Thursday, July 30, 2009

What?!!?? No?!!!??

Not too long ago, I posted a little something about Republican Senator Paul Stanley complaining about an attempt to extort money from him. He never discussed why someone would want money from him, although the extortionist was the boyfriend of a woman with who Stanley had denied having an affair.

For Stanley, it was all about poor him and that nasty extortionist.

Well, that Tennessee Asshat Paul Stanley resigned from the state Senate this week after it was revealed during the investigation into the extortion attempt that he was indeed having an affair with on of his 22-year-old interns.

What? He lied? He cheated on his wife? A Republican adulterer? Okay, that last one seems a bit redundant in the light of John Ensign and Chip Pickering and Mark Sanford.

Senator Paul Stanley: "Due to recent events, I have decided to focus my full attention on my family and resign my Senate seat effective August 10."

Recent events? Oh, adultery. Yeah, focus on your family, Paul. Had you been focusing on your family all along maybe you would have thought twice about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Paul Stanley: "Whatever I stood for and advocated, I still believe to be true. And just because I fell far short of what God's standard was for me and my wife, doesn't mean that that standard is reduced in the least bit."

No, Paul, one would have to have standards to lower them.

You, sir, have no standards.


Stephen said...

wouldn't it be refreshing to have a politician say- "yeah, I am a horn dog sleaze ball, but I am good at representing my people.

frogponder said...

Almost seems to be a requirement today of politicians. Those who aren't having an affair better step up to the plate!

Berry Blog said...

Seems to be all the trend, Republicans quitting their jobs part way through.

Joy said...

The intern's family lives here in Dickson where they own an insurance company. Let's just say that some of us are smirking about this, too.