Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh The Irony!

Somebody, somewhere, has a divine sense of humor.

Sally Kern, wingnut-asshat-bigot-fucktard, from Oklahoma, you know, the one who said The Gays are more dangerous than terrorists, has a new opponent to face for her congressional seat come November.

Brittany Novotny. A transgender candidate.

Sally must be crazed at the idea.

Yesterday Novotny, an Oklahoma City attorney and, of course, Democrat, filed the necessary papers to run for the seat now being held by Sally Kern's dubious posterior, and she wants to make it clear that the campaign is not about her gender identity, but rather about the idea that Sally Kern is bad for her district: "For six years, we've had someone who has not represented her district, has been ineffective on problems, and is bad for business."

Kern is bad for everything.

Novotny said Kern is too busy pushing her own personal agenda--you know, her anti-gay agenda--rather than focusing on issues important to her constituents, and many of them are feeling disconnected with her.

Disconnected with a wingnut? Go figure.

And, in typical wingnut fashion, Sally Kern said she doesn't plan on mentioning Novotny's gender identity in the campaign: "There is so much we disagree on policywise that that is enough for us to debate on."

We'll see how long it lasts until Sally whips out the transgender card, but wouldn't it be divine justice to have Brittany Novotny beat Sally Kern?

Indeed, it would.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Kern is an asshat. I hope that Novtony beats the shit out of her in the election.

froggy said...

Loves it!

Buck said...

Has anyone noticed that Sally Kern looks like a gym teacher? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Anonymous said...

Kern looks like a big ol' lesbo. Do you think she'll be outed? Why not, she protests too much like the other closeted mos.