Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is The Dumbest Person In The World

Elisabeth Hasselbeck tried to take on Kathy Griffin on The View yesterday because, apparently, Kathy has said unflattering things in the past about The Hasselbitch.
Like what?
I mean, like.....Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a right-wing-nut-fuck-tard-with-the-moral-superiority-of-an-anal-wart-and-the-self-righteousness-of-a-priggish-bitch.
Like that?
Note to ABC:
If this is your idea of a host for one of your most-watched shows, a woman who yawns while a guest speaks, who refuses to look at a guest, and then bitches and moans about a guest, you ought to think twice.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a complete moron.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck has s**t for brains.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is rude.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is over-the-top holier-than-thou.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck should go.
Kathy Griffin made fun of Elisabeth Hasselbeck?
Really, it's not like it's a hard thing to do.


Howard said...

What I love is that Hasselcrack gets all offended as if she has never used the show as a platform to talk $hit about anyone. Always one to hide behind the veneer of supposed moral superiority, she seems to forget she lives in a glass house...

Joy said...

I so agree and wrote to the show several times asking them to get rid of her. Unfortunately, I think that makes them want to keep her on there for the "controversy" which she is too clueless to understand. I loved it when Kathy told her she lived for moments like that when the Twit tried to confront her. While I'm at it, Sherri Shepherd is too dumb to be on there, too. They need two others who are as smart as Whoopi and Joy and have different opinions. These two can't think their way out of anything. I haven't missed Barbara on there and wish she'd retire from the show. She's so all about herself that it's like a conversational speed bump when she talks.

Joy said...

Also loved what Betty White said about reality shows - the Hasselbitch's only claim to fame before being erroneously hired to be on The View. She thinks she's a clothing designer, too! Sheesh!

Mike, Studio city said...

She, Liz, is truly a BITCH, a HAG, and a CUNT. I would have loved to see Kathy rip her a new hole.

R.J. said...

I've never been a fan of Hasselbitch and it was nice to see Kathy Griffin give it to her.

Dan said...

I wish they wouldnt have cut to a commercial. You know more was said after the fact!

truthspew said...

I know the type like Hasselbitch. We've got a lot of them here in Rhode Island. And she is from Rhode Island.

Drop the pronunciation of the 'r' and she'd fit right back into Cranston pronounced Craaanston.