Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liars Forgers And Baptists, Oh My!

Y'all remember Asshat Sally Kern's "Proclamation for Morality" that I talked about HERE? Well, it seems like Sally and her Hellhounds are not quite as moral as they'd like you to believe.

There's a newspaper that supports Sally; it's a Baptist newspaper, naturally, The Baptist Messenger. And this "newsaper" was collecting signatures of people who supported Sally Kern's assertion that anything and everything that is wrong with America and the world, can be traced back to those darn homosexuals. Yes, folks, if it's bad, it's our fault. War. Pestilence. Death. Sally Kern. If it's awful, blame the gays.

But here's the thing about that oh-so-holy newspaper The Baptist Messenger, they forged the name of the governor, THE GOVERNOR, onto Sally's “Proclamation for Morality.” And then oh, this is rich, to try and make the stolen signature look even more legit, they placed the text of proclamation onto Executive Department letterhead and then also forged the signature of Secretary of State M. Susan Savage next to the state seal of Oklahoma.

Of course, since they've been, well, outed as liars and hypocrites and forgers, these Baptists, I wonder how long it will be before they blame homosexuality for their lapse in legality, or their lapse in morality, or their lapse in the following to the letter their one-sided, nutjob word of the bible?

How long?


Jim said...

Well you know... lying, cheating and forgery are good Christian principles. I'll bet they say "God told us we could" because that is their 'excuse' when confronted. Just like Joe Smith saying "God said we could take more than one wife..."

frogponder said...

At least you are not responsible for global warming - the asthmatics have that cornered - damn them for trying to keep breathing!
Beside you all are too busy. And you forgot taxes, potholes, infomercials and high fructose corn syrup.