Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Marriage Is For Procreation Only, Y'all

Senator Roland Burris spoke at Chicago’s Gay Pride, and declared his support for civil unions while saying marriage is for “perpetuation of the species.” Burris says he's not ready to endorse marriage for LGBT citizens.

“My concept of marriage is a male and a female for the perpetuation of the species, for children to be born and identify the bloodline and the heritage. But I’m pretty sure, as things are moving along, that that will probably change.”

Let me get this queer: marriage was designed solely for the purpose of creating the next generation? So, what about those folks who are married but are beyond their so-called fruitful years? Do we, as a nation, force them to divorce? And what about women who are medically unable to conceive a child? Are they banned from marriage? The guys with the low sperm counts are destined to a live of bachelorhood?

And let's not forget those heathens who choose to marry, but also choose not to have children.

Roland Burris is a moron.And if I wasn't so disgusted with Sally Kern [see below] I might issue yet another proclamation.


Dan said...

OMG- When his ass rolled through the parade on Sunday I was stunned, but not as much as he was. When the crowd realized who it was, they stopped cheering, a lot of people turned there back on him and there were a lot of boo's.

I wish I would have video's it, but I dodnt want to set my drink down. :)

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that for the past decade or so the vast majority of people that have had kids in this country have chosen to not get married since the government paid benefits far outweigh what you get if you get married... Sheesh peoples self induced idiocy never ceases to amaze me.

Joy said...

The time has long passed to glorify marriage. It's many things - a legal contract between two people being the most realistic. It can be much more and much, much less than it's set up to be. Making a public commitment is meaningful and adds legitimacy to the relationship. Mostly it's an endurance contest for many and something lovely for a few. That's one of the reasons I haven't tried it again. But I have that choice and so should everyone else.

DuPree said...

Epic AssHat.

I'm feeling un-verbose today. And he's not worthy of more than two words.

Douche bag also.