Monday, June 28, 2010

Tom Brock: Self-Loathing-Homosexual Number 45,387.....Or Something Like That

I really don't like to generalize or stereotype.

Really. I don't.

But....and you knew there had to be a but....doesn't it seem that every single politician and so-called man of the cloth, that spread their virulent anti-gay messages, or vote for anti-gay legislation, apparently likes a little man-on-man love?

Larry Craig. The Tapper. He comes to mind instantly.

Ted Haggard. Another self-loathing homosexual.

And now there's the Reverend Tom Brock, a Lutheran pastor who is passionately critical of gay folks, and opposed to anything that reeks of legalizing gay marriage.

See, the "Reverend" Tom is currently on leave from his Minneapolis church after a gay magazine reported his attendance at a support group for men struggling with same-sex attraction.

What's this? A man of the cloth who preaches hate for gay people is secretly gay? Well, I never.

And yet Brock, a fixture on local cable access shows, regularly broadcasts conservative views on homosexuality and criticizes the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for liberalizing its gay clergy policy.

While coping with his own homosexuality.

Lavender Magazine published a story last week about Tom Brock's attendance at Faith in Action meetings, written by a reporter who falsely posed as a member of the group. And while Lavender Magazine president, Stephen Rocheford says his magazine does not set out to out anyone, the "one exception is a public figure who says one thing and does another."

AKA Tom Brock.

And while the Lavender magazine piece never actually quotes Tom Brock as admitting to his "sin" of homosexcuality, it does quote him as saying, of a trip to Eastern Europe, "I fell into temptation. I was weak."
No, honey. You were gay and you were horny, and you were away from home and thought no one would know.

When Hope Lutheran's executive pastor, the Reverend Tom Parrish, confronted Tom Brock with the article, Brock "simply said he indeed has been attending this Christian group, both going there and being honest about temptations he has, and is being held accountable so he never would do anything with that temptation." And then, the "Reverend" Parrish condemned Lavender magazine for the article: "What they've done is unconscionable."

Actually, reverend Parrish, what is unconscionable is using the word of God to spread hate, as tom Brock constantly does: "Every time the Bible mentions homosexual behavior, it condemns it. It never adds, it's OK if you love each other."

But it is okay, Tom, because at the end of the day, whatever your faith or belief system, God is love; so it's okay to love. But it isn't okay to preach hate and intolerance, though, and it's reprehensible to preach hate and intolerance of the gay community when you are one of us.

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