Friday, June 18, 2010

The Lying Game 3: The Three Faces of Mark Kirk

That wacky Mark Kirk is at it again.

If you remember, he made up a story about being Naval Intelligence Officer Of The year, though he wrongly assumed no one with intelligence would check that out and find out it's a lie.

Then came the allegations that Mark was a Friend Of Dorothy, or, in today's lingo, He Could Have His Own Show On Bravo, and blogger Mike Rogers investigated and found out it was an open, then closed, er, closeted, secret that Mark Kirk likes the mens.

Now comes word that Mark Kirk often talks about his teaching career.

On the floor of the House, in his campaign commercials and oftentimes during interviews, Mark Kirk has discussed his time spent in classrooms, or, backrooms. No; classrooms. In fact, at at a speech before the Illinois Education Association, Mark Kirk said, and this is a quote because it has those curlicue thingies, “as a former nursery school and middle school teacher, I know some of what it takes to bring order to class.”

Um, okay, but.....Mark Kirk likes to talk about being a teacher, but he doesn't like to talk about how long he was a teacher. He spent one year in London at a private school, and worked part-time in a nursery school for a work-study program while he was a student at Cornell University.

So, he was a teacher, for about a year, and as part of a college work-study program.

Following Mark Kirk's logic, since I, at one time in my life, danced onstage at Caesar's Tahoe with Miss Diana Ross [HERE] I am now adding "former member of the hit Motown group, The Supremes" to my resume.

Carry on.

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