Thursday, July 23, 2009

Constitutional Discrimination

Oooh, boy, there's lotsa stuff to think about these days if you want to run for public office. I mean, global warming, health care, war, the economy, all the hot button issues.

Unless you're an asshat from Iowa.

State Congressman Rod Roberts has announced that he has formed an exploratory committee as he considers a run for Iowa governor. Let's see: he announced he formed a committee to see if he should consider......Make up your damned mind already fool.

I mean, c'mon run for office. You're 'the man,' even though you don't have a cure for the planet, or a solution for the economic crisis, or an alternative health care plan. What Roberts does have is the desire to amend Iowa's constitution to include discrimination.

Yup. It's all about the gays and lord knows we love to be the center of attention; especially when there is nothing else to talk about.


"I've spoken with countless Iowans who have told me that Iowa needs a change in leadership and a change in direction," Roberts said during a news conference. If, and it's still a big if, because there are committees and considerations and thoughts to process--no wonder nothing ever gets done...too many committees and thoughts and consideration--Roberts said he would stress his belief in the traditional definition of marriage being between one man and one woman.

He is apparently a 5,000 year old man. with a 5,000 year old brain.

What makes me giggle, though, is when he said this: "It's not about being anti-someone so much as standing up and defending traditional marriage...The people of this state have expressed themselves adequately to all of us where we know they want to determine the answer to that question. It's the right thing to do. It's the proper thing to do."

He's not anti-anyone but he doesn't want gays to be allowed equal rights. He talks about doing the right thing when he is talking about making discrimination a constitutional amendment.

I can see the wingnuts now, waving their signs: Rod Roberts. He's Not Anti-Anyone, Unless You're A Fag.


Stephen said...

they do seem to chatter on & on about nothing anymore...
I think Iowa will adjust to same sex marriage by the next elections...
my verification word is- republiphi

Joy said...

It's a miracle anything ever gets done.