Friday, July 10, 2009

Careful Maine, Careful

People who thrive on discrimination, of keeping other human beings down just because they want to, got a small leg up in Maine the other day.

Gay marriage foes, or haters as I like to call 'em, in Maine, say they’ve collected enough signatures to stop a new law from going into effect and to force a statewide vote.

Mark Mutty from the Stand for Marriage Maine coalition, or as I call 'em, Can't Stand For Marriage Equality--I seem to have a name for everyone--said Wednesday that it took just four weeks to gather the more than 55,000 signatures necessary to put gay marriage to a vote.

All that hate in just under a month. Makes one wonder.

The law allowing marriage equality was scheduled to take effect September 12, but will be put on hold after the signatures are submitted and certified.

Now, here's a thought.

A lot of these signatures were gathered at churches, where the ministers and pastors and priests and such talked about the dangers of marriage equality, of letting "them" have equal rights. And that makes me wonder if some people signed the petitions under duress, under fear of reprisal from they fellow church goers if they didn't sign.

See, I think some of these folks signed the petition because of where and how they were asked, but might vote differently since their vote is private.

Just sayin'.


frogponder said...

Same thing here in WA. I live in the red half of a blue state and still haven't seen, or heard, a peep about Initiative 71. Deadline for it is in 17 days. It has got to be slinking around the Evangelic/Fundamentalist churches.

Berry Blog said...

Thanks for remembering us up here.

Berry Blog said...

I was surprised int he sunday paper today that the editorial page printed an artricle from the editors of the paper, not a write in, that they hope bias and ugly tactics used elsewhere by opposing groups would not be used here in Maine this fall when undoubtedly this will go to referendum. The anti gays expect a lot of help from out of state. I think this may or may not be to their advantage, Maine folks don't like to be bullied.