Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tony Ramble

Liked it. Didn't love it.

I thought Sean Hayes was very funny. The Little Orphan Annie drag was good, and his bits with Kristin Chenoweth were very funny. His joke about Bernadette Peters being the BP that wasn't destroying the world was spot on.

Catherine Zeta-Jones cannot sing. And what was with that head jerking thing? And then when she won she took the Oh-My-God-I-Can't-Believe-I-Won-But-I'm-Such-A-Freakin'-Phony-I'm-Gonna-Play-It-Off route. Hate her. And,was it just me, or does her husband look older than her dad? Just sayin'.

Ryan Reynolds. Yum.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith walked out onstage like they were royalty. News flash: You're not.

Jay Z? No.

Matthew Morrison. Dance my little man, dance! So. Not. Gay.

Denzel wins. Yes. Denzel can do anything.

Lea Michele could have been better; I wanted Idina Menzel to sing "Don't Rain On My Parade."

I love the fact that The Tony's is the only awards show where you hear openly gay people thanking their partners and no one drops dead, no one faints, and the ceiling of Radio City doesn't come crashing down. Take note other awards show winners. Gay is okay.

Best joke--for me--of the night, was Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenoweth doing that long sexy liplock and, well, here it is:

Yeah, he so cannot play straight. I didn't buy that for a second. Not.

And speaking of gay playing straight. Ricky Martin! Who will be on Broadway in 2012 ina revival of Evita! Ay papi!

And that's where I leave it.


Joy said...

You said exactly the same things I did about all of this! That about Will and Jada walking out like royalty was just what I thought. Also that Michael Douglas looks older than Catherine Diva Jones' parents. He probably is. And her speech and performance! Howard and I exchanged gasps and groans on Twitter about those! Wish you'd been on, too. We agree!

Loved the exchange between Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane!

Wonder Man said...

it was kind of a mess, but fun

Stephen said...

I love the Tony Awards & have since childhood... I was taken with the fact that all musicals nominated for best, were rock scores. The way of the future?