Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Erma The Asshat

Asshat alert!

In Little Rock Arkansas, City Director Erma Hendrix gave a speech outlining her opposition to having a day center for the homeless in an unused building in her ward. It seems the neighbors don't like the idea of homeless people being near their, um, homes, so, in her speech against the homeless center she uttered the line, "A lot of them are homosexuals. They're criminals."

Homeless + Criminal + Homosexual.

Now, of course, as asshats are prone to do, when the homophobia hit the fan, Hendrix released a statement saying she never said any such thing. She does indeed oppose the homeless shelter in her ward but says, "As long as I've been out here I've never ridiculed or talked about anyone's sexual life."

The Democrat-Gazette, which reported the story, stands by their reporter, and others in attendance have come forward to say they heard Hendrix equate homosexuality and homelessness to criminal behavior.

But Erma Hendrix said she compared the likely people being served with those proposed to be served by a probation program set up near an elementary school, but which was beaten back on account of the records of those who'd attend. "We knew who those people were....They had names and numbers. But with people coming from out of town, we don't know....They are ex-offenders. They are sex offenders. You just have to consider that."

Hendrix believes the reporter confused her remark about sex offenders with homosexuals. She says, however, that she has complained to the reporter and her supervisor and the reporter insists she quoted her accurately.

Oh, she didn't say homosexual she said sex offender, and the two are apparently on in the same in Hendrix narrow brain so that explains the confusion.

Yeah, whenever I hear sex offender I instantly think homosexual.



Ray Ray said...

Shouldn't she be an asshat-ess? p.s. the verification word for this comment is demona. LOL.

dmappin said...

ugh! I despise people like this. One, they're idiots. Two, they are homophobic bigots. Three, she cannot even own up to the fact she said what she did (naturally, she is an elected official) and take responsibility for her own words. Four, she blames others for her idiocy. What a putz!