Friday, July 10, 2009

Girl Needs To Check Her Ego

“I think I am just by the sheer fact of my existence. I know that I personally would have loved to have me around when I was a gay teenager. Because when I was a gay teenager there weren’t that many openly gay celebrities. And I would have loved to have been like, ‘Wow look at that dude. He’s gay. He’s REALLY gay. And he’s successful and he’s not apologizing for that and he seems really happy.’ So I hope that though they may not agree with everything I say that I inspire gay youth to be themselves and to say what they think and to be proud of who they are.”

Perez Hilton, on why he thinks he's good for gay America.

"The sheer fact of your existence is a detriment to gay America, Mario, because you are a fame-whore. You think young gay kids look up to you as a role model? A man who hurled the word faggot at another human being because you wanted to hurt him? A man who says he would have used the n-word in that same attack, but he knew faggot would hurt more?
You aren't a hero.
You aren't a role model.
You're a fat gossip queen who gets off on putting people down.
That is not a role model.
The younger members of the LGBT community look at TR Knight, Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen and Portia, Melissa Etheridge as role models. They look at Daylin Leach and Jared Polis and Tammy Baldwin, Harvey Milk, as role models.
You are not in that category.
You are a waste of space."

Bob, on why he thinks Perez Hilton is bad for America.


NG said...

With all the controversy and subsequent hypocrisy regarding Perez and the F word on QUEERTY and elsewhere, ironically, I agree with you.

FYI, the word verification for this reply is "pereism."

mrpeenee said...

I'm with Bob.

NG said...

I'm with Bob.
Top or bottom?

Whoa! Hey now...

Howard said...

Truer words are rarely spoken, my friend!

Dan said...

my god man- stop giving this man your energy! He is a joke, as we all know and he is trying to dig his ass out of a very deep hole.

Anonymous said...

Perez and Bruno are how Obama and his administration see gays now. As silly disposable things.

Joy said...

Perez and Sarah Palin have the same speaking style and can't put a coherent sentence together.