Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Hate

Once again simply being gay can get you killed, or maimed, and in Seattle of all places.

Teresa Butz, sister of Broadway actor Norbert Leo Butz, was stabbed to death in her home. Her partner, who name is being withheld, was also stabbed but survived; she was released from the hospital this past Monday.

Their attacker, who entered the house through an open window, has yet to be apprehended.

The attack on the couple, who were about to get married, has shocked their friends and neighbors; over 400 people packed the South Park Community Center Monday night and heard police describe her slaying as "one of those types of crimes that tears at the fabric of a community."

Seattle police are, as of now, labeling the attack a random crime, but also say it's too early to rule out a hate crime; Seattle's sexual-minority task force has taken an interest in the case.

So, maybe it's not a hate crime. maybe this murderer just happened upon an open window in a house where two gay women lived and decided he had nothing better to do than stab them. But, still, it makes me wonder as we hear more and more about gay people being attacked if any crime against the LGBT community is ever truly random.

I don't know about the rest of the homos out there, but I'd feel better sleeping with the windows closed.


Michael Rivers said...

What is going on lately? There are too many of these stories.

Jim said...

I think the "ultra-christians" think that violence and killing are OK. It really baffles and angers me.

Stephen said...

horrifying... South Park is aninteresting & off-beat neighrhood. I know someone that lives there. Yikes!

I am not making this verification word is-

Joy said...

This is really scary.

Berry Blog said...

fits that contradiction that so many straight guys approve of seeing two women get it on but can't tolerate gay couples. what is that anyway? this guy seemed to resolve his issue anyway- in a proper straight way.