Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He's For It....Against It....For It

Senator Scott Brown swings both ways.

Okay. Now I have your attention, but, still, it is true; but he doesn't swing both ways like some of you are thinking. He swings both ways like a pair of beach sandals.


As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Brown opposed the amendment that called for a quick repeal of DADT, saying he wants to wait for the Pentagon to complete a review on how the ban will be lifted.

But then, Senator Brown voted for the full defense authorization bill, which includes the DADT repeal amendment; Brown has also said he will not join with fellow Republicans to mount a filibuster to prevent a Senate vote of the defense bill. With Scott Brown refusing to filibuster, and Senator Susan Collins of Maine supporting the repeal amendment, his fellow Republicans will have a tough time sustaining a filibuster.


He’s for a filibuster on the financial regulatory bill, then against it.
He’s against a DADT, then, sort of, for it.

He's a swinger all right.

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