Monday, July 27, 2009

We Should Just Be Quiet

Virginia Miller owns this sign--it has since been taken down--in Gatesville, Texas.
The message, however, was paid for by Oen Dollins, a former minister, who doesn't believe that gay rights are civil rights.

Virginia Miller, in defense of Dollins, says, “He wanted to get the message to black people that it’s not fair that they’re the ones who suffered, they’re the ones who paid the price, and now everything they fought for is being hijacked.”

Miller says Dollins paid $300 for the message to appear on the sign for three days, from Sunday through Tuesday, and then it was taken down. Virginia Miller also says that her husband, Bo, carefully screens the messages and doesn’t allow anything negative. But Bo Miller told Channel 9 that he approved the message because he felt Dollins was making a valid argument, and Dollins says, “It’s nothing to compare with the civil rights movement. No gays are having to ride on the back of the bus. No gays are being enslaved. No gays are being prosecuted [SIC] in any way.”

Prosecuted? I believe you mean persecuted.

And that doesn't happen to gay people on a daily basis. Does it? We are never denied housing or employment because we're gay. We are never denied rights to visit our loved ones in the hospital because we're gay. We aren't allowed to get married because we're gay. We can't serve openly in the military because we're gay. We aren't murdered for being gay.

No, no persecution there.


Michael Rivers said...

Correct. As a gay man I've NEVER felt any persecution. I've felt that my rights equalled any straight persons.

Larry Ohio said...

This is such an uphill battle for us. So many people have blind allegiance to their religions. When their ministers say evil things like this, they take it as an absolute fact, and they think they dare not question it or they'll be damned to hell.

The extremist wing of Christianity in America is growing quickly. How can we effectively convince these weak-minded fools that they are taking the wrong path?

Joy said...

It's so depressing. People must be getting dumber and dumber. That's why it's so easy to brainwash them and get them to follow these nutcases. Actually I might have a point. With all this emphasis on testing and teaching to the test, critical thinking has gone from the curriculum. They don't know how to think, analyze, problem solve, and learn. I've seen it myself.

This is why some states or districts chose not to abide by No Child Left Behind. Most couldn't afford to do it financially, but look at the cost! I could go on and on about this but won't. Education is doomed as it is right now in our country.

mrpeenee said...

Yeah, tell it to Matthew Shepherd. Oh wait, that's right, you can't, he's dead.

Sees it for what it is said...

People can take that message several different ways. For instance, you can assume that he is an "extremist" and he hates nd kills gays as a past time, or you can assume that he is stating a valid fact that gays have no more civil rights than straight people. Gays are held to the same laws, rights, and responsibilities as everyone else. I hate to break it to everyone, but, your not special. I dont believe that anyone can say that they deserve anymore than anyone else, not even blacks. Call me racist, but, i dont know of any black people today that have been freed from slavery or that have paid that price.