Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Repugnant Cheater (allegedly)

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

We hear that all the time from these self-righteous, moralizing, Bible-thumping, conservative, wingnut, Repugnants. Like John Ensign, who demanded Bill Clinton be removed from office for his affair only to be revealed as a cheater himself. And our own Governor Mark Sanford who doesn't want the gays to be married because it goes against the traditional marriage of having a wife at home and a booty call south of the border.

We hear it all the time from these people on how to live our lives, and then, well, they show their true colors.

Next in line is one Senator Paul Stanley of Tennessee. He was the sponsor of one of the most socially conservative pieces of legislation this session, Senate Bill 78, which proposed to keep cohabiting, unmarried couples from adopting children. This was just a fancy way of keeping the homosexuals from adopting because, as we all know, homosexuals need children to keep our numbers up. Luckily for the gays, the attorney general decided Stanley's bill would most likely not pass constitutional muster--it's UNconstitutional--and it didn't go anywhere.
Paul Stanley wanted so badly for his bill to pass; he was desperate to be the face against gay adoption; the perfect family is a mother and father, 2.5 children, a picket fence and a dog named Spot. If you didn't fit that mold, well, then Paul Stanley didn't think you should be able to adopt a child.

Senator Paul Stanley: “Our responsibility is to put these children in the best homes in the ideal environment. It’s not always the perfect environment. The ideal environment is a married couple that are able to bring them up in a great home life. And, if they’re not married, a lot of times there’s just not the commitment to one another. Now, there’s exceptions to that as there is a lot of things, but over the course a lot of relationships, that’s definitely the case.”

Remember the first line of this post. Sin. Stone.

See, it seems that Paul Stanley has announced that he is the victim of an extortion scheme. No, not by a gay man, gay woman, or gay couple, who is annoyed by his homophobia. No, the person who is trying to extort money from the righteous Stanley is the boyfriend of a woman, a legislative intern, who is rumored to have had an affair with Stanley.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Paul Stanley has not confessed to his sins, but he has also not denied the affair either; he is just complaining about the extortion. And calling himself a victim.

Paul Stanley: “Unfortunately, I am the victim and a witness to a crime in an ongoing investigation. At this time, I have been advised by authorities and the District Attorney’s office not to comment. There is already misinformation being inferred regarding this matter which I look forward to clearing up at the appropriate time.”

Advised not to comment, except to announce that he is the victim of an extortion attempt. Not to comment on the allegations of marital infidelity. Not to comment but to hide behind the skirts of the district attorney.

Just admit it, Paul. You're a fraud and a phony and a cheater.



Joy said...

Her family lives in my town. It was on the front page of our local paper today and on the Nashville news. I didn't know her but taught her father. Stanley is from a wealthy suburb of Memphis. She looked like a flower child in the picture of her in the paper. Odd.

Same old hypocritical crap!

Berry Blog said...

I have been attacked by the self righteous only to find they were covering their own tracks.The damage to me seemed more terrible than the damage to them when they were exposed. Their exposure did not redeem me had what they claimed about me been validated. The list of victims would not be cleared.
As a gay, I really lived the good life, perhaps even denying normal acceptable practices in the gay world to be sure my straight world contact was not corrupted in any way.
It makes it doubly hard to forgive the double standard people.