Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jan Brewer Gets Smacked Down By The University Of Arizona

Back in September, 2009, before Jan Brewer, sister-in-wing-nuttiness to Sarah Palin, went after immigrants in her state--well, just the dark-skinned, Spanish speaking immigrants--she took aim the the LGBT community, by eliminating state domestic partner benefits just a year after they were implemented.

Yeah. Gays and immigrants, not her favorites.

The bill, which cancelled the rule change made by former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, redefined a 'dependent' as a spouse under Arizona law making domestic partners, both heterosexual and homosexual, ineligible to receive benefits; also, um, "eliminated" were the children of domestic partners, full-time students ages 23-24 and disabled adult dependents. This Hate Attack launched against the LGBT community affected some 800 state employees, and Jan Brewer defended her actions by saying God made her do it: 'God has placed me in this powerful position as Arizona's governor.'

Well, I don't think it was God, but rather her own sense of bigotry and hatred, that made her change the rules. See, I think God is working with the University of Arizona, because, shortly after Jan "Nutzi" Brewer cut benefits, UA President Robert Shelton decided university officials should come up with a way to help domestic partners buy separate coverage.

And they did it.

UA is now offering medical-, dental- and vision-insurance plans for employees with domestic partners; plans that don't use state money but have similar premiums. In fact, the day after Jan Brewer's I-Hate-Gays-Too Law takes effect October 1, 2010, the new University of Arizona plans will kick in.

So there will be no lapse in coverage.

The University of Arizona wanted to cover both gay and heterosexual relationships, because, according to Allison Vaillancourt, UA vice president for human resources, "in order for us to be competitive, to be able to attract talented people, we need to be able to offer benefits that other employers are offering."

Well, that kind of simple logic must have Jan Brewer goosestepping like a mad dog around the governor's mansion.

Such a shame. For her.


froggy said...

Somehow I would not think that was legal? I hope someone decides to launch a court challenge. I have an aunt and aunt-in-law (retired) living in Arizona and folks better be nice to them!!!

Wonder Man said...

Yes, I'm glad UA spoke up

Biki said...

Whew! At least there is some intelligence left in Arizona!

I hate the back and forth, the put into law, the taken away.... Some how it doesnt seem right that laws can just be stricken from the books that way, does it to you? I agree with Froggy, I hope someone challenges it!

Anonymous said...

Glad I go to the U of A. Although I'm disappointed Arizona decided to keep Brewer and McCain.