Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End It.......It'll Be Okay

Across the pond they are far more enlightened, more open-minded, more positive-thinking that we are, here in the New World.

Soldier magazine, the British Army's official publication, has Trooper James Wharton–-an openly gay member of the British military–on its cover. He's wearing his dress uniform, complete with Iraq medal, next to the headline "Pride". It's a first for the magazine, and it's been some years in the making.

Pride, indeed.

It's been ten years since the UK lifted it's own ban on gays in the military, and they are finally comfortable with the "new" soldiers. British servicemen and women now march openly at Gay Pride in uniform, all three services have become Stonewall diversity champions and a few months ago the head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt made history when he became the first army chief to address an LGBT conference.

"Respect for others is not an optional extra," he said. Indeed.

More interesting to note, is that, according to the article, senior members of the British military are quietly advising senior American officers on how America can change, should change, DADT.

Learn from their example. It can be done. It should be done. it will be done.


Dan said...

Just another reason we ALL need to be in Washington on October 11th!!!

Micky said...

Dare I say it?

More (but not much more!) on http://soitsgettingbetter.blogspot.com/

Couldn't not cover it, eh?

Thanks for doing so too!

Mark said...

Very good post!

Joy said...

This shouldn't even be an issue. Let's hope things finally change.

Berry Blog said...

Europeans also make better porn films. Bless their hearts.