ass judge.

Biki said...

What a true hero! If only more adults could see it through his clearly superior world view!