Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sixty-One Stab Wounds When A Simple No Thank You Would Have Sufficed

Let's do a little role-playing, shall we?

You're a straight man--I know! But you can do it-- who lives next door to a homosexual, of all things. And you think--because you're a straight men don't forget--that any time a gay man talks to you it's because he wants you, in the Adam and Steve biblical sense. Your homo neighbor may say things of a sexual nature that make you uncomfortable, like Nice shirt or Did you get a hair cut.

So, what do you do when a gay man makes those kinds of sexual overtures to you? Do you politely say Thanks, but no thanks, I'm only here for the ladies? Or do you say something like That's disgusting, queer bait? Or, as in the case of Joseph Biedermann, do you get drunk with the homo neighbor and then stab him sixty-one times with a seven inch dagger because you felt threatened?

That's what Biedermann did to his neighbor Terrance Michael Hauser last March, and then just this week he was acquitted of first-degree murder because he was just defending himself from an unwanted sexual advance.

What? No isn't in his vocabulary? To ward off sexual advances it's okay to stab someone sixty-one times?

They call it a Gay Panic. I call it an insult to the gay community that it's acceptable to kill someone because they came on to you. I call it homophobia at it's worst. I call it another hate crime piled upon a hate crime when this is accepted as a legitimate defense.

Walk away, straight boy. Walk away.


Beth said...

How horrible. I can't believe he was acquitted. :(

Eric Arvin said...

I wonder if there's such a thing as "straight panic". I get hit on all the time by women, but I'm not gonna go all psycho about it. Jesus Pole-dancing Christ!

edder said...

I don't know what to say. That makes absolutely no sense. Ridiculous logic.

So "straight panic" indeed. Moving forward I'll be sure to watch myself around my gay friends, just in case one suddenly feels threatened and comes at me with a pointed stick.

Dan said...

A lot of us here are disgusted. My only hope that his revenge will be found when he meats his new cell mate.

Mark in DE said...

This reminds me of that 'Secret Crush' episode of Jenny Jones, after which the allegedly straight guy murdered his gay friend that had a crush on him. Same defense: gay panic. Its just disgusting!!

Mark in DE said...

What if gay men stabbed to death the straight women who come-on to them? Would 'straight panic' be an acceptable defense?

Joy said...

I cannot believe this to the point that I'm speechless! (and that doesn't happen often)