Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It Ain't Over......

Today is the day we've all been waiting for: The Michael Jackson Memorial/Death Concert. It's the ticket in Los Angeles, and Must-See TV on NBC, who have pandered to the Jackson family since Michael breathed his last. It's the Greatest Show On Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth.

Stevie's gonna be there! The Jackson family will perform. Michael Jackson's coffin will be on display. And Mariah Carey will sing.

At least we know it'll be over after that. You know, it ain't over til the fat lady sings.

Sorry Mimi, but c'mon, look in a mirror girl.

So, later today, the craziness will be over, or, if not over, at least it won't be the top story all day every day and all channels all the time. The craziness will stop.

Or will it.

A family in Stockton California says the image of Michael Jackson appeared on a tree stump in their yard the very day the King of Pop died. Like the "Virgin Grilled Mary" or "Cheesus," the family thinks they've got an unusual spiritual image staring right at them from their own front yard.

Felix Garcia has lived in the house for 22 years, and never noticed the MJ tree stump until the day Jackson died. Suddenly, his yard was the spot to be in Stockton because, as one man who made the pilgrimage across town said so eloquently why it was Jackson whose visage appeared on the tree and not Farrah or Ed or Billy May or, say, Jesus,

"To Stockton, Michael Jackson meant more to us than Jesus, to some people. I think they're both about even."


Joy said...

Oh puhleeze! And it won't be over for ages because they'll have to discuss how he died, the doctors involved, what happens with the children, who gets his money, what his father has done now, and on and on ad nauseum!!

Joy said...

I meant "oh puhleeze" about the knot in the tree mirage.

Ray Ray said...

I found MJ to be a very creepy person. I do not understand why people idolize him so.